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Minuteman Project Leader Protested In Front Of Home

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There's nothing like protesting something you don't fully understand. A group of people who are still claiming that the Minuteman Project plans to "hunt down" and "apprehend at gunpoint" illegal aliens along the Arizona-Mexico border throughout April. In fact the group is simply spotters who are going to call the authorities when they see illegal aliens crossing the border. When you're pro-illegal alien though reality doesn't matter if you can whip up some support via fear and playing the race card.

Orange County Register

Jim Gilchrist hopes most of his neighbors won't believe the signs held by protesters at the entrance to his quiet, gated community.

They included "Minuteman, a racist domestic terrorist" and "KKK supports Minuteman" scrawled in bold letters and displayed by almost 50 protesters standing on sidewalks near the Vista de Oro gated community.


"We're like a neighborhood watch group gone country," he said. "It will be no different than calling the police if there's a stranger in your backyard."


Jesse Diaz, a graduate student from UC Riverside, helped organize Saturday's "call to action." On Easter, the group plans to demonstrate again in front of a nearby church where they believe he worships.

"He will not go unfettered and challenged," Diaz said. "This is a response to the Minuteman militia going to the border to apprehend individuals at gunpoint. We feel this is domestic terrorism. We want to expose him for what he is - a white-supremacist racist."

Tipped by: Michelle Malkin who has some pictures.

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Posted by Digger on March 25, 2005 09:22 AM (Permalink)

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Jim Gilchrist and all Americans can place the blame on Pres. Bush and his lack of taking any actions to secure our country. Legal American citizens should not have to be terrorized by thugs.

Posted by: GC on March 26, 2005 09:22 AM

I believe this stupidity named minuteman project is only going to cause conflicts for many people. They take advantage of our country's liberal laws to please their urge of being better than people of different skin colors. This is not an innocent neigborhood watch, this is the oportunity for all racist Americans to relieve their itch and get away with it.

Posted by: Roy on April 1, 2005 05:23 PM

Perhaps Mr. Gilchrist has no idea of what the ms13 are capable of doing. I would enjoy myself watching this white supremacist get beaten by the criminal hand.

Posted by: mike on April 1, 2005 05:26 PM

Perhaps MS-13 has no idea that half of the Minutemen are former military or special forces. I'd like to see a bunch of punks in a street gang take on some special forces.

Posted by: Digger on April 2, 2005 12:53 AM

Id like to see a pay per view battle royal match between M.S. 13 and the minuteman group..it takes out the street gang and the poor ignorant white trash that obviously dont have jobs or else their 6th grade educated red neck ass's would be at work.....inbreds watching our borders(nice)

Posted by: meaty on April 5, 2005 01:58 PM

Hey meaty how far does your education go? And I would like to know exactly what make you better than these "inbreds", as you so casually put it? And mike...you sound like a halfwit that respects these low IQ, weasle, shitfaces known as MS13. That tells me everything about you. I am an ex-Special Forces soldier that has been on the border obseving and waiting with 5 other ex special forces and an ex SEAL. We haven't seen any sign of this supposed bad ass gang. If we do they won't walk away. We are not minutemen but we will protect them.

Posted by: Erykk on April 28, 2005 01:27 AM

April 28, 2005

Notes on Misplaced Autonomy

Why I'm Not Standing with the Gringo Vigilantes

Austin, Texas

SouthWest Border Vigilantes say gringos should drop everything they are doing and go stand shoulder to shoulder at the Mexican border to prevent anybody from walking North.

In response, I'm not saying gringo vigilantes are altogether stupid people, because there are most likely many areas of life where they display dignity and intelligence. The sooner they return to those areas the better.

Yet suppose for the sake of peacemaking that we find common ground with vigilantes in their pure anxiety about the border. What they are worried about is a swamped labor market where more people share fewer jobs and declining pay. That anxiety has some basis in reality.

