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Weekly Poll: "What Should Be Done To Stop Illegal Aliens?"

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This weeks poll is about illegal aliens and what should be done to stop them.

Your choices are:

  • Build A Giant Southern Wall
  • Militarize The Border
  • Shoot On Sight
  • Make Nationwide Sweeps
  • Total Isolationism
  • Instant Court Of Law
  • Leave It how It Is Now
  • You can comment below on the lack of options, my choice of options or how you think we could solve this irritating problem that a majority of the population wants resolved.

    Vote now in the poll box on the left.

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    Posted by Digger on October 17, 2004 04:02 AM (Permalink)

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    Hmmmm, lessee . . A wall, the Army, Shoot 'em, Nationwide sweeps, Instant court, on Who? Leave it as it is? None of the above. why? We've tried most of 'em to one end or another . . And they're still coming, more and more every year . .

    That's because we choose to use them as cheap labor. As it is with terrorists, it is with illegal aliens, if you don't support them, they have no reason or means to be here (or there!).

    First, we need to make the people who use them responsible, and fine Hell out of them if they're caught! Right now, it's illegal to employ an "Un-documented Worker" but if you're caught, after all the finger pointing (Re:Wal Mart & Tyson) is done, the investigations have been done, the guilt assigned, some poor dumb shit that manages some little company department gets fined $1000, and maybe fired, but we have done nothing to make that company not want to employ these people.

    Until the cost of getting caught far out-weighs the benefits of employing illegals, the people who use them the most will use them! And they will keep coming! We cannot, in a Free Society, build enough walls, barriers and laws to keep them out.

    And Mexico is not going to help. The money sent back to Mexico by the Legals is up to 6 times greater than the United States Government gives Mexico in Foriegn Aid every year! I wouldn't even guess how much more the illegals send back but the estimate by some is over 10 times that amount!

    IF we were to just ENFORCE the laws that are now on the books, we would have a start, but the politicians (as I said in the preceding article on Immigration) will not piss off the Hispanic Voting Bloc, and they (the Hispanics) go on TILT! everytime anybody talks of dealing harshly with Illegals, or "Mujows" as they are referred to by the Chicano sector where I live. It's a "Catch 22" deal.

    And Kerry chooses to placate them with "If they've been here a while, kept out of trouble, we ought to make 'em citizens!" Bush is talking degrees of amnesty . . . There's nothing here that says "DON"T COME! THERE'S NOTHING HERE FOR YOU!" So if there's hope of becoming a citizen, the land rush is on!

    Just what we need, un-educated, non english speaking drug dealers and potential felons, all waving the Mexican Flag, and wanting to celebrate "Cinco de Mayo" . . I think we have enough already, thank you!

    Now I'll take my meds and be quiet!

    Posted by: large on October 17, 2004 10:42 AM

    Wow! Nice post large. I agree we need to fine the hell out of the employers. Also put them in jail for sentences of up to 5 years. I wouldn't risk going to jail for 5 years to hire someone for a little less pay, I know that much.

    Posted by: Digger on October 17, 2004 12:01 PM

    I would throw a big taco on their side of the border.

    Posted by: Tom on October 17, 2004 12:58 PM

    We live just 8 miles north of the Mexican border, and I can certify that it is WIDE OPEN with little or nothing actually being DONE to stop the flood of illegal aliens flooding accross the border. We don't blame them; they are looking for opportunities. We blame the federal government. "War on Terror?" Here on the border it's just make believe, just so many photo-ops.

    Posted by: EdWonk on October 17, 2004 06:43 PM

    Militarize the Border, it is the only way.

    Posted by: David Anderson on October 18, 2004 09:13 PM

    Lets start shooting them as they come over. Sound too harsh? Okay so Americans are mean,selfish,want to start taking care of their own, fine now end the debate!

    We need to get mad as Hell and decide not to take it anymore!!!!

    Posted by: Jack on March 8, 2006 02:57 PM

    as much terrorism, murder and rape Illegal's are getting into here,as far as I'm concerned, We are at WAR with mexico and should be dealt with as harsh as possible, or Lock and load,rock and roll..

    Posted by: M Tired on April 4, 2006 10:01 PM

    When I was out of work, I worked for 3 days for a company. Nearly everyone who worked there was Spanish and unable to speak english. Needless to say how can you work and be trained to do your job if your fellow worker's do not understand you. I now wonder how many were illegal. Companies who hire illegals should be fined 50,000 dollar's for each illegal. Then they would learn there lesson, maybe. I have no problem with people who are legally here. I thank it is like this-the border is like my house-knock on the door you are welcome-BREAK IN YOUR a thief. Jail is where you belong then.No if's, an's or but's.

    Posted by: Ernest Wilkerson on April 14, 2006 02:26 PM

    Instead of all of these websites, petitions, and other BS,
    why aren't we Americans organizing and marching in the streets like the illegals? Afraid someone may think we're insensitive? Instead of bashing Bush or Kerry, or Republicans, or Democrats, why can't we be open minded enough to see that both parties are missing the boat on this one. In the name of pandering to this (enormous future voting block) our politicians on both sides of the aisle are selling out our nation. It's time for us to make some noise of our own. If you've had enough, contact me. I don't want your money, I don't want a power base, I don't want you to sell your soul to some left-wing or right-wing extremist group. I want the quiet "don't rock-the-boat" average American who has had enough to contact me so we can start a small ripple, that could turn into an enormous roar to let our elected officials, our churches and social groups, and business (big and small) know that we want this flow of illegal immigration stopped, we want these illegals returned to Mexico, we want tighter border security, we want fines and Jail time for businesses who harbor, and knowingly hire and encourage these lawbreakers, we want English spoken in America, we want the media to quit playing one side against the other, we want our elected officials to state their positions "on the record" and we want absolutely NO AMNESTY or any form of it for these people who are breaking our laws, trampling our freedoms in the quest for their own. How about breaking off diplomatic relations with Mexico for its support of this mass exudus?
    Contact me if you feel the same. jackieJAKE713@aol.com

