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Wisconsin DMV Starts Immigration Checks Sunday

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Wisconsin was fed up with the absolute direct fraud being committed by illegal aliens in its Department of Motor Vehicles when obtaining a driver's license. In Wisconsin they have a separate form for those who don't have a Social Security Number for religious reasons and it has been used by illegal aliens for years. The illegal aliens were very upfront when showing their documents that the SSN on their paystubs they used for proof of residence would come up invalid if checked, so they needed to use the "no SSN" form.

No more! Starting Sunday those applying for a driver's license in Wisconsin will have to show a "proof of lawful presence". Wisconsin faced illegal aliens protesting in Madison last weekend against the requirement, so obviously they are doing something right.


Ex-employee Lee Steines said it bothered him enough that he quit his customer service job at the agency a year ago. The question, he said, was, "Am I going to do this, or am I going to face myself in the mirror in the morning?"

He and other agents said they knew they were licensing illegal immigrants. ... Steines says he had applicants tell him they didn't have a number because they were in the U.S. illegally.

Gary Guenther, who oversees the DMV's field services says he knows a lot of the illegal aliens were getting licenses to drive to work, but he also said it is direct fraud.

"You have to protect the integrity of the product" [Guenther said.]

... the better life is reflected in a pay stub with a Social Security number on it that isn't theirs. Steines says applicants would tell agents that. The pay stub that proved their Wisconsin residency bore a number that would come up invalid if checked. Whatever the intentions, illegal immigration involves fraud.

Not only does it involve fraud, illegal immigration is against the law! It's illegal! Go figure.

Look, it's not a matter of illegal aliens getting a license to drive, that is a privilege not a right and shouldn't be given to them in the first place since they aren't supposed to be here. They're using these driver's licenses for other purposes as well, such as getting jobs, social services, identification in lieu of a green card and generally remaining hidden in society. It needs to be put to an end and this is a start, but it's still not good enough. We need the REAL ID Act provisions in place for it to really be effective nationwide.

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Pedro needs to know it is time for him to pack up and go. The free ride in Ameirca has ended. They need to get out while they still can safely.

Posted by: Mark W Lowry on March 30, 2007 07:55 PM

Civil libertarians yesterday warned the state judiciary that it would be condoning a crime if it encouraged the two companies which clean the state’s courthouses to screen current workers through the new federal E-Verify database.

Posted by: pandreson on August 13, 2008 03:23 AM

Its very illegal act done by the Wisconsin. He is taking the law on his own hands and giving the license for the foreign people without the government act and rules. So anybody wants license just simply ignore him and straightway go to the authority and ask the procedure to apply the license.

Posted by: steve on August 13, 2008 03:31 AM

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