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Labor Day Illegal Alien Marches Underwhelm - Phoenix Protesters Face Off

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The number of illegal aliens marching on Labor Day September 4, 2006, were well below previous demonstrations earlier this year. In Phoenix marchers were met with counter protesters when a group of anti-illegal alien protesters confronted the marchers and demanded that they be deported. There were no arrests or actual contact between the two groups, but it just shows that people are getting fed up with illegal alien's demands.

In Southern California a whopping 400 people showed up.

Supposedly there's going to be a march down The Mall in D.C. to The Capitol on Thursday. Organizers are hoping to have 1,000,000 people show up in support, but I think illegal aliens are starting to realize that showing groups so large all across the news is just pissing more Americans off and actually turning people against them. Apparently some think because there's so many they can just make demands and we can't say no, but to most Americans showing such large numbers spells out "underground invasion". It's something they didn't realize was happening until they all came out in March and May Day and truly showed their numbers. For that I thank them.


About a thousand supporters of a Senate bill offering millions of illegal immigrants a path to citizenship gathered outside the Capitol building in downtown Phoenix, chanting, "We are America" and waving U.S. flags.

They were met by scores of angry opponents of the measure, toting placards urging authorities to "stop the criminal alien invasion" and "secure the border," who jabbed fingers at protesters


"These people are illegal aliens. They need to be incarcerated, fined and sent home," said activist Carol Hands, as she stood amid protesters shouting through bullhorns.

Capitol police officers watched the groups in bright morning sunshine, although there was no violence and no arrests.

Meanwhile the organizers of the marches tried to spin the low turnout. They blame it on it being a holiday weekend. Does that mean illegal aliens will only show their support if they get to skip work in order to do it? Seems like a stupid reason to me since these illegal aliens are always crying that they don't get paid enough (and they don't. They're being taken advantage of by unscrupulous employers). Wouldn't it make more sense to protests on a day you aren't working than on one you are working? It sure made sense for students when over 25% of them skipped school for the last major march.

Washington Post

Crowd estimates for Labor Day rallies in cities from San Francisco to suburban Chicago ranged from the hundreds to the low thousands, a far cry from the hundreds of thousands who gathered in several cities in the spring. Organizers blamed the holiday weekend and said Monday's rallies were less coordinated.


In Southern California, about 400 people marched Monday, compared with the 400,000 marchers who had jammed a Los Angeles boulevard in May.

Less organized? They've been planning these marches for awhile.

And don't be fooled by what these people really want. As can be seen by the statements like those below this is a fight to the death.

"This is the beginning of a new round of marches and rallies," Lorenzo Cano, with the Texas-based Nueva Raza Movement, said at Houston's City Hall. "This battle will not end in November. This is a fight for life."

Doesn't Nueva Raza Movement mean "The New Race Movement"? Isn't that just a tad bit racist, along the lines of the Ku Klux Klan, white power and the Black Panthers? They're so blatant with it they named their organization after their beliefs and people are just too stupid to realize what they're really demanding. The end to all other races.

Other things of interest:

Michelle Malkin has caught Miller Beer trying to spin it's $30,000 donation for these illegal alien marches. She also has some flag respect tips for those illegal aliens convinced to carry a US flag rather than their chosen Mexican ones.

Over at Lonewacko, the march organizers are exposed. They aren't simple people demanding humanitarian aid, they are political activists, revolutionaries and former leaders from Mexico who are in a power grab in this country on the backs of the illegal aliens. Here's a taste of what he's uncovered, go read the rest for better details.

Many of those who attended the recent immigration marches are foreign citizens who are here illegally. But, it doesn't stop there. For instance, one rally organizer is a former Mexican consul general and another is an official with a Mexican political party.

Is that shocking? It shouldn't be. In a similar vein we have Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who exploit blacks for both greed and power in the name of Civil Rights. As long as there's a camera there whether something actually occurred or is a false report you can be sure they'll be in the middle of it.

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Posted by Digger on September 5, 2006 06:18 AM (Permalink)

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Miller left this at my site, Right Truth today:

"I thought you folks would be interested in receiving the following official statement from Miller Brewing Company regarding the immigration issue:

Miller Brewing Company has never supported illegal immigration and we have always supported the full enforcement of current U.S. laws.

Miller did not sponsor the Labor Day immigration march held in Chicago.

Going forward, Miller will closely review all requests for support from community and charitable organizations to ensure that we are not indirectly funding or associating our name with advocacy efforts on the immigration issue.

We plan to stick to the business of brewing, marketing and selling great beer.

Thanks for your interest in this topic.

Posted by: Miller Media Relations | September 05, 2006 at 02:22 PM"

Posted by: Debbie on September 5, 2006 05:08 PM

Yeah Debbie, they posted the same thing at my entry on it here. Seems they're hitting all the blogs.

Posted by: Digger on September 5, 2006 08:14 PM

Turns out Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison had an illegal Mexican alien who used a fake identity advising her on immigration. We're hopeful he's been fired and will be put in jail. Call Senator Hutchison's office and tell her not to hire illegal Mexican aliens to adivse her on immigration.

Posted by: John Smith on September 5, 2006 11:38 PM

So they're going to march in D.C. with a million marchers?

Are they going to call it "The Million Mujado march"?

or "The Miller Mujado March"?
Maybe the "Milion Miller Mujado marchers'?

Sorry, I'm getting carried away...

Posted by: KurtP on September 6, 2006 01:58 AM

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