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T-Mobile Sucks For Other People Too, Not Just Me

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So I'm not the only one that T-Mobile has ripped off. As I related the other day, T-Mobile ripped me off for $400.

Now stories are coming to my attention of T-Mobile ripping other people off. Take these few things.


If your not sure if T-Mobile sucks, see what the folks at T-Mobile-Sucks.ws have to say. There have been news reports right off the wire about customer satisfaction (T-Mobile last) to reports by people who work for T-Mobile (shabby & deceptive sales practices) to the horror stories of the customers, who seem desperate to warn all about the financial disasters and horrific service they have received from T-Mobile. Also, do a Google or Yahoo search and see the thousands of results.

More at Techography from a reader who had his SIM card stolen in Chile and here's how T-Mobile handled the situation.

I am writing because I don't know want else to do. And it feels better to yell a bit.

I feel like I am losing my mind. I did everything correctly but they are still charging me $400 for calls I did not make.


T-Mobile then charges me $20 for a new SIM card and sends me on my way.

Ok, no problem. I am out $20, but I have a working phone with all by numbers, etc, in place.

Today I get my bill in the mail. $396.01 in charges for roaming calls in Chile.

All made when the phone was "not working".

T-Mobile will not remove the $396.01 from my bill. The say that I should have alerted them as soon as the phone or SIM was stolen.


So basically I feel they are telling me I am lying.

Again it is $396.01 in charges to the same 3 or 4 numbers in Chile.

Another reader at Techography writes about the crappy service, outages and incompetence and failure to deal with the problem at their customer service.

I signed up with T-Mobile last February and bought a Sidekick II. Loved the device but everything else sucked, lots of outages. ... I had numerous days of non-function and decided to return the device and cancel service. I did this on day 30, which I was told meant that I didn't owe anything.

Well, their system was down the day I returned and get this - T-Mobile continued to fetch my email from Verizon for another 10 days~! They were stealing my email! I reported this issue to them and despite their niceness on the phone, they were all idiots - no one could figure out how to reroute those emails back to me and they refused to set up a Danger ticket to resolve the issue. Finally, after no less than 4 hours on the phone with at least 9 different people on the phone, one guy decided to restart my service for a 4 day period to see if I could retrieve the emails myself on the desktop interface.


Cut to today, almost 2 months later, when customer service calls to tell me I owe usage charges! FRAUD, FRAUD and more FRAUD. I can't believe the news outlets haven't done any kind of investigative reports on this stupid company.

Another reader at Techography is fed up with their service -- or lack thereof.

the customer service is horrible this ”hold” that u put me on every time for ever (bet-20 45 min) is exaggerated plus hang ups or disconnection of the line not once not twice but MANY TIMES THAT I CANT EVEN COUNT!

Theres much more on the "service" that guy got.

And just one more on how much T-Mobile sucks and how they like to rip off active duty personnel and their families as well as us veterans.

At the end of Nov. they shut my phone off saying I owed them 500.00. No problem payed the bill. They turned me back on, on November 28th.


December 8th, they turned my phone off again, this time saying I owed 1134.00 dollars. I told them they were out of their minds I just payed them 500.00. They told me that I went over my min. I said how I only use the phone during free nights and weekends, they said well you don't have free nights and weekends. I said bullshit it's in my copy of my contract. They said well our copy says you don't have it. They said I owed the money and there was nothing they could do. I told them fine, I can't pay you until taxes come in, and that I wasn't giving them all my money as I had a 2 month old baby to take care of.

So taxes roll around and I pay the damn thing so it doesn't go on my credit. They turn the phones back on. Jan 31, my contract was up and I chose not to renew it but go month to month since my fiancee was out to sea until March 4th.


Next thing I know a collection agency is calling me telling me that I owe them 277.00. I tell me them, send me a final bill so I can see the charges and I'll pay it. I tell them this many times over the course from March until now .... Still no bill has arrived.

