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Protests Show The Coming Overthrow Of America

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President Bush has finished up his summit in Cancun, Mexico meeting with Canada and Mexico to discuss how he will continue to allow millions of illegal aliens into our country and do nothing to stop them. His incompetence on this issue is very apparent as he even states with a straight face that enforcement of laws on the books and cracking down on employers who hire illegal aliens is part of the solution to the problem.

Yet President Bush has done absolutely nothing and even stood in the way of bills that want to tackle these issues. He continues to push a guest worker program without seeming to want any real enforcement of laws already on the books. Giving illegal aliens a "path to citizenship" and an amnesty is the worst possible action that could be taken and will only encourage millions more to flood into the country in preparation of the next amnesty. Since the 1986 amnesty when there were an estimated 2-4 million illegal aliens in the country the illegal alien population has exploded to near 20 million. Anyone who thinks that any form of reward for illegal aliens is a good thing only has to look at the stats to see that it has not worked. Its time for the stick, the carrot didn't work.

Illegal aliens are parading through our streets by the thousands, carrying foreign flags, threatening civil disobedience and demanding rights they feel they are entitled to simply by breaking all of our laws along the border. Americans better wake up to the continuing invasion. The invasion has slowly happened over the past 20 years and year after year is getting worse.

Now these groups are organizing and are encouraging students to take up the banner. I was watching a report on CNN on a student march in LA a few days ago and the reporter couldn't finish his report after being swarmed with illegal alien students who overran him. Not surprisingly several of the male students in the back were posing for the cameras flashing MS-13 signs with their hands. These protests are not simple students taking up a grievance, they are organized by groups like La Raza, MEChA, MALDEF and even the gangs like MS-13 that want the overthrow of the government in these regions and a return of the southwest to Mexico.

All one has to do is take a look throughout history of how revolutions begin to see the true nature of all of these "protests" the past week. It is not simply poor illegal aliens wanting a job, it is groups wanting to take down our current system through economic blackmail, rioting, gang activity and organized influence of our governments laws in their favor by foreign powers.

Meanwhile the American people and the media in this country continue to ignore the issue or when reporting on it paint it as a bunch of poor disenfranchised people. We have continued to ignore the problem and now it is growing beyond our control. We need to put a stop to it and we need to put a stop to it now. If we continue to ignore the situation it will only grow worse.

Unchecked immigration in any form spells the downfall of any nation. The rioting in France that we see is due to unchecked immigration. It's only a matter of time at the current rate of illegal immigration before we see the same thing here. Simply changing the status of illegal aliens to "guest workers" will not solve the problem. Giving 20 million people a legal status that allows them even further services than they already use is a recipe for disaster.

I think all Americans agree that immigration is a good thing. Continuing to allow this total ignoring of our laws and flooding of our population with unknown peoples who may have nefarious plans is not. For every 1 million illegal aliens coming here simply to work it only takes one terrorist who sneaks in with them to kill that many and more.

So while Bush fiddled in Mexico while America burned and the Senate continues to ignore the problem, these groups have organized to the point of revolution and nothing is being done. When they start dragging the teachers and other intellectuals out in the streets, just remember who let it all happen. Unfortunately all of us in this country will suffer if we do nothing to stop it. Call your representatives, support the Minutemen, speak out on the real problems of illegal immigration and not the sugar-coated one the media feeds you.

Is it worth giving up our country, it's laws and it's foundations in order to get cheap lettuce while politicians and businesses exploit this issue for their benefit? I think not.

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Posted by Digger on March 31, 2006 01:56 PM (Permalink)

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Why would a Salvadorian gang want the southwest to be returned to Mexico?

Posted by: Descartes on March 31, 2006 09:34 PM

Your question answers itself descartes.

Posted by: Jake Jacobsen on April 1, 2006 02:38 AM

CNN last night showed "poor" Mexicans, last night on TV. Their homes in Mexico, had more space then I or my family has. They were obviously well fed and had new clothes and newer cars then I can afford. Their wages (in this country 25k) were higher then I ever got, and they were getting Medicaid. I don't qualify! We go without much medical attention, and afford only the cheapest of meat.
When I was a child, many of us worked in the farm fields, but the government took that away from us and gave it to immigrants. I've often been passed up for jobs I was better qualified for, because the government supplemented the wages for the immigrants.
I've been knocked into a ditch by a drunk speeding truck while jogging and had the local hospital refuse to even look me over. I had no insurance and no available organization to act as my advocate.
I see Mexico, as a serf nation state dominated by the mean side of the Vatican. When you read between the lines, the present issue of immigration in this country and around the world, seems to be the overpopulating people trying to dominate the more reserved. Every time Ricardo is given privilege Richard is robbed.
And for the Bible minded, the first thing said to man was "be fruitful" in context of the time of that translation, I suggest the meaning had more to do with being able to provide before you multiply

Posted by: Richard on April 9, 2006 10:39 AM

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