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SUV With 20+ Illegal Aliens In It Causes 11 Car Crash, Kills 6

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If they only would have been allowed to have drivers licenses, this wouldn't have happened!

"Illegal aliens never hurt anybody".

Guess who gets to pick up the bill for those injured?


A stolen truck filled with suspected illegal immigrants sped away from deputies and rolled over at a busy intersection near an Army post Saturday, causing an 11-car crash that killed six people and seriously injured 15, sheriff's officials said.

Passengers were thrown from the truck as it struck a center median and began to spiral, hitting vehicles waiting at a turn lane, Deputy Chief Randy Redmond of the Sierra Vista Fire Department said. Investigators think the truck was traveling about 90 mph when it lost control near Fort Huachuca in southeastern Arizona, he said.

At least 20 people were in the truck, Redmond said.


The impact tore the roofs from some cars and trapped some motorists in their vehicles, Redmond said.

Five people died at the scene. Two people were flown from the scene and another 20 were transported by ambulance to hospitals, where one victim later died, according to the fire department.


The vehicle had been reported stolen in Phoenix, Capas said.

Vehicle-related deaths of undocumented immigrants have been on the rise in Arizona, many of them involving overloaded vehicles used by immigrant smugglers.

Also in the past year or so, authorities have noticed that stolen vehicles are being used more frequently for smuggling human cargo.

Next time you're sitting at a traffic light just for a second imagine this happening to you, then go to NumbersUSA, fax your Senator and Representatives, for free, and do something!

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What do you mean they have never hurt anyone??!! They killed six Americans while running from cops. Going 90 mph??? I don't think " having a license" or not having a license has anything to do with what happened to these Americans. They(illegal immigrants) shouldn't be given a license unless they go through the proper steps, like- one- be a citizen!!! What a dope, get these crazy people out of here. Our justice system needs to be enforced with illegal immigrants. We as Americans need to come together and stop all of this violence from coming onto our land. Mexico , u can keep your drugs, gangs, and dumbasses. We have plenty already.

Posted by: Amanda on October 26, 2010 05:56 PM

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