Damn, the more I read the more I hate this fucking company. Screwing people over left and right.

This is your warning. Avoid them or you will face the perils of those of us that have been stung.

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Posted by Digger on June 13, 2006 05:36 PM (Permalink)

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i want a class action lawsuit ipaq6315 is the worst phone/pda ever and stay as far away from t-mobile as possible everyone says they have great customer service. i think what they mean is there very nice and polite when you call but they dont fix there problems or stand behind there products. ive seen a slow steady decline in the quality of there service. after 2 years they finally have a rom upgrade that made the bluetooth useable but they dont reccomend it.it might break the phone and if it does to bad. they have to send it to hp on your dime. there coverage has gotten so bad i had no choice but to cancel my service but even after all my trouble with the phone and service im still stuck paying a 200.00 cancelation fee shame on you t-mobile ill be the first to celebrate when you go out of business

Posted by: michael on August 12, 2006 02:46 AM

t-mobile is terrible..most of there employees work for outside agencies....treat customers TERRIBLE....DO NOT JOIN T-MOBILE.....

Posted by: annoyed on September 20, 2006 06:06 PM

Yeah fuck off! All of you! You are all stupid people who know nothing! If you did you wouldnt be leaving shit like this all over the web. Most of tmobile Reps actully work for T-Mobile! And if T-Mobile where so "TERRIBLE" then tell my why they one for the 5th time in a row the JD Powers award? NO other service company has been able to pull this off! So before you guys write any more shit how about you first Learn how cell phones work. second pull your heads out off your ass and 3rd SHUT THE FUCK up! Thanks :)

Posted by: FUCK all of you on February 26, 2007 01:14 AM

Yeah fuck off! All of you! You are all stupid people who know nothing! If you did you wouldnt be leaving shit like this all over the web. Most of tmobile Reps actully work for T-Mobile! And if T-Mobile were so "TERRIBLE" then tell me why they won for the 5th time in a row the JD Powers award? NO other service company has been able to pull this off! So before you guys write any more shit how about you first Learn how cell phones work. second pull your heads out off your asses and 3rd SHUT THE FUCK up! Thanks :)

Posted by: FUCK all of you on February 26, 2007 01:24 AM

I think the person got it right about t-mobile when they said that they have nice costumer sevice but won't fix the problem.
I tryed to go back to the store to fix the problem. The manager wasn't in. They didn't know his name or the owners name. Most of it was my fault for not checking out the company better. It could have been worse, they only took me for 200+
JD powers award.. Doesn't mean anything When your the one who was taken. And thats more about who you know and who you play golf with.

Posted by: ro on April 4, 2007 12:59 PM

I live in Virginia. I began a cell phone service w/ fricking TMobile in August 2005 and it was a single phone plan with 300 minutes/month. No problems....at that point.

In August 2006, I received a marketing call asking if I would like to 'upgrade' my cell service to a FAMILY PLAN. Actually, my husband and I had just been discussing this option, so I was interested. This is where our problems began. We opted to 'upgrade'. I was given a lengthy explanation of the process and how the 2nd phone would be placed under service with the original first cell phone. We were also given a 'free' cell phone in this upgrade option. I was told of the additional charge that we would incur per month. I wrote everything down.

We received the 2nd cell phone, as promised. We did as we were instructed to do and contacted the company to activate the phone. No problems. A day later, TMobile called us because there had been an error in our activation, but it apparently was corrected. Our initial problems began when we started receiving numerous calls for a business located in West Virginia. After days of 'wrong number' problems, we requested a different cell number because we were losing minutes on our new FAMILY PLAN because TMobile gave us a relatively active cell number that had been a business in another state. At the time of the number change, they did give us a minute-credit for time that had been used on erroneous calls. Aside from our inconvenience to re-contact our contacts about yet-another-cell-number, that problem was resolved.

If only it had been that simple! Weeks later, we received our normal cell phone bill, and then we received a second cell phone bill with a separate bill. This bill was an erroneous bill and was even on a second account. To us, we were being billed for two SEPARATE plans. We contacted TMobile and told them what happened and they agreed but would make the adjustments.

