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House Passes H.R. 418 The "REAL ID Act"

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The House of Representatives passed the "Real ID Act" by a vote of 261-161. The bill includes requiring states to require that they only issue drivers licenses to U.S. Citizens and those in the country legally. It also includes greater restrictions on asylum closing loopholes that have allowed people to use asylum as a catch-all reason for coming to the US even though they are not being persecuted in their home country. Another part of the legislation ensures that drivers licenses issued to those here legally with papers have an expiration date that coincides with expiration of their legal status.

The bill still has to head through the Senate and be approved and then signed by the President before it is in affect.

One of the most surprising things about the voting results was that 42 Democrats also voted for the legislation and split from party lines to vote it through. 8 Republicans voted against the measure.

For a listing of who voted for and against the "REAL ID Act" head over here

Here are the traitorous Republicans who want to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens.

The list of traitorous Democrats is just too long...

The fact that any person in Congress could vote against a bill requiring that people who receive drivers licenses -- which are primary identification not only for driving, but boarding planes and opening bank accounts -- are US Citizens or here legally is disgusting.


Sensenbrenner, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said his bill stemmed from the 9-11 Commission's conclusions that "abuse of the immigration system and a lack of interior enforcement were unwittingly working together to support terrorist activities."

Supporters repeatedly pointed out that the 9-11 hijackers easily obtained U.S. driver's licenses and other identification documents.


The bill would particularly affect 11 states that don't require proof of legal status to obtain a driver's license: Hawaii, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, Tennessee, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin. But it would force all states to adhere to federal eligibility standards for granting driver's licenses ...

Voice of America

In debate on the floor of the House of Representatives, Republicans such as Congressman J. D. Hayworth, argued that the attacks of September 11, 2001 provided indisputable reasons for passing the legislation.

"In the wake of September 11, in the wake of clear and demonstrable evidence that there are those who come to this nation with the intent of harming and killing Americans, who are bent on the destruction of our nation, and our system of government, at long last this body should take the steps necessary to preserve our security and our liberty," he said.


Republican Congressman Pete Sessions offered an amendment aimed at ensuring that once someone is ordered deported, they are speedily returned to their home country. "Sadly, according to our government's best statistics, only 13 percent of the aliens arrested entering the country illegally and ordered deported, are actually removed," he said. "As a result, people entering the country illegally and with criminal or terrorist intent have quickly learned that if arrested they can be quickly released on their own word, and that they can be confident in the knowledge they do not have to show up for their hearing knowing they will likely never be deported."

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Posted by Digger on February 11, 2005 02:56 AM (Permalink)

» Hyscience linked with House Approves Immigration Bill
» Hyscience linked with House Passes H.R. 418 The "REAL ID Act"

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I can think of a number of reasons why someone might vote against this without wanting states to give driver's licenses to illegal aliens. One is that they might think this sort of decision should remain at the state level. Many small government conservatives and libertarians think national security is one of the exceptions to the principle behind limited government, but many people don't consider illegal Mexican migrant workers to be an issue of national security in the way that terrorists largely from the Middle East are, and giving them a drivers license wouldn't help them accomplish their task but just make it easier to track them.

The most reasonable reason to oppose a bill like this is because it's just got some stupid things in it. Some people have temporary visas that they have to renew every year, e.g. students. Some have to return to their own country to do that. If they have to lapse their visa, then they'd have to get their driver's license all over again every time this happens, which is pretty stupid.

It's just plain not true that someone opposing a law opposes everything in it.

Posted by: Jeremy Pierce on February 12, 2005 05:12 AM

The bill is simple guidelines and is not forcing any state to accept them. However, if your state does not fit into the guidelines then your ID cannot be used to enter federal buildings, board planes or receive federal benefits.

States are still in control, the bill protects the country by ensuring that those boarding planes or entering federal buildings using a drivers license as identification are using one that has verified the individual is in the country legally or a US citizen.

Posted by: Digger on February 12, 2005 06:29 AM

Anti-terrorist or anti-immigrant? Supporters of this Act argue that it works to keep America safe. That argument is completely flawed. You don't need a driver's license to get onto a plane. Any ID or passport works. If a terrorist wants to get onto a plane, all he needs to do is show his passport.
These immigrants that are being denied driver's licenses are workers that keep our economy going. They need to get to work. In most states, there is a lack of public transportation, driving is their ownly option. Would you rather have drivers with licenses who have gone through drivering test or unlicensed ones?

Posted by: Chachi on April 4, 2005 11:44 AM

What a bunch of dipwads some people are. A driver's license is not and should never be "ID." Therfore, it would be to everyone's benefit if "illegal" immigrants were required to have one so that they could prove they understand the laws of the highways.

Posted by: Jimmy A. Wynn on December 18, 2006 12:19 AM

This bill will not make us safer it is a violation of the fourth and tenth amendment. It is an infringement on our civil liberties. It is to enhance power to the state and wealthy elites. This is for those ignorant ones who don't already know about the North American Union and the Trans Texas Corridor which merge the three countries of our continent, Mexicans and Canadians will have national ID cards too and they will be able to travel between the three countries very easily. This will increase the number of immigrants coming in and out of the country. To call Ron Paul a traitor is beyond comprehension, he is a strict constitutionalist, a true American. You are the traitors.

Posted by: Kevin on November 29, 2008 03:14 PM

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