But it is misleading to see the chief cause of the labor problem along an imaginary line that separates the USA from Mexico. Blame America's problems on Mexicans? The battle cry of the border vigilante is evidence that we live in desperate and confused times.

Where border vigilantes should look is toward the tallest skyscrapers of their hometown cities, up to the penthouses where business plans are being hatched to pay ever fewer American workers ever smaller paychecks. There is where the vigilantes should stand shoulder to shoulder not letting anyone down the elevators until a national labor plan is laser printed and signed by each and every penthouse occupant and posted on the internet in pdf format.
Not only will a national labor plan manage existing American workers toward peak participation, but it will also show how immigrant workers will continue to be integrated (or re-integrated) into an expanding labor market.

America has always been able to do this for gringo immigrants -- work them in. And so the sons and daughters of gringo immigrants should demand a plan to "work in" immigrants yet to come. Do unto others, etc.

It is just plain sick to see gringos standing at the Mexican border as if their own gringo forefathers walked the Bering straits or paddled the great oceans to get here 10,000 years ago, got to know all the plants and animals, bred corn and tapped pulque, discovered tomatoes and tortillas. Inhospitality however is a gringo specialty and the sickness we are quite used to seeing, even when they have their mouths stuffed with fajita enchilada specials. For shame.

We must remind border vigilantes that unemployment was nowhere to be found in America prior to gringo arrival which means essentially that gringos have to figure out how they are going to take responsibility for solving at least one problem they carry with them everywhere they go. Because now that everyone has adopted the advanced gringo economic scheme that is never offered as an option, unemployment has spread like smallpox.

Blaming Mexicans for the effects of a poorly managed USA labor policy is a sign of intellectual and moral weakness, as if the leading question asked by the vigilantes is not who is most responsible for this mess but who can we most easily pick on.
But those are the easy truths to face, because they are all rooted in the past. More difficult truths of labor anxiety reach into the future, because gringo nation for the first time in history is about to get old. This is the truth of the social security crisis.
As gringo nation prepares for old age, it will have more to figure out than where to get its retirement checks from. Because retirement checks must be spent. And in order for there to actually be an economy in which to spend the retirement checks, old gringo nation is going to have to figure out how to get some youth into its economy -- youth that gringo nation cannot itself provide.

Nor will the cure be found in proposals to deport lower paid immigrants in a dim-witted attempt to raise the average taxable income of an aging nation. Gringos who offer this plan seem not to be aware that where there are no lower paid workers there cannot be any higher paid ones. This systematic failure of their economic comprehension arises most naturally from gringo assumptions that wealthy people make themselves rich.

And yet, we have to sympathize a little with gringo illiteracy in economic theory, because they are just repeating what they are taught in schools. They are taught for instance that gringos themselves made gringo nation rich. And so they assume that gringo nation will be richer without lower paid Mexicans. The logic is as deluded as it is explainable once you see what gringo nation really means by excellence in education.
Now you could unionize the lower paid immigrants and get their paychecks raised up to a living wage. But if you do away with the labor that lower paid workers provide you would have what Douglas Turner Ward called a "Day of Absence" (1965) more recently dramatized in "A Day without a Mexican" (2004). What gringo ideologues tend to forget is that so-called menial labor gets done because without it no fortunes can be built. If you deport all the immigrants who do that work, someone will have to be found to take their places. If it's a higher average income that you want, why not raise the wages?

So when gazing across the economy from penthouses high atop the USA, planners will have to tell us, are they capable of solving this problem of working in immigrants as usual -- just like they did for their own gringo selves -- or not? If not, then gringo vigilantes will have found a proper place to lose their tempers.

Where planners won't do their planning, that's where activism is needed, autonomously creating the economy that planners have abandoned.

But for the time being, it turns out to be a very handy exercise to have gringo vigilantes standing at the borderlands where they can look around. Because just to their South bubbles the fountain of youth that their aging economy needs. It will come as a gift if they let it in.

