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Majority Of Americans Don't Want Further Explosive Population Growth

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The population in America has boomed over the years and crossing the 300 million mark has made many question the path we are taking. This is born out in a recent poll conducted by The Polling Company/Woman Trend.

In the poll it shows that the majority of Americans find that increased population has decreased their standard of living through congestion, pollution and overcrowding. Also with the current immigration numbers in place, it found that the majority of people found it unacceptable and that they actually want the number of immigrants to decrease because the current rates set are too high.

At the current rates of immigration we will add another 100 million people in the next 50 years.

Here are some findings of the poll

  • 66% of likely American voters believe the population growth being caused by the present level of immigration will “negatively impact the quality of life in America, such as causing more congestion, overcrowding and pollution,” according to the poll.

  • Hispanics: By a 6-1 ratio, they say quality of life where they live would be made worse rather than made better by such population growth.

  • Blacks: By a 9-1 ratio, they fear worse over better (about the same as the 9 ½ -1 ratio for Whites).

  • All Political Affiliations: Democrats expect the population growth will make things worse over better by 7-1. The ratio is 10-1 for Independents, and 14-1 for Republicans.

  • Every Region of the Country: The survey divided the United States into nine regions. Regardless of the population density, voters in each region appear to much prefer their current level of population over significantly more growth. Not surprisingly, voters in the congested Mid-Atlantic states say one-third more growth would make the quality of life worse over better by a 13-1 ratio. But even voters in the northern Great Plains say worse over better by a 10-1 ratio.

  • According to the poll, fewer than 12% of voters think even current population growth rates would improve their quality of life – whether they are professionals, white-collar or blue-collar workers, whether they have part-time jobs or no jobs. This is also true regardless of the voter’s age, income or marital status.

  • In fact, the poll indicates that two-thirds of Americans would prefer that Congress reduce population two- growth by reducing annual immigration numbers – the opposite of the Senate’s attempts this year.

  • Seems pretty cut and dry to me, but there's more. When asked about the current immigration levels that have shown an increase of another 100 million in the next 50 years, respondents replied as follows:

  • Only 3% of all likely voters say they support increasing the number of immigrants, in response to that question.
  • While nearly all Democratic Senators voted to more than double annual immigration by more than a million, the poll finds only 2% of likely Democratic voters want higher immigration.
  • And, while Sen. McCain, Sen. Brownback, Sen. Frist and others who have shown interest in running for the Republican presidential nomination have championed ever higher immigration levels, only 2% of likely Republican voters this fall seem to want the same thing.
  • As for swing-voting Independents, the Senators can look to 4% of those voters who say they want more immigration in light of population growth trends.
  • While many pundits have said Senators were appealing to the much-sought Hispanic vote by passing big immigration increases, the poll finds only 5% of likely Hispanic voters prefer an increase in immigration, when considering the effect on population growth.
  • Black Americans in this poll prefer immigration reductions over immigration increases by an astounding 72-1 ratio.
  • Yep, only 5% of Hispanic voters want an increase in immigration and only 2% of Democrat voters.

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