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Orange County, CA Sends 14 Deputies To Screen Jails For Immigration Status

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Currently there is only one Federal immigration official to screen all of Orange County's inmates. In 2005, of the 60,000 inmates in Orange County Jails, the agent managed to complete the screening of only 3,000 inmates, confirming that 75% of those 3,000 checked were illegal aliens. All of them criminals and further leeching from the Orange County taxpayers by sitting in their jails.

Now Orange County has put 14 sheriff's deputies through a federal immigration program to screen inmate's immigration status. Some call this controversial, I call it common sense and Orange County looking out for its taxpayers. The 14 deputies recently graduated and are headed to the jails.

So how much has this training cost taxpayers? Orange County paid $240,000 in overtime and the feds put up $36,000 for study materials. How much will this save Orange County by not having to house and deal with crimes of illegal aliens? Easily millions upon millions.

Sheriff Michael S. Carona originally pushed for there to be 200 deputies put through the program to patrol the streets as well as look into immigration status at the jails.

LA Times

The checks should significantly increase the number of inmates deported after serving their sentences, Sheriff Michael S. Carona said.


In Los Angeles County, using trained deputies in the jail led to a 65% increase in the number of inmates referred for deportation, up to an average of 543 per month, federal officials said Thursday.

The Orange County department becomes the fourth California law enforcement agency and the 10th nationwide to enter into an agreement with the federal government to enforce immigration law.


At the county level, Carona originally sought to train more than 200 deputies. His plan called for them to work in the jail and on street patrol. The federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement, however, curbed the proposal, asking Carona to focus on people in custody.

Carona, however, said he saw the curtailment as only a temporary setback.

"I believe there is an opportunity in investigations," Carona said. The federal government "is interested in it. They just have limited resources for training."


Immigration checks will start as early as today, Carona said, adding that 10 more deputies will receive the monthlong training in January.

Illegal alien support groups like MALDEF and Los Amigos of Orange County are complaining that this will simply cause a case of racial profiling. Hmm, I'm just guessing, but with Mexico right down the street from Orange County I'm betting that the majority of illegal aliens will be of Hispanic decent. This has nothing to do with racial profiling and everything to do with location.

The real problem is that with groups like these supporting such a massive invasion of illegal aliens from Mexico and Latin America, they have actually damaged the legal residents and citizens of this country of Hispanic decent. If they really cared about the prestige and pride of the Hispanic population they would be against illegal immigration which could potentially make some people form stereotypes of the Hispanic population as all being illegal immigrants.

This would be like the Italian-American groups in America actively trying to import Mafia figures and trumpeting how good they are for the country. Would this slant the general view of Italians in America as all being "connected"? You can bet your bibby! It happened throughout the last century. I don't know how many times I faced the "are you mafia related" question as a kid.

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