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Humane Borders, A US Based Activist Group, To Print Maps Of Border And Directions For Illegal Aliens

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humane-borders-map.jpgA Tucson, Arizona based group called Humane Borders is printing maps of the border and directions for illegal aliens to follow to illegally enter the United States. The maps are to be distributed by Mexico's human rights agency throughout the country. Humane Borders used software donated to them by ESRI for geographic mapping. Now I don't know about you, but this US based group should instantly be cited with aiding and abetting illegal aliens. On top of that their group should be disbanded. Also ESRI should be boycotted because they are complicit in this.

This blatant disregard for laws and sovereignty of the United States by groups like this is just another in a long list of reasons why this country has a massive illegal immigration problem.

The group says they are just trying to prevent deaths. If that was the case they should then be out there demonstrating for a massive 50 foot border fence made of solid steel all along the border so that no illegal aliens would happen to stumble into the desert "by accident".

Humane Borders is also the activist group responsible for setting up over 70 water stations in the desert, further encouraging illegal aliens to cross because they are being helped out along the way. The new maps will include locations of where these water stations are. These water stations are paid for by Arizona taxpayers in Pima county at a cost of $25,000 year which goes directly to Humane Borders.

I'm really getting fed up with these groups that talk out of both sides of their mouths on the "deaths in the desert" issue. If they couldn't get into the desert there wouldn't be any deaths and there's no argument about that!

Border patrol caught 577,000 illegal aliens last year along the southern border. The majority are Mexican though there's been a bunch of middle eastern illegal aliens from terrorist sponsoring states caught as well. The real question is that if they caught 577,000 how many didn't they catch? In January 2005 a report released said that unmanned drones flying along the border, in a 3 month test, spotted 853,000 illegal aliens crossing the border. That adds up to a lot of illegal aliens that weren't caught.

Arizona Republic

Humane Borders has produced maps for each of the four main corridors through Arizona: Douglas, Lukeville, Sasabe and Nogales.

The maps show mountains, roads, railroads and cities. Blue flags show where migrant-aid groups have left water tanks in the desert. Blue stars indicate Border Patrol rescue beacons where migrants can push a button to summon help.

Black lines show how far a migrant can expect to get walking one, two or three days.

The maps use red dots to show where migrants have died during the past four years. Humane Borders used data from the Border Patrol, medical examiners and other agencies to pinpoint each death.

At the top of each map, a bar graph shows the number of deaths during each month of the year. At the bottom are several tips including:

"Go with people you know and trust."

"Don't cross the desert between May and August, because the temperatures are very high."

"Bring enough water and food."

"Know your route well and the distance well before starting."

"Look for tanks of water in the desert that are marked with blue flags."

Large letters say "Don't go! There's not enough water! It's not worth it!"

Future versions of the maps will include circles showing cellular telephone coverage

Future versions. Pfft.

Meanwhile Mexico's human rights commission is thrilled with the maps and all the help that Humane Borders has provided in aiding illegal aliens getting into the US. The president of the commission, Jose Luis Soberanes, thanked the Humane Borders group.

In December, 2004 the Mexican government released a helpful comic book called The Guide For The Mexican Migrant under the guise that it would actually discourage illegal immigration to the US. How'd that work out for us? Well illegal immigration soared in 2005 due in no small part to these activist "humanitarian" groups -- and the Mexican government -- that supports them. (You can download a copy of The Guide For The Mexican Migrant (758K PDF) and judge for yourself.)

Immigration reform groups find that the fact it is a US group producing this material only encourages illegal aliens even more, since they will see it as an OK to cross the border illegally. From the Los Angeles Times

Jack Martin, special projects director for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, said the maps and other efforts only encourage illegal immigration.

"The fact that there's an American group doing this," he said, "sends the message that there are Americans who think that it's perfectly acceptable to enter the U.S. illegally, and probably will be down on the border aiding and abetting the illegals when they get in the U.S."

Some politicians have come out and voiced their opinions. One being Arizona Congressman J.D. Hayworth.

"I'm afraid that maps and water jugs do nothing but give illegal crossers false hope," Arizona Rep. J.D. Hayworth, a Republican, said in a written statement. "Either we convince potential crossers not to make the journey or, failing that, we stop them from crossing the border."

Then you have this absolute idiot, Arizona Congressman Jim Kolbe, who is in favor of illegal aliens. Kolbe was one of three -- along with Arizona Senators Jon Kyl and John McCain -- that President Bush picked to put together his amnesty guest worker bill for Congress in January, 2005.

Arizona Rep. Jim Kolbe, a Republican, said he supports the maps as a way of saving lives. But the best way of keeping migrants from dying in the desert is by helping Mexico create jobs and reforming U.S. laws to better manage migration, he said.

Nice double talk there Kolbe. You can't support encouraging illegal aliens and try to cover it up by bringing up a totally different issue. Either you're against illegal immigration or you're for it. Obviously Kolbe has chosen his side.

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Posted by Digger on January 25, 2006 05:52 AM (Permalink)

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I think Kolbe is talking good sense. As an economic conservative, you ought to know that incentives work. The reason people come across the border has to do with economics. Work with the market forces, and enforcement of the laws will be much more efficient. The only exception to this ought to be where the crime is malum in se, and in that case, the general population will normally be in favor of the law and will cooperate in its enforcement.

This principle is seen, e.g., in the EPA approval process for new pesticides/herbicides. The EPA conducts lengthy investigations of the efficacy of chemicals necessary for producing the quality fruit in the grocery store. However, the Agency's view of the situation is divorced from practical reality. Farmers know certain chemicals work, and as long as they are safe, should be allowed to use them. However, because this labeling decision is in the hands of a bureaucracy, the consumer suffers unless farmers (illegally) use unlabeled products. The production advantage these farmers have over law-abiding growers, as well as the advantage of foreign importers who operate under more lenient regulations, makes it difficult to compete under the law. As more growers operate as a matter of fact outside the law, the demand for the necessary labels dies down. Thus, the bureaucratic process is self-defeating, and loses the people's respect. All this could be avoided if the labeling process was reformed and fast-tracked. The same holds true for immigration.

We need to realize how much Mexican immigrants are a benefit to us, and us to them. Farms all over the USA have no option of harvesting their fruit other than seasonal labor.

A whole system of irrational laws, including minimum wage, free trade, AND complicated immigration procedures must be reformed before consistent enforcement will turn out as an overall benefit to the American public.

In fact, in the NW agriculture sector I'm familiar with, unless a migrant worker is paid in cash, his income tax, Soc. Sec., Medicare, workmen's comp., and other withholdings will be withheld from his paycheck. Because most of the migrant workers are not US citizens, and often don't have genuine documents, scores of thousands will never receive Social Security checks, or any of the other benefits they pay taxes. Where is the injustice now?

Enterprising and creative doers can create jobs for those unemployed who are willing to learn and work. The 21st century should not be a repeat of the anti-Chinese policies of the mid-1800s. Rather, in the words of Dr. Benj. Franklin at the framing of the Federal Constitution (Aug. 9, 1787),

"When foreigners after looking about for some other Country in which they can obtain more happiness, give a preference to ours it is a proof of attachment which ought to excite our confidence & affection."

Fast-tracked immigration reform is necessary before enforcement will be a benefit. It will also increase respect for law.

Posted by: N. Straub on January 25, 2006 02:24 PM

So you people want to give ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS access to this country. Why not give amnesty to rapists and murders oh you already do. As far as I am concerned you are terrorists buy helping break the law.

Posted by: Rick Martin on April 9, 2009 09:04 AM

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