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The Election And Immigration Reform

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There were several changes made by the election yesterday that will directly effect future immigration reforms.

First and foremost Senator Tom Daschle was defeated. Daschle was a big promoter of amnesty for illegal aliens.

Martin Frost in Dallas was defeated. Frost was a big fundraiser for Democrats, but even more important for those concerned with illegal immigration is that he also was a big promoter of amnesty.

I'm sure in some way their stance on immigration may have lost them some votes. Their pro-amnesty stances were broadcast to all by immigration reduction activists in some major TV spots that Daschle and Frost unsuccessfully tried to get pulled from the air using legal tactics.

Rep. Hostettler from Indiana, the current chairman of the House immigration subcommittee has keep his spot. A fierce bulldog against visa lotteries, Hostettler is a great friend to us concerned with immigration reform.

Rep. Tom Tancredo has kept his seat in Colorado in a landslide victory. Tancredo is my hero! This man is both intelligent and probably the most outspoken on immigration issues. He has stood up to Bush on numerous occasions on the immigration issue, without fear. Big businesses tried to smear him during the campaign, but it didn't work and Tom can continue his fight.

In Oklahoma Tom Coburn takes over for Don Nichols, who was an open borders proponent, in the senate. Tom Coburn's previous record on immigration reform in the house was pretty good.

Richard Burr takes over John Edwards spot in North Carolina. John Edwards had a horrible record on immigration reform, rewarding illegals and having foreign workers flood in. Burrs record, while not stellar on immigration reform is very supportive of it.

In Colorado we get rid of the horrible Senator Nighthorse Campbell, whose immigration stance was akin to turning over the keys to America to illegal aliens. Ken Salazar has taken over and has an unknown record on immigration.

In Florida out goes the illegal alien lover, Senator Bob Graham and in goes the unknown Mel Martinez.

South Dakota loses their alien hugging Senator Peter Fitzgerald and in goes the unknown rockstar of the Democratic Party Barack Obama. Come on Obama, I like you so far prove me right.

Unfortunately we lose some good supporters of immigration reform as well.

The citizen protecting Georgia Senator Zell Miller is out and Johnny Isakson who doesn't have that bad of a record goes in.

The true American defender Senator Fritz Hollings of South Carolina is out and the almost as good Jim DeMint is in.

Louisiana Senator John Breaux is out and David Vitter who has a decent record as well, is in.

Now here's a rundown of Congress and who is out and in. This is via NumbersUSA and includes their Congress Grade as well which is a judging of their immigration reform voting in the past.

LOSS....Good immigration-reduction Members who were defeated
Rep. Max Burns(R-GA)B
Rep. Philip M. Crane(R-IL)B-plus
Rep. Charles W. Stenholm(D-TX)A
GAIN....Members with bad grades who were defeated
Rep. Martin Frost(D-TX)D
Rep. Max Sandlin(D-TX)F
Rep. Nick Lampson(D-TX)D
LOSS.....Members with good grades who retired from House
Rep. William O. Lipinski(D-IL)B-plus
Rep. Chris John(D-LA)C-plus
Rep. Brad Carson(D-OK)B
Rep. Porter Goss(R-FL)A
Rep. Mac Collins(R-GA)A-plus
Rep. Johnny Isakson(R-GA)B-minus
Rep. Billy Tauzin(R-LA)A-minus
Rep. David Vitter(R-LA)B
Rep. Doug Bereuter(R-NE)A
Rep. Cass Ballenger(R-NC)A
Rep. Richard Burr(R-NC)B
Rep. James Greenwood(R-PA)B-plus
Rep. Jim DeMint(R-SC)B
Rep. Edward Schrock(R-VA)B-plus
Rep. Jennifer Dunn(R-WA)B
Rep. George Nethercutt(R-WA)A-minus
Rep. Pat Toomey(R-PA)B-minus
GAIN....Members with bad grades who retired from House
Rep. Doug Ose(R-CA)C-minus
Rep. Scott McInnis(R-CO)D-plus
Rep. Nick Smith(R-MI)C-minus
Rep. Amo Houghton(R-NY)D
Rep. Jack Quinn(R-NY)D-plus
Rep. Calvin Dooley(D-CA)F
Rep. Peter Deutsch(D-FL)F-minus
Rep. Denise Majette(D-GA)D-minus
Rep. Ken Lucas(D-KY)D
Rep. Richard Gephardt(D-MO)D-plus
Rep. Karen Mccarthy(D-MO)D
Rep. Joseph Hoeffel(D-PA)D
Rep. Chris Bell(D-TX)D
Rep Ciro Rodriguez(D-TX)F
Rep. Jim Turner(D-TX)D-minus
Rep. Geral Kleczka(D-WI)D-minus

That list unfortunately doesn't include Rep. Robert Matsui (D-CA).

Arizona Prop 200 passes!

Here's a quick quote on prop 200 from Time Magazine a few weeks ago.

Proposition 200, an Arizona ballot initiative known as "Protect Arizona Now" seems almost a sure bet to pass due to the flood of undocumented Mexicans pouring over the border.


The proposition requires voters to show a valid ID at the polls and makes it a crime, punishable by up to four months in jail and a $750 fine, for state and local officials to fail to report any suspected aliens seeking welfare, medical care or other public benefits.


A recent poll showed that Arizona voters favor the measure 63% to 23%. Prop 200, says Democratic state chairman Jim Peterson, is "an assault on basic human rights that plays to the fears of Arizonans."

All the leaders in the state including politicians, newspapers, religious groups, unions and businesses poured money into a campaign to defeat this proposition, but the people have spoken and are fed up with illegal immigration.

This proposition also stops non-emergency health care for illegal aliens. I'm not sure why the people of Arizona were paying for that in the first place, while citizens were standing and sitting in hospitals waiting for the care that they are paying for themselves.

That's all for now. If there are further things I notice regarding the election and immigration I'll bring them up.

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Posted by Digger on November 3, 2004 09:55 AM (Permalink)

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I have a general question about what remedy exists if the executive branch of the federal government blatantly and stubbornly fails in its constitutional obligation to enforce the law. Why is it not at least similar to when it BREAKS the law? Isn't there some form of law suit (started in federal court) a group of common citizens could file to get the judiciary to make some ruling that the executive branch must fulfill its constitutional obligations or suffer some consequences?

For years one of my lottery fantasies is to obtain enough money to form an organization to relentlessly pursue the executive branch and force them to enforce the immigration laws on the books or else. This would give members of Congress political cover to go do an up-or-down vote on legislation to change the emigration laws to be consistent with the current non-enforcement of them. If lawmakers want to go on record as supporting non-enforcement legislation, fine. If not, then enforce the DAMNED LAWS!!

There has to be some way we can aggressively force the federal government to either Change or Enforce Current Immigration Laws (our organization could be called CECIL!). I recently posted this suggestion elsewhere, and, in addition to yawns, all I got was the notion that "there's a law against suing the government". Say it ain't so... How can a government survive that cherry-picks the laws it wants to enforce and ignores others?

Posted by: Deona on November 3, 2004 11:57 AM

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