    Posted by: Jack Johnson on May 2, 2006 08:27 AM

    You may all have forgotten, that the Illegal Immigrants have taken jobs us americans DID NOT WANT....do you want to pick up other people's dogs poop? or mow others lawns and what not? i wouldnt want to do that...yes i agree there are a lot of illegal immigrants here some who take advantage of our health care and some who want to support their families. WHO wouldnt want to take advantage of our health care? If you were on there shoes wouldnt you cross the border to take a job that an american who thinks that their to good for a job? if i had to, yes i would mow a lawn or w/e...but those people who think the world owe's them everything, well THE WORLD DONT OWE YOU A THING...and then here come the illegal immigrants and those jobs are looking for employees and hey there looking of course there going to jump at a chance at a good study job.

    Posted by: Nikki on September 9, 2006 08:11 PM

    We need to round up all the illegals and send them back to their country. We do not need more crimenal in this nation we have enough. All the Judges and Mayors, and Govenors and yes our President need to be on trial for murder whenever one of these illegals commite a murder by killing our citzens. It is their job to protect our own people not allow all these crimenals to enter this nation illegaly.

    Posted by: Ronnie Gregory on October 21, 2007 04:00 PM

    If illegals are legal, then as citizens they would demand legals rights, to go with their welfare, free health care and free public education and get minimum wage. But, by getting minimum wage and such, it then makes their cheap labor not so cheap and they have then just screwed the pooch - or eaten it. Making their claim that they do the cheapest work obsolete. Is this not a realization to them yet?

    I was once told by a Cuban-American friend (note the hyphen and the implications) that the Mexican illegals are of a different status. The Cubans that come to America are usually educated and are able to contribute substantially to the American economy not to mention they are trying to escape dictatorship. While most of the Mexicans that cross the borders are not the doctors and lawyers of Mexico but the mountain folk; the poor, mostly uneducated people. The doctors and lawyers of Mexico are still in Mexico and not in America. This should tell all Americans something. Mexico could be better if her people were not abandoning her.

    How about this solution. As back in the day it worked, we'll only sculpt it to make a better solution and more humane to boot.

    Back in the day, before Mexican labor was sought after, Americans hired the Chinese and the Japanese to come and work cheap. Then of-course they moved into hiring Mexicans - and Mexicans did this for a bit, and then reworked their contract so that when they worked they got to bring their entire families over thereby sucking on the natural resources of the American people. Which then years and years later allowed for distant relatives to seek a path over the invisible border and find their own illegal paths in the US and multiply. Not to mention sending money back to Mexico for other family members. (Maybe the US should take a portion of that money like the Cuban policy that Castro has in place - whereupon the sender has to give a portion of the money they send home to family members to the Cuban government.)

    Back on track - so the illegals need to be removed. Tell them so, they have out stayed their welcome - some have been here for years and never sought citizenship and a matter of fact they have been here for years and never bothered to learn the language. Enforce work sites that use farm laborers to adhere to government standards. Work Visas are required and routine checking on corporations to make sure all people are on the books would also be required.

    People who can not obtain citizenship need to go back to their mother country. Now, we all agree that illegals work very hard and do a good job, no one is disputing that. So between the US and Mexico there should be a labor agreement where upon Mexico can establish a business of laborers that will work for good Mexican wages (I'm not being slanderous - I'm talking pesos) so that labor workers will be hired out to come across the border with a time limited work visa issued by this Mexican establishment through the US to work. They will be payed very well as traveling people should be payed - and will be able to go back to their country and work on establishing a very good household in Mexico and work on improving the economy of Mexico.

    If they decide that they want to live in America, they should apply for citizenship, and here is the crucial part. Upon moving to America, once granted their Visa, they should set their sights on improving their standards. Basically, if you are going to be an American citizen then you should at least try to be the best that you can be and go beyond being the farm laborer. This will help people who are still in Mexico and working across the border to have jobs and encourage people who become citizens to better the American economy and leave grove picking behind.

    Of course the Mexican nationales would have to do a head count when entering and leaving the States to make sure no one jumps ship. It would take a little thought to work out the loop holes but it could be a solid solution to problems troubling both countries.

    I'll leave the details to the higher ups - -

    Posted by: Jefferson on January 5, 2008 11:09 PM

    I think you should just deal with the fact that they are here paying taxes on everything they purchace and sending their kids to elementary schools that are extreamly under the standards where white old teachers with nothing more than an almost bachelors is teaching them how to add 5 plus 5 in the 7th grade. Yes it is true they do not take any advantage of education because the places they live in are called ghettos where property taxes can't provide more than 30 year old text books, therefore for the elementary years of kids of immigrants they are doing nothing more than providing a stupid american teacher and easy job at $25 an hour. so instead of complaining find a solution pay more for the goods you import from other latin american countries and help latin americas economy and shut the hell up about kicking them out they wouldn't be here if they weren't fucken starving. and want to know why they dont become doctors or why they don't go to college because they can't! and even with scholarships they still can't get a job or into a university. I know its not america's job to fix the world but if it bothers you so much do something about it ass holes

    Posted by: nemo on December 11, 2009 04:43 PM

    I Think that the united states should just do apsolutly nothing!! afterall, isnt that the american way? PASSSS IT OFF TO THE NEXT GENERATOIN!!! its not our problem

    Posted by: Rapheo on December 11, 2009 11:39 PM

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