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Freedom Of Speech For Me, But Not For Thee - Pearcy's Revisited [Update]

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stephen_virginia_pearcy.jpg It seems Stephen and Virginia Pearcy are going around threatening any blogger who covered their hanging of an effigy of a soldier from their house in Sacramento, with lawsuits or other action to get them to take down their blog or remove any dissenting opinions of their actions. Jay over at Jcrue even has some pictures of their latest display including a nice "Fuck Bush" sign.

Someone claiming to be Steve has even put up his own blog (of which I won't be linking to for that is what he wants) where he claims to have spooked some bloggers who covered the story into taking down their whole blog. (There were also comments made here on Diggers Realm by that blogger in April, although talking in the third person.)

Well I have said on several occasions that I welcome Steve or Virginia to rebut anything I've posted on this site including a letter that a former tenant of his sent me regarding the effigy and a letter from a neighbor of the Pearcy's.

He has of yet decided not to respond though I have a feeling he has read all I have had to say on the issue. The offer is still open Steve. If they're lying feel free to correct them. What you're really after is attention after all isn't it?

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Update: (Jul 1,2005 3:10PM PST)

The Pearcy's respond to tenant claims, you can read it here.

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Posted by Digger on June 30, 2005 10:27 PM (Permalink)

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Technically, we only had one tenant; she's the brunette in the picture. The other two were subtenants of our tenant (with our permission). For simplicity, however, I'll go ahead and call them "tenants."

We did exclude our studio in the back yard from the lease, and we reserved the right to occupy it. Therefore, the outside areas were "common areas" to which we all had a right of access.

When they lived there, there was only three-hour period of only one day that I had a sign and flag outside. Of course, I had the right to display such things in the common areas for the entire term of the lease. But I didn't, except on one visit, and, again, only for three hours.

For any landlord concerned about property damage and risks thereof, they were about the worst tenants anyone can imagine.

On one visit (announced in advance), I arrived and found nobody there; but there was a candle burning on a nightstand, burnt almost all the way down to the wood stand upon which it sat.

On another visit, I found several flammable items leaning against the pilot light portion of a water heater.

There was a clause in the agreement prohibiting the removal of fixtures without the express consent of the landlord. Nonetheless, on one visit, I found our large crystal chandelier lying on the floor of our studio. It was replaced with a cheap, plastic Home Depot ceiling light.

The lease was a no-pets lease. Nonetheless, neighbors told me that the tenants frequently had a large dog in the house.

I also got calls from neighbors who said that the tenants had loud parties and that the partygoers left beer bottles all over the street in the neighborhood.

We spoke to the tenants about many of these things, and many others, including significant destruction to our hardwood floors. We all agreed to amend the lease so that it would expire at an earlier date.

We never kicked our tenants out, but we probably should have.

There's much more, but for purposes of clarification, this should suffice for now.

Posted by: Stephen Pearcy on July 1, 2005 12:59 PM

Your comments have been covered in their own entry here.

Posted by: Digger on July 1, 2005 03:23 PM

He threatened me, too, with a lawsuit, they're pathetic and desperate and really REACHING. For what, I'm not sure. Notoriety? Fame? Attention to their hateful message against our troops and our president?

It seems like they don't have anything CONSTRUCTIVE to do with their time except bitch, whine and complain.


Posted by: Cao on July 10, 2005 01:06 PM

the 70's called and they want her sweater back.

is it true they began dating before she was out of junior high or whatever and he's 18 years older?


Posted by: passer by on July 22, 2005 12:27 PM

Glamour shots called, this one's a lost cause, they said.

Yes, from the California Sacbee--he was her 31-year old math tutor. They moved in together after she graduated 8th Grade. Supposedly “They had their own rooms, and didn’t get romantically involved until after she left UC Davis, they said. uh huh. People who speculate on this are threatened with defamation lawsuits. C'mon. You put that information out there and nobody's supposed to say anything? That's like not commenting on or making fun of the Michael Jackson trial, or other weird news.

The Sacbee also said that she skipped High School and said on her college application that she was 18...she was the youngest graduate from lawschool--20 years old.

Diggers' Realm has a post about it here.

Posted by: Blogmama on July 23, 2005 04:06 AM

To Blogger Mama,

You sound like you are jealous, obviously you don't have a man in your life. As my Father would comment about a woman acting out, "Man, she really needs' to get some!" May I suggest a very large German Shepard for you. I'm sure no man would want to be with someone as petty as you,Conservative or otherwise.

Posted by: Frank Castro on August 1, 2005 09:47 AM

first of all.. was effigy and flag placed on studio or house?? I think if on house it would violate lease.
secondly to Frank Castro.. you are an idiot.. Blogger Mama's comments were directed to a person who probably committed statutory rape.. how the hell is that linked to jealousy???

Posted by: Bill on October 29, 2008 05:13 PM

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