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The Latest Illegal Alien Immigration Report

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It's a sad day once again for Los Angeles Emergency Rooms as another one closes due to the flood of illegal aliens. ABC
It is official the emergency room at Northridge Hospital Medical Center in Van Nuys closed its doors today. The hospital was reportedly losing $1-million each month. This closing leaves only 13 trauma centers in operation in the county, down from 26 in 1980's.
I covered this story awhile back when they were planning the closure.

* * *

The White House is pressuring Republicans to modify the 9/11 commissions recommended intelligence changes bill. So much for implementing their all of their recommendations.

Washington Times

The White House has told House Republicans that it wants them to remove provisions in their intelligence-overhaul bill that would crack down on illegal aliens' obtaining drivers' licenses, allow easier deportation and limit the use of foreign consular ID cards.

The White House wants those provisions out, according to a congressional source familiar with the bill. "They have expressed desire to kill some of the immigration provisions and gut some of others,"

The bill as it stands would restrict federal employees from accepting consular identification cards issued by other nations, set standards for driver's licenses that would make it much more difficult for illegal aliens to obtain them and expedite deportation of immigrants who have entered the United States illegally in the past five years. Last week the Government Accountability Office said the consular identification cards help illegal aliens evade immigration law.

Peter Gadiel, spokesman for 9/11 Families for a Secure America, said his organization will drop its endorsement of the bill if the immigration provisions are removed. "This goes to the very heart of the entire conspiracy of 9/11," he said. "These people entered the country, got driver's licenses, used those driver's licenses to obtain the services they needed, and then used those driver's licenses to get on the plane ... Removing the immigration provision would be breaking Congress' promise to pass all of the September 11 commission's recommendations." Mr Gadiel also said senators should be warned: "If you really have the nerve to kill a final bill - ignore all the recommendations of the 9/11 commission and spit in the faces of the 9/11 families because the final bill [includes] all of the recommendations, not just the ones you find palatable, go ahead, kill the bill. See what the American people feel in November."

"The White House was involved in the negotiations before the bill was introduced, and now, for some reason, it has come back and decided to insist that the main provisions, the most effective provisions of the bill, be gutted," said Rosemary Jenks, a lobbyist for NumbersUSA.

The White House and I are seriously at odds on this. How can you protect your country when people you don't know are sneaking in?

Congressman Tom Tancredo was shocked to learn of the White House’s demand of House Republicans to exclude portions of the House Intelligence Bill which would prevent those who are in the United States illegally from obtaining drivers licenses, speed up the deportation process, and bar the use of the Matricula Consular card, which the FBI has already testified before Congress as being too susceptible to fraud for official use.

"This last minute switch by the White House now puts in jeopardy the most significant border security enhancements we’ve seen in years," said Tancredo, chairman of the House Immigration Reform Caucus. "I sincerely hope that the White House is not seriously thinking about walking away from this effort in the interest of political expediency in a few states."

Press Release courtesy of Team America

* * *

Here's a truly scary scenario indeed. Imagine out troops are out in combat and after putting up camp for the night the next day they are all lying dead.

From WND

U.S. officials are probing the possibility the al-Qaida terrorist network sought to infiltrate a Texas company in order to contaminate ready-to-eat meals designated for the military.

A high-ranking al-Qaida operative provided information leading authorities to nearly a dozen illegal immigrants working for the McAllen, Texas-based Wornick Co., the largest supplier of the meals, according to McAllen's The Monitor newspaper.

U.S. Attorney Michael Shelby explained, "Immediately after the liberation of Afghanistan from the Taliban in 2002, U.S. forces on the ground received specific information that links McAllen, Texas, by name and the Wornick facility by name to information within al-Qaida's possession."

We need to crack down on this stuff now. When is someone going to wake up and realize we are employing people in sensitive areas that directly affect our security?

* * *

A small group of conservatives are speaking out against Bush on the illegal alien issue, going so far as to run ads on the radio against Bush.

The North County Times reports.

Fed up with what they say is the Bush administration's failure to address a growing illegal immigration problem, a small group of conservatives has launched a series of radio ads seeking to convince voters to oust President Bush from office.

Last week, a group called Friends of the Border Patrol began a series of ads on KABC-AM in Los Angeles blasting Bush for "playing politics with national security."

... The impetus for forming the group and airing the radio ads came during a July 24 rally at the Temecula Border Patrol station. The rally was held to protest a Border Patrol administration decision to halt a series of sweeps of Inland cities that ---- in just two weeks in June ---- had netted nearly 500 illegal immigrants.

Prince is best-known as the co-author of 1994's Proposition 187, an initiative that would have denied public benefits to illegal immigrants. He has been a consistent critic of President Bush for not taking stronger action on immigration reform. About 60 percent of California voters approved Prop. 187, but in 1995, a federal appeals court overturned it.

Yeah who cares what the people really want. Who cares if they feel their money is going to services for illegal aliens and making the services for paying citizens weak, cumbersome and unreliable.

There's much more info in the article, go read it!

* * *

Sneaky Orrin Hatch tries to sidestep a direct vote on tax dollars paying for illegal aliens education by burying an unpopular bill into the Justice Departments budget authorization. Salt Lake Tribune brings us these little nuggets.

Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, has inserted his "DREAM Act" into the budget authorization for the Justice Department, bypassing opposition from Republican leaders who have refused to schedule a floor vote on the measure to permit states to give college tuition breaks to illegal immigrants.

The move could mean the bill benefiting undocumented alien children eventually becomes law as part of the larger two-year spending blueprint for the Justice Department, rather than trying to survive a contentious vote as a stand-alone measure.


Lobbyists for the bill say Republican campaign strategists don't want a high-profile, intraparty fight over loosening immigration laws this close to the presidential election, since the issue could splinter President Bush's conservative base.

How come citizens don't deserve a college tuition break, but lawbreaking illegal aliens do?

What the hell is wrong with people in this country?

So much for doing what's best for the people who put you in power and expect you to protect them.

* * *

Then we have the lovely Proposition 200 in Arizona and the scare tactics being used by those opposed to the initiative.

Time Magazine

Proposition 200, an Arizona ballot initiative known as "Protect Arizona Now" seems almost a sure bet to pass due to the flood of undocumented Mexicans pouring over the border.


The proposition requires voters to show a valid ID at the polls and makes it a crime, punishable by up to four months in jail and a $750 fine, for state and local officials to fail to report any suspected aliens seeking welfare, medical care or other public benefits.


A recent poll showed that Arizona voters favor the measure 63% to 23%. Prop 200, says Democratic state chairman Jim Peterson, is "an assault on basic human rights that plays to the fears of Arizonans."

Jim Peterson is obviously an asshat of the highest order.

What is wrong with verifying a voter is a legal US citizen and that lawbreakers, here illegally, are not receiving services they don't pay for and are not legally entitled to. Why are 63% of the people wrong for wanting the services they pay into to be for citizens and not people without a claim to it. Why should the people keep paying more and more?

Answer me that Jim Peterson you asshole!

Stein Report has more on the scare tactics the opposition to Prop 200 are using, including the ridiculous notion that passing the proposition is going to spread disease everywhere.

That's all for the latest immigration report.

Thanks go to Lone Wacko for some pointers to stories. Also thanks to Jim Peterson for being such an asshole so that I could vent some of my anger at the audacious actions of elected officials wasting peoples money and expecting them to keep paying more.

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