The first erroneous bill occurred after we upgraded to the FAMILY PLAN. TMobile was not able to correct their error and month-after-month, we continued to get billed twice for 2 separate accounts. We refused to pay the 2nd bill, and by November (this was 3 months later), it appeared that the original account finally did show the correct billing and we were finally on the way to our promised FAMILY PLAN.

Then we received a second bill. JEEZUS! That bill was for the second phone that was covered on the first, original account. On and on this went.....phone call after phone call....

(TMobile, you are the worst of the worst!)

By the middle of December, we decided that it was pointless and we were going to tell TMobile this FAMILY PLAN was not an upgrade it was nothing but a billing nightmare and we wanted to get out of the plan. No amount of bitching worked. Explanations were ignored. (I HATE TMobile!)

Our bill for that phone was due on December 19 and not paying for services that were being billed on our first phone, the cell service was actually DISCONNECTED at approx. 6:30am on the day the bill was due on December 19. (Way to go, you fricking asswipes!) The bill (that was the "extra bill", mind you!) was only "late" by 30 days, but the bill was a bill for a second account that was nothing more than a double-billing fiasco set up by TMobile.

I contacted them later that morning and instructed them that we did NOT want to be re-connected under any circumstances, that we were cancelling the FAMILY PLAN. I was told there would be an 'early exit' penalty of $200 for the cancellation. I told them that the cancellation was due to the 4 months of incorrect billing and that we never received the real service we were told about at the time of our agreement in August 2006.

In January, we received 2 bills again. One bill showed that we were being charged for services beyond our 'cancellation date'. That bill also showed a penalty of $200 per line, for a grand total of $448. 84. Now, considering my first fricking TMobile account began in August 2005, how the hell did they come up with charging me for an 'early exit' on a phone I'd had with them for more than 2 years.

(Did I say I fucking HATE TMobile?)

We have tried to work with TMobile and have spoken with a variety of employees. (Are they all on 'ludes, or what?!) We have spoken with finance, and with customer service. One person says we will not have to pay the early out due to the very large problems we have had with the service and with billing. Another person agreed that we would not be charged. Then when we are connected to the Finance Department, we are told that we owe $448.84 and there is no adjustment to this bill.

After a number of attempts to adjust our bill, we realized this situation would never be resolved. We told TMobile we were not going to pay what we did not owe and we were not going to allow a company to double-bill us. This was at the end of Dec. 2006.

Then we begin getting TMobile automated phone calls. In January, I contacted them and was put through to the Finance Department yet again. After explaining the problems yet-again, I was once again told they were not going to adjust the bill. It was during this phone call that I requested they cease calling our home number. I was told that the phone calls were 'automatically generated by computer' and they could not stop the calls until I paid the bill.

By the end of January, we received daily calls and I contacted TMobile again -- for the last time. I did not speak with anyone in Finance as it was futile. I did request that the telephone harassment cease. This request fell on deaf ears, too.

We have been receiving a bill every month since December, with no "warning" in the bill. We have also received a telephone call either every day or every other day, up to 8:35pm at night. All calls begin with an automated voice message and they want us to stay on the line to speak with a representative.

Two days ago, we received a notice from a collection agency telling us to pay-up or face a judgement.

We have never been in a situation like this but we refuse to become consumer-victims. We have been defrauded and do not believe that we should have had to deal with these shenanigans, much less PAY someone for their accounting fiascos at our expense.

I love knowing that there are now 13 states that are involved in class-action lawsuits against TMobile for the hefty cancellation charges.

We refuse to pay TMobile for fees that they decided we owed because THEY were unable to provide us with the plan they advertised and contracted with us for.

TMOBILE, KISS OFF. I'll have my day-in-court with you.

