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Diggers Realm Super Silly Searches, Statistics and Superstars For April 2005

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April saw a somewhat decline here at the Realm.

Diggers Realm Stats And Growth For The Month Of April
The month of April saw a slight decline from March in page views, but still a decent showing overall.

There were 227863 page views for April a slight decline from the 276766 page views in March.

Diggers 50 Superstars Of The Month
Every month I'll be highlighting the fifty Superstar sites of the month that have been the heavy hitters at Diggers Realm.

This is just for fun and to give a little visibility to those that have sent me some traffic. Don't be offended if you didn't show up, I'm not judging you.

These sites will be featured in my Diggers Super Stars blogroll at the bottom of the right navbar until the next months Super Silly post.

If you haven't visited these sites give them a click and check them out!

# Last ChangeWebsite
1 1 -- The Command Post
2 3 +1 Wizbang
3 5 +2 The Jawa Report
4 7 +3 Michelle Malkin
5 2 -3 Backcountry Conservative
6 19 +13 The Politburo Diktat
7 6 -1 Tom McMahon
8 4 -4 Ace of Spades
9 8 -1 In Search of Utopia
10 10 -- Rooftop Report
11 20 +9 Blogs of War
12 9 -3 Wes Roth
13 21 +8 Hyscience
14 N/A -- Sunny Days in Heaven
15 23 +8 FourSixteen
16 22 +6 In The Bullpen
17 15 -2 The Moderate Voice
18 N/A -- Mighty Righty
19 18 -1 Six Meat Buffet
20 N/A -- JunkYardBlog
21 29 +8 Interested-Participant
22 25 +3 Freedom of...
23 26 +3 Outside the Beltway
24 24 -- Damnum Absque Injuria
25 11 -14 Daily Pundit
26 N/A -- Drink This...
27 28 +1 The Education Wonks
28 38 +10 Cranky Neocon
29 16 -13 Slantpoint
30 31 +1 Attaboy
31 36 +5 Short Family
32 45 +13 A Train Wreck In Maxwell
33 13 -20 Country Store
34 43 +9 INDC Journal
35 N/A -- Modern Crusader
36 14 -22 HundredPercenter
37 N/A -- Baldilocks
38 37 -1 Blackfive
39 N/A -- Blue State Conservatives
40 17 -23 Say Anything
41 N/A -- The Prejudicial Effect
42 N/A -- View From Tonka
43 50 +7 Shabooty's Madness
44 35 -9 La Shawn Barber's Corner
45 42 -3 Uncle Sam's Cabin
46 33 -13 Darleen's Place
47 N/A -- It's A Pundit
48 N/A -- Hector Vex
49 N/A -- Andi's World
50 N/A -- Doggy Diaries

Diggers Realm Super Silly Searches
These are searches that brought people to Diggers Realm this month. Note that they didn't just search for these things, but they actually clicked through to Diggers Realm after the search was made. Actual searches are in Bold below.

[search terms deleted]

Diggers Personal Favorite Entries Of The Month
Below are some of my favorite or ridiculous posts for the month, just in case you missed them.

Apr 29 - Welcome Guest Posters!

I have added 3 guest posters here. Edwonk of The Education Wonks Mike from Interested-Participant and last but not least the Yolo Cowboy from the Roughstock Journal I'm sure they'll make their presence felt here soon. ...

Apr 29 - Don't Want To Offshore To India? Outsource To A Ship Off The Coast Of California Instead

If you don't want to outsource your jobs to India how about to a ship floating in international waters 3 miles off the coast of Los Angeles, California? A company called SeaCode plans to float a ship in international waters ...

Apr 26 - Weekly Poll Results: "Should English Be Declared The Official Language Of The United States?"

Last weeks poll was "Should English Be Declared The Official Language Of The United States?" The results of the poll are in...

Apr 18 - Illegal Alien Hotline Ringing Off The Hook, Opponents Say It's A "Vigilante Mentality"

866-347-2423 In the past 6 months the hotline to the national immigration and customs has seen a huge spike. It is in no doubt due to U.S. citizens getting fed up with footing the bill for and dealing with, the ...

Apr 18 - Stephen And Virginia Pearcy Threaten Bloggers With Lawsuits

You remember the Pearcy's, the ones who hung a soldier effigy from their second house in Sacramento while they ran off to Berkeley forcing their neighbors and tenants to deal with the fallout of their political hate speech. Well ...

Apr 14 - Kicking California To The Curb

I think I'm done with California. Other than the weather this state holds nothing for me. I've recently been planning a cross country jaunt all the way back to Rochester, New York from here in Sacramento, California, not a small ...

Apr 12 - Sphincter Bleaching The Newest Cosmetics Rage

The latest rage among women trying to make themselves beautiful is asshole whitening. You heard me right, asshole whitening. Using chemicals beauticians are now whitening the assholes of a whole bunch of insecure women. Humorous or sick, I'm not sure ...

Apr 11 - Saddam Hussein May Avoid Death Penalty

This is just ridiculous. This murderous thug could avoid the death penalty or even if given the death penalty it could be vetoed by the new president of Iraq. Leaving this man alive after all the murderous things he's done ...

Apr 11 - Minuteman Project Volunteer Writes A Detailed Report On His First 4 Days Along The Border

You have to read this report over at La Shawn Barber's Corner from a Minutman Project volunteer. He covers his first 4 days with the group and what they have accomplished so far. Here's a little blurb from it. Just ...

Apr 11- So What's It Like To Live On The Mexican Border? One Family's Story

So why should anyone care about illegal aliens crossing the border. Well read the story below and see what one American family that just wants a normal life has to go through on a daily basis. CSM The Garner family ...

Apr 11 - Virginia Governor Mark Warner Signs Legislation Denying Benefits To Illegal Aliens

Virginia Governor Mark Warner, a Democrat, just signed legislation denying services to illegal aliens. The measure is similar to Proposition 200 which was passed by voters November, 2004 in Arizona. I have no idea what argument you could possibly make ...

Apr 10 - 12 Call Center Employees In India Steal $350,000 From Citibank Customers In New York

Ahh, the joys of handing your sensitive information to some company outside the United States. I have an idea, lets give Social Security numbers, bank account access and enough information to steal millions of people's identities to a country that ...

Apr 10 - Illegal Aliens Cost Texas Taxpayers $4.7 Billion a Year

A new report is out that shows the costs imposed on Texas taxpayers by illegal aliens. The report was released by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). The current estimates show there are 1.5 million illegal aliens in Texas. ...

Apr 8 - Ten Moroccans Pay U.S. Women To Marry Them For Visa

There's been a lot of terrorists from Morocco. Chad at In The Bullpen has all the info on this, terrorist attacks made by Moroccans and questions how these Moroccans got so much money to pay these women off. ...

You can also see all of the month's posts in the April Archives.

Apr 5 - Diggers Realm Super Silly Searches, Statistics and Superstars For March 2005

See last months super silly entry or see the archive of all Super Silly Searches, Statistics and Superstars

Until next month, see ya on the site!


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Posted by Digger on May 8, 2005 07:53 AM (Permalink)

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Ok, just curious did they get any results for Kiran
Chetry naked? Or Juliet? E.D.Hill would work for me too.

Posted by: KurtP on May 8, 2005 03:04 PM

So do I uh... like... get my gold star in the mail or what?

Heh. Thanks, and you're welcome. I try my best, and I appreciate the linkback for whatever it is I did to drive traffic to you.


Posted by: Hector Vex on May 9, 2005 06:00 PM

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