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Mexican Government: US Feds Should 'safeguard the rights of Mexicans crossing the border illegally'

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The Mexican government is speaking out on the Minuteman Project plans to start patrolling the Rio Grande Valley this weekend for the first time. Not only are they speaking from their country but through their consulates here in the states. Specifically they are asking the US federal and state governments to ensure that the illegal aliens they are willingly and actively encouraging to make a run for the border not have their "rights" violated.

If they were so concerned wouldn't they head on up to the border themselves and actually try to stop their own people from attempting to try the crossing? Of course not! Because all they care about is if the Mexican makes it here and starts sending back some money to Mexico. If they happen to die in the desert or get caught along the way and detained, "oh well".


Miriam Medel, Mexican Consulate spokesperson, [says] ... "We want to make sure that no human rights are violated, and make sure that it's only the authorized personnel, the people who have had the training and the mandate to do so, the only ones that are making the arrests"


"If it happens, we are going to ask for the appropriate authority to take those people into custody, to take action against them because they are going to be violating the American law by taking justice into their own hands" said Miriam Medel when describing what the Mexican Consulate will do if they detect that a Minuteman volunteer comes in contact with or arrests a Mexican national trying to cross into the United States.

Because we all know that the Mexican government is all about upholding the law as it allows places like the Guadalupe shelter to exist where illegal aliens queue up for their chance to run for the border.

All of their statements are so that their illegal aliens have a fair chance to get across the border. I mean having American Citizens actively stop them just doesn't give an illegal alien a fair chance at making it, and we can't have that can we?

What an appropriate last name for the spokesman for the Mexican Consulate: Medel. As in "Medel" in United States Immigration laws and border enforcement.

... while the Minuteman volunteers are preparing their operations, immigrants continue to arrive in Reynosa, Mexico, with intentions to cross into the United States. Between sixty to seventy immigrants are given a place to stay every night at the Guadalupe Shelter downtown Reynosa. They are undocumented immigrants who are looking to cross the Rio Grande River at any cost.

And to finish it off we have this total line of BS from the Mexican government

While condemning the act of detaining migrants by the Minuteman Project, the Mexican Government continues to look for mechanisms that ensure Mexican migration is legal, orderly and respectful to the United States.

What mechanisms does the Mexican government have in place? There are none and they aren't looking for any either. They actively try to destroy any that the United States has in place and runs government operated shelters for those immigrants attempting to cross our borders. On top of that they lobby in our political system to get our immigration laws dissolved totally.

I don't know how much longer the people of the United States are going to stand for these outright lies and deceptions from our "friends" to the south.

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Posted by Digger on March 29, 2007 01:49 AM (Permalink)

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The Mexican government is in violation of international law. They are interfering not only with the internal affairs of the Unites States by lobbying our government for inappropriate action to be taken to promote and protect an illegal enterprise designed to undermine our sovereignty they are encouraging Mexican nationals to violate our sovereign borders. That is an act of war under international law and any US government official who aids these seditionist foreign powers are in time of war traitors to the United States. We must establish for all what this should be defined as. It is an illegal invasion with a widespread criminal organization promoting illegal drug and human trafficking for the purpose of conquest and destruction of American Sovereignty. Spies and their agents in time of war have no civil rights. They need to suffer the full penalty of the law.

They have violated the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, International Law, the US Federal Immigration law, and invaded our territory. They are the fifth column in this war for America. They should be investigated, arrested and hung for the attack on our nation.

Posted by: Mark W Lowry on March 30, 2007 07:53 PM

I'm aligning w/ Mark and am in support of a strong warning, followed by a declaration of war against the Mexican Government. The encouraged and continued invasion is illegal and should should be stopped with full military strength.

Posted by: Lynn on April 5, 2007 11:07 AM

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