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Illegal Alien Supporter's Water Tanks In Desert Emptied

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Illegal aliens who cross the desert and are relying on water tanks put out by their proponents Humane Borders, better think twice. Humane Borders is claiming that their water stations and the flags they fly on 30-foot poles are being vandalized, emptied and shot full of bullet holes.

I am against these water stations because they encourage more illegal aliens. Call me cruel, but I have an "oh well" mentality to this revelation.

Whether the reports are true or not is also hard to tell as these radical groups like Humane Borders have tried to play the race card and been in opposition of any legislation or group trying to close off the border or deter illegal immigration in any way.

Humane Borders received $25,000 in taxpayer funds from Pima Arizona to put up and maintain these water stations in September, 2005. Then Humane Borders went further in January 2006 and decided that it would print full blown maps of the border showing the best routes for illegal aliens to take, border patrol stations and routes and locations of their water stations. This group is actively aiding and abetting illegal aliens. These maps were to be distributed throughout Mexico by the Mexican human rights agency. Mexico later backed down on distributing the maps after public outcry here in America.


Mich says vandals have been coming out to the water stations, pulling the caps off the tanks and dumping the water out into the desert.

The volunteers also say vandals are destroying the blue flags that fly atop 30-foot poles in the middle of the desert -- flags the immigrants look for when seeking out a water station on their journeys.

"Flags have been destroyed, and not in this station but in others. They've put bullet holes [the water tanks]," [Paula Mich, a volunteer with Humane Borders] said.

Mich also says each week Humane Borders finds at least one or more of their 70 water tanks vandalized, an act these volunteers say can kill.

"If they're planning on getting their water at that location and they get there and there's no water, then the next time they could get water could be not before they die," Saavedra said.

Russ Dove, a local immigration activist, says he understands why people trash the tanks.

"The vandal issue is a sign that Americans have had enough," Dove said, "and from observation, I think it's only going to get worse."

Dove says Humane Borders is helping illegal immigrants, some he calls criminals, cross the border safely.

"These are robbers, rapists, murders. This is simply aiding and abetting criminal activity," Dove said.

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Stop vandalizing the water stations. Put rat poison in them instead. Problem solved.

Posted by: HadEnough on April 8, 2010 01:10 AM

While I do not agree with the comment by "Hadenough" to put rat poison in the tanks, I do agree with and would support destruction of the water tanks at these stations.

Essentially you are telling these people that it is OK to violate the borders of a sovereign nation. You are promoting trespassing, pure and simple.

Posted by: SamuraiMarine on August 8, 2010 05:47 PM

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