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ACLU And Others File Amended Lawsuit Against Hazleton - Donate To Help Hazleton

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The ACLU and others filed an amendment to their lawsuit against Hazleton, Pennsylvania over their Illegal Immigration Relief Act which cracks down on employers who hire illegal aliens and landlords who rent to them.

There has been no date set for the hearing yet. On Wednesday the landlord provision goes into place fining landlords who rent to illegal aliens.

You can help Hazleton by donating to the Small Town Defenders

Little towns and cities like Hazleton don't have the funds that big bully groups like the ACLU have, so head over there and drop a few dollars in their donation jar. If small towns lose the right to defend themselves from the drain of illegal immigration what good is this country called America?

Hazleton Standard Speaker

The complaint was filed by Wilkes-Barre attorney George Barron, one of a handful of private attorneys working on the case. Other plaintiffs include the Puerto Rican Defense and Education Fund, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Cozen O’Connor law firm in Philadelphia, and a number of other private attorneys.


The action claims IIRA violates the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution and the Fair Housing Act. It also alleges a violation of the 14th Amendment’s guarantee of due process because, it claims, the ordinance prohibits those defined as “illegal aliens” from “residing, working or buying food or other necessities” in town.
And just as with the original suit, the amended complaint includes claims from several business owners who say they’ve lost commercial trade and attribute that decline to IIRA.

But there are several differences, the biggest one being that the revised complaint also targets the city’s Landlord and Tenant Registration Act, which takes effect Wednesday. That ordinance was originally enacted in 2004 and amended this fall to coincide with IIRA.

The most ridiculous thing is the argument the ACLU puts forth.

“Immigration reform is an important issue but if every little town like Hazleton across the 50 states makes up their own rules about immigration, we’re going to be left with an even bigger mess,’’ ACLU Legal Director Witold J. Walczak told Associated Press Monday evening.

An even "bigger mess" for who Mr. Walczak? For the towns who know their own laws or are you referring for the illegal aliens looking for a place to settle down in so they can drain the city of its taxpayer funds? I don't think the towns will have a "bigger mess" enforcing their own laws. The ACLU is a clear friend of the illegal alien over the citizens and legal residents of every town and city in America.

Mayor Lou Barletta isn't surprised at the amended complaint.

“Not a surprise,” Barletta said. “Hazleton assembled one of the finest legal teams in county. Hazleton is prepared to fight. We will take this challenge to highest court in the U.S. if that’s what it takes to protect our legal citizens and preserve our quality of life. I believe we will prevail.”


“I’m still disappointed that special interest groups would file suit against a small city struggling to protect itself,” Barletta said. “Illegal immigration is a massive drain on the city’s resources.”

That is a true leader. Mayor Lou Barletta is looking out for the residents of the city that elected him.

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