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Shafted By Time Warner

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Oh the joys of getting your cable installed, or not getting your cable installed as the case may be. Apparently setting up an appointment with a cable company isn't enough. They require you to sit around all week awaiting their call to confirm your appointment as well. With so much going on I didn't receive their confirmation for my Friday morning install and they decided to just cancel the appointment.

So Friday I'm sitting around here about 10AM waiting for the cable guy to show up and I receive an automated call from them telling me that the appointment that was scheduled for between 8 and 12 had been cancelled because I wasn't around to confirm an appointment that I had set only days earlier.

What a bunch of fuckheads.

They never told me to expect some pain in the ass confirmation calls, they just told me "see you on Friday". I -- as a semi-intelligent human -- figured that meant everything was set for that and that I could go on with my life until Friday when I would have to be on house arrest for 4 hours.

Anyway, I now have no cable or high speed internet. What I do have is a satellite installation of my mother-in-law's that only receives Filipino channels. I called the phone company to get dial-up. Within 5 minutes I had a username/password and an access number and after hanging up with them was online and downloading my 4,759 email's that had piled up over the past couple of weeks and getting some work done.

I'm still downloading my email as I type and listen to the Tagalog and constant crying in the background from the TV (damn those Filipinos cry a lot on their TV shows. They're worse than my kids). Only 454 email's to go!

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Posted by Digger on August 13, 2005 09:22 AM (Permalink)

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AHHhh, the joys of dealing with an uncaring national company.

On the other hand, when I moved into the Maxwell house, I called T-W to change the service (that I was watching) over to my name. The brain that answered the phone told me I wasn't seeing T-W (which I was watching) because I wasn't hooked up to T-W, and that there were only TWO customers on my street.

OK lady, you got it, I'm not watching the T-W cable schedule right now. Just forget I called.

Posted by: KurtP on August 13, 2005 05:26 PM

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