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BTK Killer Caught

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Wichita police and the FBI have announced in a news conference that they have caught the BTK Killer. He disappeared for years after taunting the police. Then he foolishly decided to resume taunting them a year ago, rolling the dice against the massive increases in technology since his initial tauntings years ago.

His roll was snake eyes this time around.

FOX News

A preliminary test matched the person in custody's genetic makeup to the DNA left by the BTK killer at some of the crime scenes, sources said. At the scene of a 1974 crime, sperm was found on and around the body of an 11-year-old girl. More detailed genetic tests are ongoing.

The man was arrested in suburban Park City, just north of Wichita, and his home was subsequently searched. Police made the arrest near where one of the BTK killer's recent packages was left.

Sources said police pinpointed the man by keeping an eye on areas they believed the BTK killer might go based on leads they received. Once they saw a vehicle drive into one of those places, they ran a license plate check, which helped them find their person of interest.

Authorities considered him a person of interest in the 1980s, but did not resume investigating him until recently. He is married and 59 year old.


The BTK killer — the initials of the killer's self-coined nickname stand for "Bind, Torture, Kill" — has been linked to eight unsolved killings, committed between 1974 and 1986.


After taunting police with letters to news organizations throughout the 1970s, BTK disappeared before resurfacing a year ago, when he sent a letter to The Eagle claiming responsibility for an eighth killing in 1986.

In that letter, the killer included a copy of the victim's driver's license and photos of her slain body.

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Posted by Digger on February 26, 2005 08:31 AM (Permalink)

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This guy should have been on everyone's suspect list. It was known that the killer went to Wichita State University - Rader was a graduate, had regular access to homes and property as a code enforcement officer, and one of the murders occurred on his street. . . a lifetime resident of Wichita who was noted for his "two-faced", strange, and odd behavior. . . I want to know what his wife knew. . .

Posted by: Spear Shaker on February 27, 2005 03:59 PM

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