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'Gorgeous' Teacher Gets 9 Months for Child Sex

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(McMinnville, Tennessee) Last February, Centertown Elementary School teacher Pamela Rogers Turner, 27, was arrested and charged with 15 counts of sexual battery by an authority figure and 13 counts of statutory rape of one of her students, a 13-year-old boy.

Earlier today, Turner pleaded no contest as part of an agreement with the prosecution and received 9 months in jail and loss of teaching credentials in a ruling by Judge Bart Stanley. After the jail term, Turner will be subjected to supervised probation for seven years and three months. No mention was made about registration as a sex offender.

In summary, a 27-year-old teacher plays hide the sausage with a 13-year-old student for three months, gets charged with 28 felony sex crimes, and is sentenced to a paltry nine months in jail. You can check my math, but that figures out to be about ten days behind bars for each sex crime. In my opinion, there's a world full of pedophiles who would volunteer for that kind of punishment. As a deterrent to potential future child rapists, Judge Stanley's ruling isn't. One can only assume that Judge Stanley conferred with Judge Ollie prior to sentencing Turner.

[Update 8/12/05, 0445 EDT]

From another report, the court also ruled that Turner will be required to register as a child sex offender and the terms of the plea agreement prevent her from realizing monetary gain from the case.

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Posted by Mike Pechar on August 11, 2005 10:16 PM (Permalink)

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If this were an older man sleeping with under-age girls, there'd be lynch mobs calling for life imprisonment.

Posted by: J.A.S.O.N. on August 12, 2005 08:37 AM

Wow...part of me says what a lucky 13 yr old but the other sane side says if this was aman sleeping with a 13 yr old girl he would have got years and not months. Yea i know this is a fantasy for most men/boys but it still dont make iot right....but damn I WOULD HAVE NEVER got caught with this teacher if i was the 13 yr old....lmao

Posted by: Dan on August 13, 2005 11:11 AM

Her "sentence" just enrages me!
IMHO, this slap on the wrist is criminal in itself.
Y' think the judge maybe had a crush on one of his teachers in middle school?

Every male I know has said - she is incredibly beautiful - and deservedly so. She is gorgeous.
What was the old saying gramma used to say...
Beauty is as beauty does...
There are women out there with beautiful faces and bodies, but black hearts and souls!
(no, that does not mean that I am an ugly, homely woman!) Some women do not need to trade on their looks for attention!

Had it been a male teacher, society would be bellowing up and down the hallways with the light sentence this judge imposed.

Yea, yea, she has to register as a sex offender, but we have seen how easy it is for sex offenders to simply not register!
Grr! So much for equality! Goes for punishment too!

Posted by: Melissa from Texas on August 14, 2005 08:58 PM

Once a whore always a whore. I went to school with her. What's a matter with a grown women having to get a hold of a teenager? I think its sick and she should have gotten a lot more done to here than what she did. I think every kid while in school has or had a crush on a teacher I did but you know thats all it was a crush. He never went out of the way and done anything like that. He was my friend and a role model for me. Pamela Rogers is just plain sick to have to stoop to that level. what else is new I heard she posed for playboy too. She's a skank

Posted by: queenbee on August 14, 2005 11:01 PM

The last posting other than mine was in November?….geeze….you guys are a fickle buch aren’t ya’? I guess when the excitement is gone so are you.
For one thing I have been writing Pam while she does her jail time. And my motives were typical guy sexual attraction motives. I live in East Tennessee so I offered to take her out on a date when she gets out if she was interested. I am very attractive guy and I gravitate toward hot slutty type women basicaly who like to party naked. Because basicaly I’m just out for a good time.
After several letters I’m backing off Pamela because she is to nice for me. She is not the sultry seductive, sex kitten ditzy blond abnormal pedaphile child molester that the media has made her out to be. Hey I’m not going to pretend what really happened between her and little Jack horney ok?……maybe something happened maybe not….but I’m here to tell ya’…..this woman is a quality woman……she’s kind, creative, sincere, highly intelligent and sensitive….not the menace to society that everyone is blathering about.
She’s so kind and classy hell I don’t even know how to deal with her I’ve not recipricated with a woman of this quality in years. If I’m going to be her friend I’m going to have to raise my standards. Or she'll give me the boot. ( Understandably )Pam motivates me to be a better man.
Now why would I raise my standards for a rapist? Or a pediphile, or a terror to society? OK? Hello?
I mean seriously people…..think about it….if a good time Charlie like me can see there’s something wrong here where her case and situation is concerned….theres no excuse for you addicted to your own opinions assholes either. So wake up. Don’t give this woman jailtime, give her a better investigation of her case, and give her her life back.
If she's so evil why does she have such a positive effect on those she comes in contact with? I can't say that for most people in general thats for damn sure.