Posted by: Lynn on April 5, 2007 10:07 AM

I bought 3 sidekick 2 phones for togo. which coust me a arm and a leg cause I got them when they were fairly new. but after about 6 months the sim reader in the first one broke, I called t-mobile and asked if I could do any thing about it to get it fixed because I just payed them so much money for just one. they replyed to me Im sorry sir there is nothing that we can do it must be water damage. and we can no help you if it is. then about 2 months after that the other one broke!! and now today the last on had the same problems and they tell me there is nothing that they could do this is bull cause I payed aroune $900 for these dam things and I cant use one of them. I find that to be bull shit. I dont care how many awords they have fucking won they are all ass holes and retardes that cant speak english half the time. if u cant speak english then dont answer the god dam phone. Im sick and tired of T- mobile and there bull shit. Im so happy that I just signed a plan with cingular!!

Posted by: dom on May 13, 2007 02:12 AM

TMobile on wins awards cause the are nice to people on the phone that is it, their service is TERRIBLE always breaking always searching, and half the time you are on cingular/ ATT's network well to me i might as well pay them if they are the only ones who have service Personally i had TMobile first then Cingular then STRAIGHT TO VERIZON the only reliable cell coverage in cities, country, hick towns WHATEVER they always work also a major winner of the JD Power if i remember correctly tieing for 2 years with tmobile so Verizon Wins JD like tmobile but their service actually works.......you make the choice

Posted by: Sean on December 29, 2007 10:39 AM

Fuck T mobile and the guy up there that was saying we were all idiots when he is the one who said and i quote, "And if T-Mobile where so "TERRIBLE" then tell my why they one for the 5th time in a row the JD Powers award? " Yeah they " one " alright. Fucking retard

Posted by: d on January 24, 2008 01:53 PM

FUCK TMOBILE!! I canceled with them back in Dec and ported my number to AT&T but still had another line on the account. What was supposed to happen was it be back dated so we would only get charged for one number and no family plan. But what they did was keep my same family plan and just add another number in there. So when are bill comes instead of 40 it was over 100.00!!! So I call back and see whats up and they apologize and I'm fed up I say lets cancel right now....they say well its going to cost 200.00 for each phone, which I was never told about when I tried to cancel the first time. So the rep says lets put it on a freeze for 3 months and you won't be charged and have 3 months to come up with the money, so I agree thinking they are going to help me I will only owe the 2 cancelation fees and the 26 for the prorated for my other line. Well I get my bill in the mail and it turns out a few min. after I froze they unfroze it so charging me another 80 for the month!! So I call back, totally irate and explain to them this is bullshit and they are trying to tell me Im passed due for Dec. after I already plaid for their mistakes!!! So rep assures me I have until March 27th to pay the $480 and thats all I have to pay so I agree and go on my way. Today March 3th I get a call from my aunt whos house I don't live at and she says Tmobile called and said if I don't get the $533 taken care of in the new few days they are going to presue some kind of investagation. $533!! WTF?! I only owed $480, so I call the rep and ask to speak with a supervisor and I am just livid and shes being a total bitch herself and shes trying to explain why I owe $533. She explains I have to $200 fees and I agree and then she says I owe 80 for Jan and I said fine Ill take that even tho it was yalls fault, and get this then she says I owe 101 from dec!! I said sweetie do your math 200+200+80+101 does NOT = 533!!! Shes like wellll well you owe that money and I said no you can look it up I even know how it was paid one credit card 27.5 and the other 93.5 paid with online bill pay....and she had nothing to say put me on hold and comes back and says well you owe for Feb 53.00, WHAT?!!?! I didn't even use the phone since Jan and the other line since Dec!! I was like you will put me on hold once more review my account and will come back and I will owe $480 and I will pay that and we will be done and I will never talk to yall again. She puts me on hold forl ike 15 mins comes back and says she will credit my account for feb..AFTER i canceled those bitches were still gonna charge me for Feb!! I have 2 letters for each line saying they were canceled and they seriously were gonna still pay me!! FUCK TMOBILE ILL NEVER GO BACK THERE! FUCK THEM FUCK THEM FUCK THEM!!!!
Oh yea I agree with the reps being nice, they are way nice but thats all, they say they can basically part seas for you but then don't do anything! ALL TAKE AND NO GO!! FUCK THEM!!!

