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After More Than A Decade Immigration Finally Catches Family Of Ruthless Illegal Alien Smugglers

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Why did it take our immigration system a decade to catch a widespread family owned illegal alien smuggling business? Because we haven't been trying that's why. Now don't get me wrong, I don't think we're trying too hard now and probably just stumbled across the Juarez Alien Smuggling Organization by accident, but it just shows how lax we've been.

As with everything else, once you give something to someone for so long you'll have a helluva time taking it away from them. That is why we are seeing the outrage by the illegal aliens in our country over currently efforts to start "enforcement first" legislation. They've been given a pass for so long that they've fallen into the belief that they deserve all the things they've been getting without a fight. We should expect this outrage and ignore it. They didn't deserve one dime from the beginning and they don't deserve one dime now.

Now about this ruthless group.

Arizona Star

Authorities on Monday morning arrested 44 people believed to be involved in a family-run people-smuggling ring that has been operating out of Bowie for more than a decade.

Eleven others are still wanted and all have been indicted on charges of human smuggling and money laundering.


The ring, dubbed the Juarez Alien Smuggling Organization, is said to have smuggled hundreds of illegal entrants into the country, primarily from Mexico but also from Central America.

According to investigators, the smuggling ring is headed by Pablo Esteban "Stevie" Juarez, who inherited the operation from his father, Marcos Ruiz Juarez, and his brother, Marcos Abel "Abey" Juarez. Pablo Juarez was assisted by his wife, Lori Ann Juarez, and other family members including his father and brother. He would pay the co-defendants off in cash and drugs.

Authorities said the ring had a monthly contract with people in Agua Prieta, Sonora, to solicit individuals who
wanted to be smuggled into the United States.

I simply find it hard to believe that over the past decade not a single one of these people as been caught. The problem is that they are released and the carnage continues. Contrary to what DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff says that "Catch and Release" has ended, please not that it is only for OTM (Other Than Mexicans). If these illegal aliens and smugglers would have been picked up they would have been released back int the community as it appears they have been for quite a while.

This is how ruthless this groups was.

The process, according to the news release, was as follows:

Entrants would be housed in Agua Prieta before crossing into the United States. Guides would then take them through the desert to a predetermined location along Arizona 80, north of Douglas.

Drivers would pick them up there and take them to Bowie. That trip alone cost the entrants anywhere from $500 to $800.

The illegal entrants could not leave Bowie until their fees were paid by relatives. Then, transportation was arranged to Phoenix and other locations throughout the country. The cost to travel outside of Arizona was as high as $2,000 per person.

Failing to pay the smuggling fees had many consequences, including being assaulted, shot or abandoned, said John Lewis, FBI special agent in charge.

Infants and small children were often separated from their parents and brought across the border by young women who posed as their mothers, he added.

The children were often given sleeping pills or Tylenol to sedate them and keep them quiet while going through a port of entry.

During the course of the smuggling venture, people known as enforcers and guides were usually armed and would use the firearms to intimidate, menace and even shoot those who did not comply with their orders, the news release said.

Fees were always paid through wire services such as Western Union to conceal, promote and disguise the nature, location, source, ownership and control of the smuggling proceeds.


For about 30 years, the Juarez family has been involved in criminal activity, said Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever.

The Juarez family had complete control of the Bowie area, Lewis said. Officials said they hope that the arrests will bring an end to the fear that residents have experienced for decades.

They've had complete control of the Bowie area for a decade and nobody did a thing! Why? Because it's a "federal matter" people keep saying, and state and local law enforcement won't act. Meanwhile the citizens in these areas have suffered, and continue to suffer across America, at the hands of these ruthless groups.

It's time for communities to take action and start enacting their own laws. The feds obviously don't want to -- and are unwilling to -- do the job.

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