Posted by: Brian on January 13, 2006 12:57 AM

You know, why does everyone dance around the real issues with all our jaw-jacking imposing our opinions on

others ( can we say " Hail Hitler" everyone?, criminey you all amaze me with your gestapo bullshit views ) ,

everyone but a few has so much to say and the point that most make is either off target or superficial at best. Are

we afraid to probe below the surface? Well I'm not. So here goes.
Has anyone wondered why these attractive women are going after these young men like this? Risking it all for

sex? Listen up fella's this is sexual interest and desire that we are not accustomed to women exhibiting. And its

messing with the status quo. Men are always the ones with all the sexual impulses, and the ones who act on

them. Right? The nasty finger always gets pointed at men when the subject of sexuality comes up. Well....not any

more. Finaly, the sunrise of sexual equality is rising on the horizon. Its about time.
Ok so in case your wondering about all these hot teachers going after men not even old enough to drive yet. Its a

simple matter of physics people. These women crave the passion, excitement and pleasure of having sexual

contact with men in peak condition. Its really that basic that simple. Is it because these women are sick?, wacko?,

padaphile? Possibly, but not likely.
Our society has trained women to have sex for all the wrong reasons....you know....for money, for security, for

companionship, for drugs, because his name is Johnny Football, or Joe Rockstar, or Donald Trump. Rarely do

women have sex on the basis of pure sexual and physical desire. Rarely do they have sex because their entire

physiology and neurology is lit up and they crave that physical gratification and satisfaction and contact like men

Well guess what...These women are going for it. And its for those right reasons for a change. Its not like these

lucky teenagers they have targeted have wealth, savvy, success, sportscars, cocain, celebrity status to "offer" or

to spark these women's interest so incredibly. Nope, the interest these women have in them is the real deal. I

love the sexual initiative these attractive women are exhibiting its debunking all the old myths about women

being less sexual than men. I freakin’ love it.
I should know.... the hot sexy women that date me could care less about the shitty car I drive, or the flashy friends

and fancy lifestyle I don’t have. So what….I’m wealthy where it really counts. Women date me for my looks, my

body, my personality, my brains, my charm and to have a great time and for great sex.
Casts a little different light on what we thought women really valued eh guys? And this runaway train rash of older

women younger men thing is going to force our male dominated society to change its perspective of female

sexuality. I just hope that not to many casualties of otherwise good women being thrown in jail for their spirits to

rot results from it. But so far it has. Not good.
Women are finaly coming out of their shells and opening up sexualy and we destroy thier lives for it. I don’t like

the message that is sending to women in general of our society. When a woman over 18 has sex with a teenager

she’s not having sex with a child but with a young man….so that doesn’t make her a pedophile, nor does the fact

that she craves great sex and acts on the impulse in a non-invasive way make her a rapist. But we are labeling

them that arent we? Why does everyone feel so threatened? Trust me…..teenage boys eat this sort of thing like

candy….and feeling threatened or violated is the furthest thing from their highly sexualy charged minds.
I’m all for protecting children not yet in puberty, Teenage boys are not children, so lets not cut our foot off to get

rid of our ingrown toenail.
When I was 13 I was 6 feet tall, had a ripped athletic body, a voice like Randy Travis, and housewives in their

20's,30's and 40's chasing me like I was some sexual god. If anyone would have approached me and told me

that it was illegal for me to have sex with anyone other than snot-nosed girls my own age, I would have either

laughed in your face, or buiried my size 11 shoe right up your ass. My sex drive and interest in women was so

intense you could split atoms with it. I was never more ready for sex my entire life!!! But I had to confine that to

little virginal girls my own age? What an unmitigating crock of legal horse-shit. I prefered women who could

handle me. Make sense?
So the women in question are causing no harm with their sexual explorations, ( ever wonder why they are

receiving such light sentances?). If they were causing such “wreckage” and disruption, trust me, our ever ready to

prosecute when it comes to sex legal system would dish out much tougher penalties. When it comes to

destroying the true beauty of sexuality, men are always the culprits, with their aggressive, destructive nature and

drive. Who do you think dominates the porn industry? And poures billions of dollars into it each year? Women?

Yeah right, women would have no part in it practicaly if they weren't paid to. And I can't blame them. But women

are not men, and are not to be feared in the same capacity by any stretch. We can't make women pay for what

men are guilty of, a woman can't be poured into the same sexual mold as men. So lets aknowledge that and stop

approaching this from such an anal retentive colloaquial standpoint of warped narrow sexual sensibilities based

on fear and ignorance ok?
Tossing these women in jail and destroying their lives for being human is not a viable solution to the situation.
Sureley we can engineer a better way of dealing with this aspect of human nature and female sexuality. We sent

men to the moon for crying out loud. Lets stop sending women to jail.

Posted by: Brian on January 13, 2006 01:00 AM

IF this was a man who did this to a young girl he would be sentenced for ten times as long... just because a lady has a pretty face does not mean she cannot deceive. She has been given the most unreasonable sentence. She needs more time in jail to think about what crime she has commited and how she has affected and contributed in the corruption of this 13 year old boy and also SOCIETY!