Posted by: kelly on March 3, 2008 03:52 PM

Let me start by saying that I was totally happy with my service and customer service up until last month when I received a letter stating that on 3/11/08 my service would be terminated because of too much roaming.
I called customer service immediately and explained that I had a 2 year contract, and they said I only signed a 1 yr contract. Luckily I keep copies of everything and told them I had it in front of me.
The CSR told me if I would take the contract to a T-Mobile retail store they would verify it and see what they would do.
On 3/1/08 I drove to Muskogee Ok to the retail store on Shawnee Dr. Showed them my contract and they in turn made a copy. The rep at the store agreed that it was a 2 yr contract and called (she said customer service). they told her I only had a 1 year contract, the Rep told them that she had a copy of the contract and it INDEED was a 2 yr contract.
At this point I asked if they were going to honor the contract until Aug of 2008 or not. Everyone agreed that it would be honored until that time.
I left the store satisfied that it would be honored until the end of my contract and I understand that at that time it would not be renewed, and while not happy I understood why.
Had I know it would not be honored until the end of the contract I could have taken other options to get a cell phone from another company and ported my number.
All I request of T-mobile is to honor their contract and keep it on until the expiration of such contract, OR send me a check for $200.00
(the cost of me breaking the contract if I would have terminated early). I, and others have read the contract and cannot find any provision for T-mobile to cancel the contract before the expiration date.
I talked to a Diana this morning her employee number given me was 452525 she stated her supervisor most likely would not talk to me.

Posted by: Ken on March 12, 2008 06:27 PM

SO this morning i woke up to a broken phone(by the way it was a sidekick 3) so i went to the tmobile store and they sent me right to their phone to talk to customer service...which totally wasted my time. I spend more than three hundred dollars on this phone.. and it just stopped working, won't turn on. They told me that since i have had this phone for more than a year, they cant do anything about it! They told me to buy a new phone! In their words they told me i could "Upgrade" my phone..YOU MEAN DOWNGRADE?! COME ON! not everyone can afford a new phone, when their 300 hundred dollar phone decides to just give up! I could understand if i did something to break my phone, but this is CRAZY!!

What a mess.. screw you tmobile!

Posted by: Kelly on April 9, 2008 06:01 PM

i am now putting together complaints with the bbb and fcc and possibly a lawsuit against tmobile if you have any existing or recent complaints i can note them also. T-MOBILE'S SERVICE SUCKS AND MOST OF THE REPS ARE IDIOTS AND ARE RUDE! THIS MUST COME TO AN END!

Posted by: cupcake on May 21, 2008 01:16 PM

After our phone was stolen, I was notified that we are responsible for calls made until we called the. Fortunately it was only 1 day and the weekend. Verizon asks when the phone was stolen, and voids the thiefs calls. They figure it is bad enough you had your phone stolen, and probably otheer stuff, why punish you more. I guess T-Mobile has to pay for Catherine Zeta-Jones. After we went to the store we were treated very poorly (ignored while the 2 employees took turns taking breaks). After walking out, I was treated very well by a rep on the phone. I was ready to bail when he sent me over to the cancellation agent. He informed me if we cancel before March 09 we will be hit with an early cancellation fee. It worked! He retained us until March 09! After years of ignoring the biannual upgrades, and paying the bill on time we were hit with an early cancellation because her daughter upgraded her phone. All I wanted was a little break because we hadn't used the upgrades. I will let everyone know to avoid T-Mobile like the plague!

