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Kennedy And McCain Running From Kennedy-McCain Amnesty Bill

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Senator Edward Kennedy and Senator John McCain seem to have called it quits on their joint amnesty bill. Both of them are retreating as Senator Kennedy and the Democrats made the mistake of formulating the bill in secrecy excluding Republican input and thus losing a lot of support from them. John McCain is catching major flak from the American voters - and Republicans in particular - for his ridiculous stance on illegal immigration and a "pathway to citizenship" that he continues to embrace.

Edward KennedyJohn McCainArlen SpecterMel Martinez
Pro Amnesty Senators (Left to Right): Edward Kennedy; John McCain; Arlen Specter; Mel Martinez

I would call this a happy day, but it isn't because of where the two retreated.

Senator Kennedy seems to have retreated into the arms of illegal alien lover Senator Arlen Specter who was pushing for virtually the same thing the Senate passed last year, except it was more lenient.

Lonewacko points out that the Specter led bill morphed into the Hagel-Martinez amnesty bill last year. Yes Martinez, as in Senator Mel Martinez, the current chair of the RNC, who during his campaign lied saying he opposed a pathway to citizenship (see screenshot at link) then "magically" changed his mind once elected. Martinez is also the one who called immigration enforcement without amnesty a "harshness only" policy.

Arizona Star

Facing a rebellion from some key Republicans, Sen. Edward Kennedy has abandoned efforts to produce a new immigration bill.

Instead, he is proposing using legislation produced last March by the Republican-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee as the starting point for negotiations this year, lawmakers said Monday.

Kennedy, the Massachusetts Democrat who is principal architect of immigration legislation in the Senate, now controlled by Democrats, said he was shifting gears in hopes of winning Republican support and speeding the passage of immigration legislation in spring

Kennedy hopes to have a vote on selling out the American people by as soon as May.


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