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Golden State Fence Company Execs Facing Jail Time, Fines For Hiring Illegal Aliens To Build Border Fence

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Melvin Kay and Michael McLaughlin, the president and a manager of Golden State Fence Company, are facing recommended jail time for hiring illegal aliens. They will probably receive 6 months in jail. Melvin Kay and Michael McLaughlin will also pay fines of $300,000.

The Southern California company has also agreed to pay almost $5 million in fines.

In 1999 Golden State Fence Company was found to have hired illegal aliens. Golden State Fence Company was let go with a slap on the wrist and said they'd get rid of the illegal aliens on its staff. Then again in 2004 and 2005 checks showed that some of the same illegal aliens from 1999 were still working for the company and they were still hiring illegal aliens. The company was also involved in the building of the border fence in San Diego.

Using illegal aliens to build the border fence, doing the job that Americans aren't being allowed to do!

So now we know just how much crap you have to pull before you actually receive a small jail sentence for hiring illegal aliens. Basically flout the law after being caught for about 7 years and the feds will finally do something about it.

Kay and McLaughlin's lawyer, Richard Hirsch, has said they admit the wrongdoing. Then Hirsch came off sounding ignorant by claiming that this just shows that a guest worker amnesty is needed.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this doesn't show in any way that those illegal aliens should be allowed to stay here and work, all it shows is that businesses don't care about the law. They'll do things their own way and use unfair competitive practices until they are caught and punished.

We can all hope that this is just the beginning to many prosecutions in the future, but color me skeptical.

Source: NPR

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Posted by Digger on December 16, 2006 10:56 AM (Permalink)

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What we need as a follow-up on the jailing of those who hired the illegals, is the jailing of those representing the illegals. Those who give away our tax dollars to the supporting of illegals. If illegals were deported when captured, our National Security would be that much closer to protecting our Homeland. We should not be concerned how these lawbreakers act, or feel. They are not concerned over the Americans they burden. Nor the fraud, theft, and work they steal from Americans. If they are here to pick fruit (Senator Feinstein) then why can't they find Agricultural workers out of the Millions already here? Could it be that they are working jobs that Americans can do? Like Waste Management, Lumper Services, Union Jobs!!!, Cal-Trans, Dock Workers, Container Truck Drivers, Landscaping, Catering, Food Services (All Kinds), and most Warehouses and Factories located in every city Nationwide. Why do I see mostly poor white and black Americans standing on the corners in Los Angeles, with signs for help!?! I don't see ANY unemployed Illegal Alien who speaks Spanish. Our health is at risk because there are illegal aliens here with diseases, and poor hygiene. Most of us, including I have been exposed to tuberculosis without knowing. Given a Tine Test, I have been tested positive for it. If you have been near, or working around illegal aliens then you may have been exposed also. They are finding E-coli bacteria in processed (handled) food by illegal aliens, and blame it on wild pigs! I haven't seen a wild animal alive in California that can stay that way for long. We have roads, and people everywhere. So that is a crock, and a lie. The food is contaminated thru human waste, and poor hygiene. There isn't much hand washing going on. Just handling of the genitalia, and back to work. Like I've stated, there are what 20- 30- 40- Million illegals in our country. This is a Crime on the American Citizens. War should be declared on allowing such numbers to penetrate our borders. Iraq is nothing to what we face here at home. Most of the illegals here will fight to remain. They are unified, and heavily armed. They created gangs to frighten Americans away from the workplaces. Once the jobs are gone the Americans can no longer live in the area. This is how they work, and this is how Santa Ana, Maywood, and whole counties have been taken over. The schools cater to non-Americans. We as Americans must unite, and demand the laws to be enforced NOW. Before our lousy Representatives give any more of our country away to foreigners. I'm sick from what I see, and I too cannot find better jobs in my area, due to the illegals hired here. Come here, and I WILL PROVE EVERY WORD I'VE SAID IS TRUE!...

Posted by: S. Garrison on December 19, 2006 12:41 PM

What we need as a follow-up on the jailing of those who hired the illegals, is the jailing of those representing the illegals.

There are no reports on the jailing of employers of illegal aliens or their supporters because none have ever been jailed

Posted by: Digger on December 19, 2006 12:54 PM

you seriously need to get your facts right before saying things like that. that is not the whole truth and alot of it is crap!

Posted by: anonomous on December 5, 2007 02:58 PM

Bad and illegal behavior does not merit reward. I believe that Golden State owners got off easy. Too bad they are business as usual. I have recently seen on TV news that Phoenix, Arizona area is no longer hiring illegal workers. Guess what, the illegals are packing up and returning to Mexico. The USA would not have the burden we have today if companies such as Golden State (oh, forgot they changed their name to Fenceworks) had not blatantly abused us years ago.

Posted by: anonomous on March 2, 2008 01:13 AM

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