Posted by: Greg on August 10, 2008 07:44 PM

Reading all these blogs about f*** T-Mobile is very amusing. When idiots like yourselves call in and want to dispute charges we put you on mute and laugh. If you would actually read the contracts check YOUR minutes and etc..it would be simple. You want us to call or text you when you go over your mins(next you will be requesting us to wipe your ass.)or when your bratty kids go over. This is the one that we laugh so hard tears come out of or eyes. International charges!!!!! I will be the first to admit if you lost your phone and have charges racked up its not fair that you have to pay for that when you reported the phone lost or stolen. Per policy anything that happens before you notify us of the situation is on you. Read the terms and conditions. Personally I will credit up to 20% of the charges depending on your attitude when you call in. If you are from the country the calls are made to just give it up. We see your name and your origin basically your name is hau kim, but you didn't make those calls to hong kong. Even though the dialed hong kong numbers are showing as incoming calls and text as well. Please don't insult my intelligence.

Posted by: T-Mobile Rep on August 24, 2008 12:25 PM

Is there really nothing we can do about the ETF?
T-Mobile is telling me that the only thing they can suggest in fixing a connection problem to THEIR TOWER being down for 4-days and counting is for ME - THE CUSTOMER - to go down to a T-Mobile dealer and try getting hooked up using a new SIM card!
Is it my responsibility to make the connection work?
And when I ask about closing the account, they spit this from their T&C in my face!

Please tell me it isn't so!
There's got to be something we can do as consumers.
Or are they really allowed to do this????

7. Service Availability. Coverage maps only approximate our anticipated wireless coverage area outdoors; actual Service area, coverage and quality may vary and change without notice depending on a variety of factors including network capacity, terrain and weather. You agree we are not liable for problems relating to Service availability or quality.

Posted by: Linda on September 8, 2008 03:34 PM

I have never seen such a bunch of idiots anywhere online. All cell phone companies are crooks and anyone that signs up with them is an absolute dumb ass. Take that phone out of your ear idiot and stick it in your ass. Now leave it there for the rest of your life. Nobody wants to talk to your stupid ass anyway.

Posted by: Shut TheFuck UP on December 1, 2008 05:03 PM

Tmobile charged me 105.00 for 3 new lines io transferred from ATT after telling me they would waive the activation charges. took 3 hours of my time and escalation to get someone to reverse the chrages!!!!

now i tried to add a 4th line for my son and thy told me my "credit class" doesnt allow me too??!!!!!! they want $250.00 deposit because theyre concerned io can tafford another $10.00 a month????

perfect example of beuracracy undermining customer service.

i am done with Tmobile and i am launching a digital web jihad!!!!!

Posted by: kevin on December 18, 2008 02:13 PM

i got @ t mobile a blackberry flip 2 mo's ago with signs on it stating 100.00 rebate,
waiting 2 mo's for this rebate they let me know you get the rebate only if you sign up for 600min a month my sign up was only 300 a month, which i rarely use.
this surely was not stated to me by the the sales person
WHAT A RIP---the phone is great ( but not t-mobile


Posted by: ed gergel on April 10, 2009 06:28 PM

I was told that I would have a 1 year contract when I got my new phone. I was sucked in to a family plan. After 1 year I am told I have to wait another year to change my plan to an indivisual plan. They already rip me off enough.
I may go to another service soon...

Posted by: Holli on May 14, 2009 04:20 PM

i just got off the phone with this bull shit ass company. first i changed my plan and they charged me a 35 migration fee to switch to there unlimited plan. Before i did this the worker said it would release me of my contract, so i did it thinking i could cancel them after that and skip the ETF fee. So I call and they said i am still on a contract and there is nothing they can do cause there is no proof that there worker ever said that so they can't do anything about it. so i asked to be transfered to a supervisor and they said there would be a 2 hour wait and they could have them call me back within 2 hours. He also offered to reimburse my $35 migration fee and i asked him to note that on the account he said he did. I waited for 3 fucken hours and never got a call so i called back the next day. They said that there was no note for anybody to call me back and there was also no note saying i could get my $35 migration fee back and that couldn't be done. So not only have I got 3 fucken lies from this bull shit company they had no proof anyone ever said anything like that to me and that there was nothing they can do. This is the worst customer service i have ever had they suck dont sign a contract with these pieces of shit

Posted by: lkjhldifk on December 6, 2009 11:16 AM


Posted by: Lloydino on December 10, 2009 11:40 AM

T-Mobile charges $200 for ETF. I've been with them for 10 tears, still no mercy. Plus now if you want to move to a lesser account they charge you a $40.00 account "move" fee. What a rip-off. T-Mobile became another rip-off master.

