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Ninth Circuit Court Blocks Arizona Prop 200 Law Requiring Proof Of Citizenship To Register To Vote

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The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has blocked a 2004 Arizona law -- Proposition 200 -- that would require people registering to vote to provide proof of citizenship and proof of ID at the time of voting. I mean why would you want to ensure that someone is actually eligible to vote when they register? That's just ridiculous!

This Ninth Circuit Court is the worst in the nation and continuously comes up with idiotic rulings that I'd venture to guess 80-90% of Americans look at and say "WTF!"

How you could possibly be against verifying someones citizenship when registering to vote is beyond me. Isn't the whole point in registering telling them that you plan to vote and to be ready for you? Shouldn't they at that time verify that you can actually vote at all? It's common sense.

In January 2005 when Proposition 200 went into effect I reported that:

Under old requirements, officials did not verify citizenship of voters who simply checked a box and signed a registration form affirming they were U.S. citizens

That's right, check a box that you're a citizen, we'll believe you, now go vote. No checks, no balances and the future of democracy at risk. This is currently how it is in many states. There are no verifications that you are even a citizen.

Arizona Star

Without comment, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals granted a motion by critics of the law for an injunction that bars enforcement of the law's voter-identification requirements during the Nov. 7 general election.
It also bars enforcement of a requirement that people produce specified proof of citizenship to register to vote. The deadline to register to vote in the general election is midnight Monday.

That's right, they granted an injunction against the law without comment because they have absolutely no reason to do this other than some personal political reasons. More than likely they like voter fraud and want it to continue because it somehow benefits them. "Who cares about the American people after all, they'll just take our ridiculous judgement whether they like it or not! We gotta get paid!"

The law, which appeared on the 2004 ballot as Proposition 200, requires that voters at polling places produce government-issued picture ID or two pieces of other non-photo identification specified by the law.

Randy Pullen, the former chairman of Yes on Proposition 200 and currently the Republican Party's national committeeman for Arizona, blamed the decision on "activist" judges in the 9th Circuit.

"It shows you why it's so important to have President Bush appointing judges that aren't going to decide they know more about what the people want than the people do," Pullen said.

There was a recent bill passed in the US House -- The Federal Election integrity Act -- that requires government issued photo ID to vote. The same arguments were brought up by those opposed to election integrity as opponents to Proposition 200 bring up, that the costs of obtaining the documents like a birth certificate or driver license were too cost prohibitive for the poor and therefore could be looked at as a poll tax. This is total crap and has been used over and over. The US House bill includes a portion that provides the ID's free of charge for the poor, but the poll tax argument was still used by opponents to actual voter eligibility verification.

The reality is that some people in this country want illegal aliens to vote. This can be proven out by the fact that MALDEF was a major opponent to Proposition 200. There's no other reason for the "Mexican-American Legal Defense and Educational Fund", a group that openly supports illegal aliens, to be against this bill on voting other than the fact that they want illegal aliens to be able to vote.

This can also be confirmed by the fact that Mexico threatened to take Proposition 200 to International courts. Yes, a foreign power was fighting American voters in order to allow their illegal foreign nationals in our country to be able to vote in our elections here in America.

The other groups against this bill seem to be leftward leaning and are acting to "support the poor" in order to pander and get their votes since the majority will vote for leftist organizations that support increasing taxes on the rich and spending it on the poor through government programs. Redistribution of wealth.

The Proposition 200 requirements were upheld for the primaries and in force. Was there a catastrophic outcome to the primaries because of this requirement of digging in your pocket and pulling out ID?

[Secretary of State Jan] Brewer said the people of Arizona voted overwhelmingly to require identification at the polls. She said the first statewide use of the requirement in the September primary "went off without a hitch" and the decision couldn't have come at a worse time.

"One million of them voted for it and will be very concerned and alarmed that all of a sudden it has been changed," Brewer said. "So we have a huge job in front of us . . . to work very diligently to see this is overturned as soon as possible and implemented as it was intended by the voters of Arizona.

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Did you ever consider that the real intent is to keep legal voters that happen to be Native American/Hispanic/African American/Poor from turning out on Election Day? Do you have evidence of election fraud in AZ?
David Iglesias, former federal prosecutor investigated over 100 election fraud complaints in NM over 2 year period and found no evidence in any of the complaints.
A 2008 Brown University study reports that U.S. states that require voters to present identification before casting ballots have lower levels of political participation. The research also indicates that voter I.D. policies discourage legal immigrants from becoming citizens, particularly for blacks and Hispanics, reducing odds of naturalization by more than 15 percent.

Posted by: safetydave on June 6, 2010 10:32 PM

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