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Illegal Aliens Cost Texas Taxpayers $4.7 Billion a Year

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A new report is out that shows the costs imposed on Texas taxpayers by illegal aliens. The report was released by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). The current estimates show there are 1.5 million illegal aliens in Texas. The costs when broken down comes to a total of $725 a year per taxpaying household to cover the costs of education, health care and incarceration of illegal aliens throughout the state.
The more than $4.7 billion in costs incurred by Texas taxpayers annually result from outlays in the following areas:

Education. Based on estimates of the illegal immigrant population in Texas and documented costs of K-12 schooling, Texans spend more than $4 billion annually on education for illegal immigrant children and for their U.S.-born siblings. About 11.9 percent of the K-12 public school students in Texas are children of illegal aliens.

Health Care. Taxpayer-funded medical outlays for health care provided to the state’s illegal alien population amount to about $520 million a year.

Incarceration. The uncompensated cost of incarcerating illegal aliens in Texas’s state and county prisons amounts to about $150 million a year (not including local jail detention costs or related law enforcement and judicial expenditures or the monetary costs of the crimes that led to their incarceration).

The fiscal costs of illegal immigration do not end with these three major cost areas. The total costs of illegal immigration to the state’s taxpayers would be considerably higher if other cost areas such as special English instruction, welfare programs used by the U.S.-born children of illegal aliens, or welfare benefits for American workers displaced by illegal alien workers were also calculated.

See also my previous entry "California's Illegal Aliens Cost Taxpayers Nearly $9 Billion A Year"

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Reported Thursday, February 28, 2008 on MSNBC NEWS TODAY

4:00 a.m.

A short segment on illegal immigration and what position the candidates take reported by David Gregory

John McCain - “HOW DO YOU DEPORT 20,000,000 ILLEGAL ALIENS?”

Hillary Clinton - “HOW DO YOU DEPORT 20,000,000 ILLEGAL


And these two want us to let them take over and run the most dysfunctional government in America’s history????????



Mr. Obama tell that to these families:

Dustin Inman - Georgia

Edward Landry - Tennessean returned from IRAQ, Nov. 2005

On a night in February 2006, he and his 15 year old daughter were hit by a drunken illegal alien and his daughter Brandi died from injuries

From TNRip - Tennesseans for Responsible Immigration Reform website comes the following list

Tennesseans Murdered by Illegal Aliens (Sadly, this is an incomplete list. We will be adding more news stories as we are able to track them down):

06/16/07 Police say TSU senior athlete killed by illegal alien driving drunk
06/22/07 Police say drunk illegal alien tried to leave scene of accident

03/06/07 Parents charged after infant’s autopsy shows many injuries

11/18/06 Coffee County toddler killed by drunk driving illegal alien

10/21/06 Driver in fatal wreck is an illegal immigrant

10/20/06 6 Car Wreck with 2 dead caused by drunk driving illegal alien in Nashville

09/14/06 Greenville woman killed by illegal alien who fled the scene of the 'accident'

09/05/06 Metro (Nashville) Cops Plan to begin checking IDs of jailed immigrants (finally)

City (Nashville) looks to deport criminal illegal aliens via program

08/28/06 Jackson teen killed by drunk driving illegal alien

08/30/06 Grand jury to hear Bellevue murder case
08/30/06 $40 Check one clue to murder
08/22/06 Grandmother murdered in Bellevue

08/21/06 Illegals Murder Illegal in Polk County, Tennessee

08/07/06 Grandmother killed in Chattanooga by unlicensed, un-insured Illegal Aliens who fled the scene

08/02/06 Mandolin maker murdered by drunk driving illegal alien
07/20/07 Killer of mandolin maker had been deported 14 times

06/08/06 Mt. Juliet couple murdered by drunk driving illegal alien (read more here)
04/09/07 Illegal immigrant to plead guilty in fatal DUI case

05/13/06 Mother & daughter in Nashville brutally stabbed by an illegal alien

10/07/05 Would-be terrorist arrested in Nashville (thankfully, no one was killed)

04/10/05 Man slain by illegal alien living in closet

01/07/04 Pregnant woman murdered by illegal aliens


Posted by: Mary Chamberlain on March 1, 2008 04:44 AM

What Obama and Clinton don't tell you about health care, the economy, illegal immigration

« HEALTH SPENDING: The Problem Is Government, Not The MarketThe Boomers Are Coming, But Don’t Panic Yet »

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HEALTH SPENDING: A Growing Economic Crisis

February 26th, 2008

by Jim Cooper Jim Cooper
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Editor’s Note: The following post by Rep. Jim Cooper (D-TN) comments on the projections of national health spending from 2007 through 2017, published today by Sean Keehan and his colleagues in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Office of the Actuary as a Health Affairs Web Exclusive.

Although there’s a lot of explosive material in the latest National Health Expenditures forecast, policymakers will probably continue to ignore the dangers it presents. The few lawmakers who worry about health spending as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP) will see little new: as expected, the health sector will grow to nearly 20 percent of the economy over the next ten years. Of course, most lawmakers will never see the article in Health Affairs or understand the threats it contains.

