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As Expected The Tom Brokaw Report On Illegal Immigration Was A Ridiculous Illegal Alien Love Fest

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Tom Brokaw Reports
As expected that "special" on NBC tonight Tom Brokaw Reports: In the Shadow of the American Dream was a travesty to both the rule of law and to the "can do" spirit of the American people.

I commented in that entry that I felt this special would be a pro amnesty rant and I wasn't disappointed.

I also made the assertion that

You may hear the word "illegal", but more than likely you'll hear the word "undocumented" once and then after that just "immigrant", lumping the illegals in with immigrants as a whole.

And I was 100% correct. As a matter of fact I believe the first sentence of the whole special was something along the lines of "The subject of illegal aliens, otherwise known as "undocumented workers", has become a hot topic..."

And just like expected the word undocumented and just plain old immigrant was used throughout.

They showed a "family" of illegal aliens living in a 4 bedroom house. A family of 14 illegal aliens and one "American Citizen" a little two year old girl who was born here by two of the illegal aliens.

As Debbie Schlussel posted earlier on what she heard about the program, Tom Brokaw seems to answer the question for the person. His questions are things sort of like asking an illegal alien "People say illegal aliens don't contribute to the tax base, but illegal aliens obviously contribute much more than they cost taxpayers, right?" Not in those exact words, but he continually answers the "questions" with his own viewpoint and just asks the target subject to agree. It was almost ridiculous to watch.

When interviewing Tom Tancredo, Tom Brokaw became aggressive and combative from the start attacking Tancredo's Italian heritage. Brokaw tried to slant it as an immigration issue rather than an illegal immigration issue. It was totally ridiculous. Brokaw was in a friendly tone with illegal aliens and their employers and in a harsh and angry seeming tone with Tancredo, who was the only real opponent to illegal immigration on the whole special.

We heard the sob story from the company Gould Construction on how they can't find legal workers and that as long as someone has documents that "look legitimate" they'll hire them even though they are suspicious that they are illegal. We even see them turn away some of the illegal aliens because their documents "aren't good enough" only to have those same illegal aliens show up the next day with totally different documents that look more authentic.

This company needs to be prosecuted for knowingly hiring illegal aliens. If you watched the special you can have no doubts in your mind that while they attempt to appear legitimate this company knows these people are illegal aliens.

We hear how they'll have to accept fewer contracts unless they can hire illegal aliens. Hey Gould, you know what, do what other companies do, accept as many contracts as you can using a legal workforce.

They follow the illegals as they bring their family members to Gould to get jobs as well. Then we get the slap in the face from the program that white workers don't show up and quit all the time.

They show the local school and how Gould construction is getting contracts to expand the school because it is growing so rapidly with illegal alien kids. So Gould is encouraging illegal aliens to come here through hiring them, they pay $14 an hour, much lower than construction elsewhere in what they call a "booming market" with a "worker shortage" (where wages should be going up if there's a worker demand) and then on top of it all they benefit by getting government funded contracts to expand the schools that these illegal alien's children are required by law to be provided with.

Sounds like a pretty good racket to be in for this employer. Low wages, steady work and the ability to flout the law.

In the end an illegal alien who says he came here "just to work and will return to Mexico" ends up marrying another illegal alien who has been here for 20 years and relocates elsewhere and more than likely will have kids and never leave.

The final statement in the program says it all. It insinuates that there's no way to solve the problem and that we should all just give up and live with it. So much for that "can do" American spirit. In this day and age though there's not even anyone questioning people who resign themselves to failure from the start like these producers at NBC.

I don't think I've seen a program quite as pro illegal alien as this one other than from the propaganda released by groups like MALDEF and other illegal alien activists. You can now add NBC to that list for this propaganda posing as real investigative journalism.

Feel free to comment below on what you thought about the program. There are also comments coming in on my previous entry "Oh I Can't Wait... A 'Tom Brokaw Reports' On Illegal Immigration" about the show.

Others Commenting

American Patrol rebutts the program's points, such as this little nugget:

In many parts of the country immigrants are doing the work Americans no longer want to do, especially the hard work of manual labor at construction sites.

Millions of recent legal and amnestied Hispanic immigrants are Americans. Why don't they want to do manual labor work at constructions sites? Because illegal aliens will work for less.

And we are talking about illegal aliens not "immigrants."

The Stein Report has many comments as well.

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Posted by Digger on December 26, 2006 09:38 PM (Permalink)

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ILLEGAL aliens are the problem! Contractors and American companies complicit in hiring and retaining illegal aliens are the problem! The fact that no one wants a detention facility/jail built in their community to hold arrested illegal aliens is the problem!

These illegal aliens must be deported at every encounter by L.E. and so help me if I hear one more time that ICE won't come for just one or two illegals - I'll scream. THAT'S THEIR JOB! Arrest - Detain - Deport!

I will pay $5/head for lettuce if that's what it takes... NO! I'll grow my own. People need to start taking responsibility for their community again. Citizen need to engage not check out in front of "Deal or No Deal"!

This is America. People have and are dying to sustain it yet its being undermined from every quarter. The government is complicit, our "allies" (Mexico, etc.) are complicit, our employers are complicit. They're tearing America down as fast as possible. I can understand not wanting to be #1 because its hard but people have got to step up to the challenge. Period.

Posted by: GALT on December 26, 2006 11:30 PM

What got me was how stupid Tancredo was for bringing up assimilation thereby removing the spot light from the real issue: illegal immigration. Of the tens of millions of Hispanics in this country, the majority are legal immigrants or citizens.

Another thing that surprised me was the willingness of people, especially Gould, to be identified. Considering the number of assholes in the anti-immigration movement, Gould should expect to receive hate mail, hate phone calls, threats and vandalism.

Posted by: Dave on December 27, 2006 07:25 AM

How about minority .thats exactly what i felt like when i got a job as a driver at a business here in arizona .two of the illegals were using american born hispanic driver licenses one was on his way to buying his second house in mexico.they were mostly all family so the white boy can wait till all the illegals are taken care of. .after i found that the loader whom didn't speak one word (like talking to a wall) of english (hint hint (illegal)screwed my order because we couldn't understand each other and I didn't catch it until over four hundred miles away .well that was it for me another thing employers this is english territory (no english no work)thats how us americans see it ok as for gould construction.this white boy would have worked for you but not as the only one who speaks english.

Posted by: chris on January 20, 2007 09:03 PM

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