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If Democrats Win The House America Loses On Immigration Reform

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The House of Representatives is the only body in the government that has actually done anything in the past 6 years to actually address the issue of illegal immigration. Granted they haven't done enough and they haven't actually put in place a system to stop the flow of illegal aliens into this country. However, if the Democrats win the House you can bet that true immigration reform will not happen.

Most of the Democrats in the House will agree with President Bush's amnesty of a "temporary" guest worker program. Like the Senate, the Democrats will agree with this approach as it is the only way they can ensure that the flow of illegal immigrants into this country continues and that true enforcement isn't enacted. By passing a guest worker bill in the House they can be assured that it will pass in the Senate and be signed into law by the President.

We cannot let this happen. Keep this in mind when you go to vote tomorrow.

While troops have died in Iraq, many more people have been killed at home in this country by the acts of illegal aliens like Raphael Ramirez Perez, who killed a 22 year old woman after being deported only to sneak back into this country. These innocent people did not volunteer to be put in danger, they simply are victims of the inaction by government officials to stop illegal immigration.

So while you may consider the Iraq war in your decision, I ask you to consider the impact that illegal immigration is having here at home. The innocent deaths, the impact on our education, health care and social systems, the wages being driven down in industries that the poorest of Americans work in, the lost jobs, the congestion and the continued breaking of the laws through vast identity fraud that illegal aliens use.

Is it really worth ignoring? Is it worth sentencing our country to another 20 years of massive illegal immigration that is growing at an astounding rate and impacting you on every level though you may not realize it?

I say no.

If you have questions on whether the person you plan on voting for is a softy on illegal immigration or someone who is a friend to America and wants to stop the invasion see the following resources: Immigration Stance, Americans for Better Immigration and Grassfire.org

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