Continuation of current trends in health spending is shaking the U.S. to its fiscal foundations by damaging federal credit. Annual growth rates in health spending of 6.7 percent — 1.9 percentage points higher than the rest of the economy — are almost universally agreed to be “unsustainable.”

When you dig into the numbers, it becomes harder to justify that one sector of our economy, health care, gets to absorb so much more of our resources than any other sector, while not doing more to improve our health. Although the projected 1.9 percentage point increment is smaller than the annual 2.5 percentage points that the health sector took for most of the last several decades, it will still crowd out many vital nonhealth care needs. This extra slice for health care is not a legislated entitlement but, in a sense, is the greatest “entitlement” problem we face: how to wean the bloated health sector from decades of juicy subsidies.

Virtually every policy expert will tell you that our health care spending is our biggest budget problem, yet Washington continues to be strangely silent and passive in its budgets. No major presidential candidate mentions the pending catastrophe for fear of depressing the electorate. Of course, it’s always easier to say that you will think about tough subjects after the next election. And besides, our entitlements have been unsustainable for so long, perhaps they can hold on a little bit longer.

The private sector is making these federal budget problems harder to ignore. Both Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s are projecting that the U.S. Treasury bond could lose its AAA rating within the next five to ten years as a result of financing problems with Medicare and Medicaid. Such a downgrade could make today’s subprime problems look trivial because the T-bond is, as Moody’s says, “the anchor to the world’s financial system.” And losing the AAA rating is just the beginning of trouble unless underlying trends are altered. S&P projects that by 2015 the U.S. could have the same credit rating as Estonia, by 2020 a Mexican credit rating, and, by 2025 junk-bond status.

To an economist, higher levels of taxation may always be assumed in order to fund growing benefits. But in Congress, taxes may not be so flexible upward. After dipping sharply during the initial years of the Bush administration, federal revenues are now back above 18.4 percent of GDP, the bipartisan, 50-year average for U.S. taxation. To permanently raise taxes above these levels risks grave damage to the political party that advocates the change, unless perhaps the public feels that they are getting their money’s worth. This is very difficult to achieve when the favorite political maxim is, “What have you done for me lately?” Economists may not feel it, but the tradition of American exceptionalism extends to our lower relative levels of taxation. I doubt that most of my colleagues will vote for European levels of taxation, even for a promise of European-style benefits.

While these projections take us into the future, problems that we are facing are in fact just around the corner. Already cracks can be seen that stretch underneath the most important and most popular federal programs in America: Medicare and Social Security. As the Health Affairs article notes, without congressional intervention, official U.S. policy will be to cut physician Medicare reimbursement by 25 percent over the next ten years. This is news to most physicians who call on my office, none of whom has been briefed by their medical society about the implications of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997. The annual Band-Aids that Congress has been applying only worsen the long-term problem, which the Treasury has estimated to be $5 trillion in size.

I am glad that Health Affairs is continuing its tradition of alerting its readers to the important health care issues of the day. These issues are so large that they cloud the future of the nation.

Posted by: Mary Chamberlain on March 1, 2008 04:49 AM

all of these charges need to be charged the person/country of origin. why should i pay for them? if they wanted this - should be honest and legal about it. they cry unfair treatment - look at what they are expecting from others. they don't know unfair.

Posted by: opbt on April 30, 2010 11:53 AM

In the Month of November, this year I was out getting milk at a convience store on Strawberry, in Pasadena Tx.And an illegal was in the store with her Lone Star card getting cash like it was an ATM and walking out like it was no big deal? I became up set because I have a son that lost his job and they can't get any help from the Gov't they only give hand outs to Illegals.They are not here for jobs, they are here to get what they can for free. They are breaking the law and others with small kids have to do with out? How does this make it right. It doesn't It cost us more to have them here. We pay for their food, Medical, shelter, what ever their little hearts desires. And we OWE them nothing. Today 12/17/10. At a $tree store and I am wearing Proudly my State Rights, this angers them and they talk trash. I say nothing and it was hard,but I said nothing. This is not what America is or all about, it's about Freedom and our Individual rights, that my Legal immigrants word hard to become a citizen, they knew it wasn't going to be given to them the way Uneducated,sloppy forces that allow this to happen now. I can respect someone when they do it legally and actually have Pride to learn the U.S Constitution front and back. This is a true Immigrant and this is what I will fight for, not Illgal traspastors.

Posted by: Dixie Ray on December 17, 2010 09:51 PM

Why is the Texas governor silent when Texas is having as much of an issue as Arizona?
We need strength and unity to stopp the illegal invasion.
Do the deaths of the ICE agents today make more of an argument against ILLEGAL immigration? The man killed by Mexicans while on vacation? The ranchers killed by illegal immigrants?
Will it come down to a a war? I think we'd better get ready, our government isn't helping us.

Posted by: LindainCO on February 16, 2011 07:42 PM

These gutless politicians (both parties) have destroyed this once great country for the sake of cheap labor. Houston,Tx is crying about budget shrtfalls and firing teachers and other staff instead of just admitting that these "anchor babies" and illegals have overrun this country. by 2020 this place will be just another broke-rundown-corrupt 3rd world country owned by China. It's to late to fix, no politician wants to be called a racist so they give the country away.

Posted by: reggie on April 14, 2011 06:33 PM

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