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Houston Area Hospitals Showing Over 70% Of New Births Are To Illegal Aliens And Costing Nearly $100 Million Per Year

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Illegal Aliens continue their assault on the health care industry driving hospitals in Texas into a state of emergency. Illegal immigrants are streaming across the border in droves from Mexico and Central and South America to drop their babies on our soil at our expense and then qualifying for social services, health care services and educational services. They are costing Texas hundreds of millions of dollars a year in health care costs alone.

Houston Chronicle

Even Houston's feeling the pinch. An estimated 70 percent to 80 percent of the 10,587 births at Ben Taub General Hospital and Lyndon B. Johnson General Hospital last year were to undocumented immigrants, administrators say.

As long as this issue is ignored the numbers will get exponentially worse.

The article continues that this is a problem all along the southern border. Women just walk into the ER when it's time to deliver and are not required to pay one dime.

These "Anchor babies" are then used to fight deportation and are hidden behind by their parents. They try to draw the humanitarian and sympathetic into the debate by pointing to their child that they put into this position on purpose as a reason they shouldn't be deported.

The most obvious case of hiding behind the child is illegal alien Elvira Arellano who, with her 7-year-old anchor baby, took "sanctuary" in a church in Chicago after receiving a deportation notice. Arellano had been deported previously and when she illegally crossed into this country again she made sure that she had an anchor baby the second time around so that she could use the child. She's still there more than a month later and has managed to fool enough sympathetic fools to her "cause" or "plight" that she created.

The article continues:

Undocumented immigrants say they are being attacked unfairly and think that all children born in the U.S. should have equal rights.

You know what, I don't care what the illegal aliens think. They are not citizens of this country, they can't vote and they don't have the right to voice their opinion when it comes to what America should do. They sneak into our country and demand rights that they do not deserve. The article covers an illegal alien who's been here for four years and is on her fourth child already. How much has that cost US Taxpayers already and how much is it going to cost us in the future for maintaining their health and educating them? Millions.

The illegal aliens argue that they're adding more to the tax system than they are taking out, but that flies in the face of reality. Most of these illegal aliens are low skilled and work under the table for low wages. They don't put anything into the tax system. Maybe they put a few pennies into the state tax system through sales tax, but it's a far cry from the costs of providing for their children. Most Americans aren't going to be putting $1 million into taxes during their whole lifetime.

The article finishes with the true costs of illegal aliens to one hospital.

Starr County Memorial Hospital had $3.6 million in uncollected medical bills in 2005, up from $1.5 million in 2002. The total when fiscal 2006 ends on Sept. 30 is expected to hit $3.9 million, chief financial officer Rafael Olivarez said. Unpaid bills for the past five years will reach nearly $13 million, he said.

To make up for the shortfall, Starr County's hospital district is proposing a 25 percent tax hike.


In all, 57,072 patients visited the district's hospitals, clinics and health centers last year, and nearly a fifth were undocumented, Rasp said. The cost of their treatment was $97.3 million, up from $55 million in 2002.

And they wonder why Americans are so pissed off about illegal aliens. It's not racism, as they claim, it's the real costs that should be being used for American citizens and legal residents instead of these leeches on society..

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