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All Hail The RINO Sightings!

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Raging Rinos
Welcome to the RINO Sightings for January 8, 2007!

Who are the Raging RINO's? Have a look over at the official website of the Raging RINOS.

Republicans and Independets Not Overdosed (on the party Kool-aid)

The RINO Sightings is our weekly roundup of the best posts from our member community and you can find them all below. As you'll notice the subjects covered are truly varied, a hallmark of our community.

Jane of Armies of Liberation looks into the Baath party in Iraq naming Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri as the successor to the throne after the death of Saddam Hussein. Jane notes that al-Douri is number one on the Iraqi government's most wanted list and provides pretty hard core analysis that al-Douri is in Yemen and that the Yemeni government has been pretty heavily involved in supporting the terrorist insurgency in Iraq.

BloodSpite at Techography brings us this great piece from NW Arkansas Law Man, OfficerT who gives us a first hand account of what illegal aliens are doing to our country Immigration Reform

For the past fifteen months I have writing my state, and federal elected officials about my concerns on Illegal Immigration. As a Police Officer in N.W. Arkansas, I see daily the negative effects of a criminal problem that our federal government has done virtually nothing to correct, and everything to facilitate.

j.d. at Evolution is all over the Phill Kline/George Tiller abortion case. Tiller is nicknamed "Tiller the Baby Killer" by some. There really is simply too much to really pull out one excerpt, so head over there and you'll find all the information and in depth commentary you can take on the issue. j.d. really loves abortion...

Mind of Mog re-accesses what the Republicans have actually done (or not done) after receiving her 2007 RNC Sustaining Member card in the mail

Don Surber asks if lawsuits against Duke University will teach them a lesson or not.

Barry at Enrevanche takes a look at affirmative action in college admissions in Little Asia On the Hill

Searchlight Crusade takes a look at an odd case of Eminent Domain

Owner gets plans for the property approved by planning commission. But developer named for the redevelopment area demands $800,000 or 50% of the business, and sues to condemn.

Piglito takes a look at the theory of peak oil

The theory of peak oil has been bandied about for more than 100 years. It was brought up to date by King Hubbard back in the 1950s, when he correctly predicted that peak oil production in the lower 48 states was less than a couple of decades off. Since then others have used his methods to predict--sometimes to the day--when global production would peak, leaving less than 50% in the ground.

Jennifer of All Things Jennifer takes a look at the actual experience that the current crop of presidential candidates - on both sides - really have.

Last but not least...

Bill Ardolino of the INDC Journal - who is embeded in Iraq - files this report On Patrol With Team Gator

Last Wednesday I rode along on a mounted patrol with members of Bravo Company, Second Assault Amphibious Battalion, aka "Team Gator."


Route Mobile is an essential supply line for the Iraqi Army, US Military and al-Anbar as a whole, as well as a main conduit for civilians and insurgents traveling between Syria, Ramadi, Fallujah and Baghdad, among other stops. It's undoubtedly also one of the most explosive stretches of highway on the planet.

He has some great pictures so be sure to head over there.

Stay safe Bill!

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Weeeeeeeeeee thanks for hosting!

Posted by: Jane on January 8, 2007 10:40 AM

Nice job, Digger. Thanks for putting this together.

Posted by: pigilito on January 9, 2007 06:11 AM

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The Dark Side Of Illegal Immigration

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