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Judge Blocks Hazleton From Imposing New Law On Landlords Housing Illegal Aliens

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Federal Judge James Munley granted a temporary injunction last night that prevents Hazleton, Pennsylvania from beginning enforcement of its Illegal Immigration Relief Act and the Landlords Tenant Registration Act which it planned to do today. Bowing to the wishes of illegal aliens and their proponents, Judge Munley granted the temporary "restraining order" saying that the ordinances cause too much harm to landlords, tenants and businesses. Never mind that the citizens of Hazleton overwhelmingly want these ordinances in place.

After hearing the arguments Munley retired to write a 13 page opinion over the next five hours.

Hazleton Standard Speaker

“We find it in the public interest to protect residents’ access to homes, education, jobs and businesses,” Munley wrote.

He added the city “offers only vague generalizations about the crime allegedly caused by illegal immigrants, but has nothing concrete to back up these claims,” and that the plaintiffs have a “reasonable probability” of getting the laws declared unconstitutional.

The restraining order expires on Nov. 14. While he hasn’t scheduled a hearing on the opponents’ request for a temporary injunction – which would bar the city from enforcing either ordinance until the crux of the case is decided – he indicated he’d schedule one before the order expires.


“I’m not discouraged,” Mayor Lou Barletta said after the hearing. “They may have delayed the enforcement for now, but this too shall pass. We’ve only begun to fight.”

Illegal aliens already have fled the city in droves with the imminent implementation of the ordinances. Judge Munley would like them all to return however and continue their crime and drain on the city's tax funds. If the landlords, employers and businesses in the area weren't hiring and renting to illegal aliens then it wouldn't have been an undue burden on them as Judge Munley put it, now would it? The only one suffering are those who support the illegal alien community.

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Is Judge Munley in the hands of the Illegals. Is he crazy????

Posted by: Betty on July 26, 2007 05:35 PM

What is wrong with Judge Munley? Obviously, he doesn't preview his cases at all. Is Mexico now who we answer to? It is time for all of us America to put our foot down and do things by the law. Write the political officers in your state and tell them what you demand. This illegal alien issue has gone on way too long and it's time our lawmakers and representatives represent us and obey the law.

I'm tired of hearing about gang this and gang that and a greater portion of these lawbreakers and public annoyances are indeed illegal aliens.

Posted by: Bob Varin on July 31, 2007 07:24 PM

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