Posted by: paul on February 27, 2006 08:13 PM

Hey everbody, do you all like apples?
I'm a male model, live in East Tennessee, not far from where Pam lives, 'bout 2 hours away. I've been writing her letters for the duration of her short prison sentance. Gotten to know her pretty good. Is she guilty as charged? Well, I never really gave a red rats ass, hey she's beautiful, intelligent and single. Thats all the reason I need to ask her out on a date. And she's actualy considering my offer. All the media and legal hype about her is just background noise to me. I don't know what the big fuss was all about she's just a woman for crying out loud. Everyone acts as tho' she fell from outer space. Whats up with that.Why was this thing with her case so blown out of proportion and hyped up way outta' control? Our society is so hungry for a new slant of sex gossip that they will trample all over themselves to get to it. Pathetic. I'm not concerned with trusting her.....I worry about you people, you know, the giant collective pervert known as the general public. If the American general public were one person, I wouldn't trust him alone with a one-eyed-purple-people-eater in a pink-polka-dot-bikini. So excuse the hell out of me if I see this woman in a nuetral light free from all the crazy opinions and charges railed against her. The bottom line is......I've gotten to know her pretty close, and she's about as respectful, kind, sincere and normal a woman as I've ever met. Beleive me, I've dated enough wacko women and sex crazed nut-bags to know one when I see one. Pam ain't it. So all you out there in hype land who thought they had a sleezy story to masterbate over.... Read it and weep. Looks like you'll have to turn your prurient attentions elswhere.
Pam is now free, free to go and free from all you.
How do you like them apples?

Posted by: Brian on March 3, 2006 11:46 AM

you sure are some kind of dumbass, I guess you were the one driving her away in the hummer? huh?
You know if this was a man then well yeah he would have gotten a longer sentence and you know I just don't see justice in that!

Posted by: old fashioned on April 26, 2006 12:32 AM

Driving her away in the hummer?....LOL !!!....man you lost me on that one.
....but yeah I agree with you on the being a dumbass part there Mr. or uhm....Mrs. Old Fashioned....I've changed alot since that last post and don't hold that position anymore....we all grow wiser with time right?....or we should anyway....and we all learn from our mistakes....hopefully....I may be an obnoxious meathead but I do learn from my errors.
Thanks for your....kind sentiments....just the same. It was just the splash of cold water in my face that I needed.

Posted by: Brian on April 26, 2006 12:43 AM

Well Brian,
there was a mysterious man who drove her away at the court house on her last court date.
Trust me you don't know her like I do, she is nothing more than a spoiled little daddy's girl!! I guess she thought her parents or her looks, could get her out of any trouble she got herself into. I don't feel sorry for her at all. I did at first, cause I thought there was no way she would do this to herself, her family, or her friends. Now it is plain to see she is guilty as hell.
She does not care who the hell she hurts that is plain to see!!! She was arrested again last night for sending the "BOY" a tape???? It defiantely shows she does not care that her parents are slandered as well as the rest of her family! I am so so so ashamed to say I know her!!

Posted by: old fashioned on April 26, 2006 10:26 AM

Hello again O.F.
Yeah the dude who drove her away is probably Dan....he's been trying to spoonfeed the public on her innocence for some time now....I feel sorry for the guy.....I have no idea what his motives are...weather he's just altruistic or chilvarous....anyway.....I know her pretty good myself O.F......Pam and I wrote letters the whole time she was in prison....and I even interviewed her in her own handwriting....I'm looking to sell the letters to the highest bidder....I never came forward with the letters before because I realized that it would only get her in more trouble, but now I don't give a shit since she has chosen to pretty much self-destruct. Now I'm ready to cash in. I'm sorry that that sounds cruel but you would not beleive the giant effeminate shit that she has taken on me and several people. Payback is a bitch isn't it. I'm the only person on planet earth that has actualy interviewed her, I might-as-well cash in on it while I can.
Please keep in touch....and i apologize for my crude language.
My email is bvkingx@yahoo.com
I've written a thesis and have interviewed over my research not only about Pam but on the subject of other female sex offenders like her.....Email me and I will send you the links....if your interested......

Posted by: Brian on April 27, 2006 02:13 AM

i have a teacher that i think is probably a pedophile- he's a big time creep

Posted by: mileynicoleparisfan on April 30, 2007 06:10 PM

There's a reason that many people, especially men, don't see any real harm done by Hot women like Pam on boys. That is, a woman can NOT force herself on a boy, whereas a man most certainly can force himself (often violently) on a girl or woman. So there are some double standards that exist and they exist for a reason. I still think that kid is not a victim but is one lucky son of a gun; I don't care what people say. The law is typically an ass and the people who want to treat men the same as women in these cases are idiots.

Posted by: Fieldman on October 2, 2007 11:01 PM

Fieldman, what makes you think that boys who get raped are lucky? Maybe he is lucky compared to you, but not to most people. People like you are the ones who make society unjust.

Posted by: Fred on September 12, 2009 07:42 AM


Posted by: pasiang077 on March 25, 2011 10:24 AM

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