As they stand there looking around at the great crossing grounds that is their last best hope for a grateful old age, they can ask, what do we need to build here as welcoming mats?

And I have no doubt about it, as soon as the gringo vigilantes begin to work out answers to the "welcome mat" problem, we'll see how intelligent and creative they can be. They will still be gringos, God bless them, but they won't be vigilantes anymore.

Greg Moses is editor of the Texas Civil Rights Review and author of Revolution of Conscience: Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Philosophy of Nonviolence. His chapter on civil rights under Clinton and Bush appears in Dime's Worth of Difference, edited by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair.

Posted by: deccles on April 28, 2005 12:43 PM

Flowery little statements do NOT not make criminal action acceptable. Well written, perfumed essays about the beauty of what the people of the south bring to the US economy does NOT make criminal activity acceptable. Just say it outright...YOU SUPPORT CRIMINAL ACTIVITY. Say it out loud...YOU HAVE NO RESPECT FOR THE LAWS OF THIS NATION. Say it proud...YOU HAVE NO RESPECT FOR THOSE WHO STRUGGLE AND WORK TO BECOME LEGAL US CTIZENS. Then go spit in the face of anyone who has worked his or her ass off to become a citizen. Go do it, criminal.

Posted by: Erykk on April 28, 2005 01:19 PM

Erykk - I think you need some anger management classes, or yoga, or meditation or something.

Or maybe we should do what's right and return the land we stole from the mexicans. I'm sure you'd feel better.

Posted by: deccles on April 28, 2005 03:20 PM

Exactly what I would expect from someone with no real argument to back up their warped little rationale. If you knew a damn thing about history you would know the land wasn't stolen. Check some facts. And lets say we did give the southwest back to the mexicans. Would you include all the schools, freeways, office buildings, residential areas, business districts and so on? Is that what you would do just to have some smug sense of superiority and to pat yourself on the back for being so "enlightened" to the plight of the poor mexicans? Or should we tear it all down and let Mexico have it to build on? And what do you think the southwest would look like if we hadn't "stolen" it, as you so put it, from mexico? And would they use the peso to rebuild or would they ride the back of the American dollar? And if we did give land back to mexico how long do you think it would take before they come streaming over tha new border? And how would you justify that illegal enry since you don't have the weak "stolen land" argument? How long would it take for the corrupt mexican government to supress the citizens it governs and encourage them to cross the new borders? The fact is Mexico can barely survive on its own. And the entire southwest would become a 3rd world if given to mexico. They would not be able to sustain an economy other than drugs which they'd push over the new border and Vicente Fox would bitch and moan if we tried to seal THAT border also. And yahoos like you would bitch and moan about the poor downtrodden mexican and how poor little Chico is just trying to feed his 9 kids. And yet you would never question Chicos personal responsibility of having so many children knowing full well he could not feed them and expect US citizens to take up the slack for Chicos poor judgement. Chico and MILLIONS of others like him. Let us not forget the violent criminals that enter illegally. Only 1% are actually violent criminals? At 3 million a year 30,000 violent criminals is acceptable to you? Ask Chris Eggles family if even 1 is too much. Don't know who Chris Eggle is? Then you are truly a patetic turd. Look up his name. One illegal was too much. That criminal who MURDERED him escaped back into mexico (not capitalized INTENTIONALLY) because mexico refused to extradite or prosecute its citizens who commit violent crimes in the US. And yet this is acceptable to you. You are an enabler of criminal activity. People like you are the criminals. And yet when someone calls you on your bullshit, tree-hugging, tenuous-at-best logic, you say they need anger management, yoga, or meditation which is EXACTLY what people like you always say. Ever try something original? It's an amazing feeling. But then again people like you stand for nothing and that means you will fall for everything. Thank God you are not on my side.

Posted by: Erykk on May 2, 2005 04:02 AM

kiss my ass

Posted by: yo momma on October 1, 2005 04:44 PM

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