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To All Of Those Who Say A Wall Along The Southern Border Won't Work

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Israeli Border FenceOK all of you illegal alien sympathizers out there on both the left and the right, I'd like to put you in your place regarding a wall along the southern border. I hear it over and over and over "a wall won't work" or "this is America, we shouldn't build a wall" or "It'll cost too much".

So what is their argument instead? What is their solution to the problem? They have none.

You have those who say we'll give them all temporary work visa's and that these people -- who were more than willing to break our laws in the past -- will voluntarily leave when it expires (like the President said tonight in his presidential address on immigration).

You have those who want to simply leave it as it is. An open border.

You have those who want to give them all amnesty.

You have those who want to put up a "virtual fence" of camera's and infrared detection.

Well I'm here to tell you that all of these options are a failure when it comes to enforcing the law and stopping more illegals from coming here.

First, giving amnesty or temporary visas simply changes the status of illegals. It's a full blown pardon that doesn't solve the problem and allows it to continue into the future. Those who can't get a temporary visa or don't want to wait in line will simply still cross illegally into our country.

A "virtual fence" does nothing to apprehend illegals. The plans of where these points are located will simply be disclosed to the Mexican government -- as recently happened with positions of the minutemen being given to Mexico by the Border Patrol. The positions will also be sold to cartels and traffickers and will be distributed by groups such as Humane Borders that want illegal immigration to continue and currently aid illegal aliens with maps and watering stations. These same groups that want to save illegal aliens the pain of dying in the desert are against a wall that would aggressively save those illegal aliens since they wouldn't be able to get into the desert in the first place.

Israeli Border FenceThe only true solution that will significantly end the flow of mass illegal immigration from Mexico is a border fence.

As you can see in the images of the Israeli border fence, an illegal alien would be hard pressed to climb over. It is an imposing structure that many say will cost too much. The fact is that educating the children of illegal aliens costs the United States an estimated $28.6 billion a year. That number is only going to continue to rise over the years and I'd rather see the funds spent now to slow this as much as possible.

The other argument that these weak willed people make against a wall is that "it won't stop all illegal immigration" or "They'll dig tunnels". My answer to them is So what?. If it cuts illegal immigration to only 10% of what it is now that is sufficient enough of a reduction to satisfy me. We can deal with those who make it in with other initiatives. There is no excuse for us not doing what we need to in securing the border and stopping as many at the border before they cross.

The wall alone is not the only thing that needs to be done though. Tackling employers who hire illegal aliens and other groups that aid and abet them should also be stepped up. Beefing up our interior enforcement, ending social services to illegal aliens and stopping the practice of "sanctuary cities" also needs to be put in place. A border wall or border fence is just one step in a plan for us to have control of immigration into our country. This is our sovereign right as a nation.

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Great article and keep up the good work.I am a painting contractor in silicone valley and we have been invaded.They are becoming enraged because we are cutting the free money supply.Almost every time I see Mexicans in public they verbally attack me.their favorite is mida este gabaucho----or look at this white trash.Truthfully I want to help build the wall.

Posted by: don lefevre on October 12, 2006 02:48 PM

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