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"Can Someone Explain To Me Why..." Questions From A Reader

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Reader Ken sent me these questions (brief editing from yours truly)

Email from ken - 12/17/2006 at 14:10


Would someone please explain to me all the news reports and advocates that claim illegals earn next to no wages and are doing work Americans won't do?

Would someone please tell me what wage was paid to the illegals at the Swift Meat packing company and the wages paid to the illegals of Golden State Fence Company? I'm confused, In Orange county at the illegal work areas where illegals are pick up by contractors they demand $12 to $15 per hour.

Could you explain on any Friday why you see illegals buying beer for themselves candy for their children and when they pay they pull out a wad of $100 bills?

Can someone explain why on any Saturday illegals are at the check cashing centers and the pull out $100 wads of cash and send back home to Mexico a minimum of $500 to $1,000 every week?

Can someone explain? I might be wrong but I understand as crop pickers they earn $8.80 per hour, pay no taxes and get free room and board.

Can someone explain how illegals with such supposed low wages are driving $35,000 and $45,000 brand new trucks and dropping off their girlfriends and wives at the welfare, Social Security and Section 8 housing office?

Maybe I am just a dumb, white minority but I struggle every day yet I'm surrounded by people that can't speak English but are living lives 1,000% better than me.


Now I'm going to sound like a racist fool here, but the fact of the matter is Ken that you have no representatives. You're a nobody! How dare you question why minorities are receiving benefits you don't? You have every advantage in the world because you're white! Simply by being white you have a magical power that allows you to succeed without receiving millions of dollars in benefits based on your skin color.

I'm assuming you aren't Jewish either, so you don't even have the benefit of the Jewish community's support.

Nope, you should just sit there and take it in the ass man! These are minorities we're talking about and we're supposed to give them a bunch of stuff and extra advantages because for some reason you've done them wrong. I mean they're all poor and disadvantaged. You never see poor and disadvantaged white people right? All white people live in the suburbs, make at least $80k a year and drive fancy SUV's.

How dare you ask these questions! Feel your white guilt you unthankful and ungrateful white man!

Just a note that this is sarcasm. I realize that sometimes sarcasm isn't apparent when it is written

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