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Tancredo: President Worked Hard To Get A Congress That Agrees With Him On Immigration

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Congressman Tom Tancredo comes out swinging once again at President Bush. In a statement I found hilarious, Tancredo says that President Bush worked really hard to get a Congress that would work with him on immigration and now he has it. Yeah, he has it thanks to pissing off a good portion of the Republican party thus losing the Congress to the Dems.

Washington Times

"The president worked hard to get a Congress that agrees with him on this and now he's got it," said Rep. Tom Tancredo, Colorado Republican, in reference to the Democratic takeover of both chambers of Congress in the November elections. "But we're still going to fight him on it."


Mr. Tancredo, a longtime advocate of immigration reform, termed the refrain "same song, second verse."

"It's the same thing we've been hearing from the president for a long time," he said.

No doubt about it. President Bush has been touting his guest worker program as the only solution for a long time. Apparently he just made up his mind one day and hasn't done any investigation since.

Rep. Sam Johnson, Texas Republican, called Mr. Bush's immigration proposal "empty and implausible."

"I'm sensing a real lack of commitment to combating illegal immigration," he said.

Mr. Johnson said he has seen little evidence in Texas that the administration's efforts to stop illegal entry are working.

"Our borders are out of control," he said yesterday. "Illegal immigrants are running free across the borders."

Understatement of the presidency! Haha! Do you really sense a lack of commitment? Come on now, they prosecuted a whole 3 employers a few years ago for hiring illegal aliens and 4,000 illegal aliens stream across our borders every day and have been for years.

As for the recent busts, like the 761 338 illegal aliens rounded up just before the State of the Union speech...

"I think they were just for the purposes of rhetoric so the president could say he was doing something," Mr. Tancredo said, adding that he has followed up with those employers and learned that the illegals have been almost entirely replaced with, presumably, legal citizens who had been looking for work.

"If these raids prove anything, it's that we do not need a guest-worker program," he said.

Tipped by: And Rightly So where Raven has some good words of her own.

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Posted by: BloodSpite on January 27, 2007 10:56 AM

If President Bush and the RNC didn't plan to use the November 2006 midterms to purge conservatives from the GOP then they should be thrown out of office for incompetence. You could see the election circling the bowl from months out. Many good Conservative Republicans were starved for campaign finances while President Bush and Karl Rove smiled and nodded.

Posted by: Buzzy on January 30, 2007 09:20 AM

George W. Bush: The First Mexican President

Posted by: M Reichert on March 9, 2007 02:22 PM

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