Posted by: Mazsi on January 28, 2010 03:38 AM

T-Mobile's customer service is BAD!! Don't go with them. Totally wishing I would have stayed with my other carrier. Got passed around for 4 hours to 12 different people! Yes - 12!!!! They have no idea what they are doing. One person will tell you they will help...next you get passed to someone who says no they cannot help. I climbed the customer service ladder to supervisors, and supervisors of supervisors to no avail. Dropped calls, bad software, just simply NO GOOD!!! PLEASE GO WITH ANYONE OTHER THAN T-MOBILE!! Do not want anyone else to go through what we did.

Posted by: Cherb on March 17, 2010 09:52 PM

I agree, T-mobile has nice, friendly customer service reps, however i usually end up figuring out my service problems on my own.... Multiple times... Reading some of the comments below, based solely on grammar, and spelling, leads me to believe T-mobile isn't necessarily the problem.... Have you ever heard the term "The Least Sophisticated Consumer"? I feel some of the below fall into this category, and would have had problems with ANY carrier, as they lack the common sense and intelligence to funtion as a normal consumer would... T-Mobile does have horrid service, and they do make excessive mistakes, which is unfortunate, because they really could be a key player in the wireless phone industry, if they played their cards correctly.

Posted by: Maybeyourdaddy on April 5, 2010 05:26 PM

so i have always had service issues with tmobile they say you get just as good of service as at and t. NOT! in a rural town where every gets service, i don't. I less then a month ago called to get a new phone threw the insurance i pay on the phone. got my new "refurbished" phone they sent me and now the screen goes white when i shut it so i call and they tell me since i have filed two claims in the last year because they keep sending me crappy phones that the insurance i pay has been froze and is worthless and all i can do is buy a new phone... screw them!

Posted by: jssica on April 21, 2010 12:53 AM

Michael, (from the first post) I believe you used the incorrect there/their every chance you got...

Posted by: Jake on June 26, 2010 11:39 AM

T-mobile reps dont care about their customers. And if you email Customer Care,they dont even read the e-mails.They just send you a preformatted message that doesnt resolve your concern.And If you are overseas,forget about any type of assistance from T-mobile.I just wanted to reset my phone to factory settings because I got my phone locked.

Posted by: maritza on July 7, 2010 06:15 PM

tmobile is worst, specially guys at tempe mill branch, terrible!!!!!!!!!!! never buy from them! or you will ruin your life...

Posted by: bob on October 16, 2010 03:56 PM

T-Mobile also ripped me off after being a 5 year customer. In January I purchased a 4-G hot Spot and signed a 2 year contract. The performance was so bad it took 3 to 5 minutes to check my e-mail. I called and complained and ask to cancel the contract (I had 30 days to do this). They ask me not to cancel and they would fix the problem I was having. I was then stupid enough to let the cancellation window expire thinking T Mobile was an honest Company. After 5 months of calling and getting no where I wrote a letter to customer service asking to be released from the contract. I got a very rude letter back from Veronica Hartley stating that T-Mobile would not release me from the contract even though the service was so poor. I recently terminated the service and paid T-Mobile a $200.00 termination fee. Unfortunately my cell phone contract does end until September at which time I will cancel that service also and T-Mobile will never get the opportunity to rip my off again. I have been a customer of T-Mobile for 5 years

Posted by: Bert Prescott on May 18, 2013 09:36 PM

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