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Around The Blogosphere #19

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The late edition in the continuing saga of interesting and thought provoking news from around the web.

There's sure to be something you've missed around the blogosphere.

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Michael King over at Ramblings' Journal has a hell of a lot of things go wrong at once including his wife rolling her jeep. When it rains it pours indeed!

Chris Short finally gets his orders. Off to Denver he goes.

Six Meat Buffet takes the cake for quotes this edition with this gem "Jacques "The Worm" Chirac shits in President Bush's mouth and calls it a sundae."

Diggers favorite pool owner, RightWingSparkle and La Shawn Barber take on perceived segregation in Nebraska public schools because some parents would rather drive their kids to a school with less students. Mexican groups are crying segregation and racism as the reason they are doing this.

Michele over at A Small Victory tells all of us what she'd do if she had "a dick for a day". Thanks for answering this long standing question for me Michele.

A Little About Everything tells us how a member of the Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines chose which bus to blow up in his bombing a few weeks ago.

Darleen's Place reports on illegal aliens "trapped" on the island of Catalina, a playground for the rich. It seems they can't seem to get off and infiltrate the mainland.

Freedom of... reports on a NAMBLA member calling into the Rick Roberts Show.

Daily Pundit tells us Canada no longer likes the missile shield.

McGehee rails against smoking bans.

The Interocitor reports on a Mayoral candidate approaching his wife's business to place a political poster in the window.

Annika's Journal has a couple trivia questions on cussing in the movies.

MisterPundit says you better know your enemy and points us to www.discoverthenetwork.org which has fascinating breakdowns of some liberal groups, their funding, individual supporters etc... It's interesting to look at the immigration category.

Riehl World View has a little photo-manip fun with Steve and Virginia Pearcy and some nooses.

Joe at The Moderate Voice points out that Bin Laden is now a protected brand name. There goes my business idea for the Bin Laden brand puppy dog t-shirts :(

Rob at Say Anything has added a chatroom to his blog. Come one, come all.

Is Rusty Shackelford over at The Jawa Report being targeted by Online Jihadi's?

In Search Of Utopia lets us in on "The Economist of Costa Rica". A new publication called CA+ that he says is just F-ing great [my words - Digger]!

Congrats to Captain's Quarters on reaching 5 million views! Captain Ed has some other interesting stats in his post as well.

QandO (via AlphaPatriot) uncovers the fallacy that terrorists are the poor, downtrodden and uneducated masses of the Muslim world.

Are you forcing your kid to be a vegan? Well Hyscience covers a report that you're probably harming your kid by not allowing them to get the proper nutrients that can only be found in meat. Mmmm meat!

Michelle Malkin has a report on military recruiters being attacked and subjected to violence. I say issue them a sidearm for the office, you'll see those attacks drop sharply.

Short Family reports on Natalie Portman pissing off Jewish worshippers by filming a kissing scene next to the sex separated western wall.

In our "Man Bites Dog" story, Right Thinking From The Left Coast reports that "Man Bites Dog".

That's it for this edition.

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