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Here are some of the strangest ways people found their way to Diggers Realm via search engines over the past few months. Culled from the site access logs, commentary provided.


eats neighbor

kerry killed his wife
    Oh he did, did he? Well even if he didn't, the line forms on the right. *gestures*
peeing in the shower man nails wifes mouth shut


fuck zarqawi

    My sentiments exactly.
hamsters and diggers
    No comment. *blush*
peeing dog
    Ok this is a sicko. Who the hell searches for peeing dogs on the web?
Attack of the Librarians groosom pictures
    Learn to speell, then head to The Jawa Report for all your groosom picture needs.
i missed a court date
    Hey what a coincidence searcher, so did I!
old man with gun
old man with a gun
    Everyone loves a good old man with a gun.
    Sicko bastards! You came looking for kiddie porn and what you got was "The Pedophile Peeing Dog". The sick thing is that they actually clicked the link with that title while they were looking for porn!
what does john kerry offer as president
    That's what I've been asking all the liberals out there.



    Poor searcher, was looking for doggie training and found my site. Talk about misinformation.
Alicia Keys Chest Hair
alicia keys chest hair
    You sick bastards! They were probably refering to Say Anything's post with her hairy chest, but ended up on my site. Why would someone search for it though?
Old man with gun
    The ever popular "old man with a gun" search.
begging Mexicans
    Yep, lots of begging mexicans here. Including Art Torres, illegal aliens and that dickhead Bustamante who ran against Arnold in the California recall election.
brains being blowen out of peoples heads
    Probably doing a physics report for college.
if no one believed in you lyrics
    Have no idea what this song is or who sings it or how the hell they ended up on my site searching for it. If you know drop the answer in the comments and I'll give you nothing for your trouble!
islam bullshit religion
    Yes, probably for those non-muslims out there. Of course if you ask my buddy Tom, so are all the others.
jokes about eugene armstrong
    No. No, jokes about him and you're just as sick as the "peeing dog" guy above.
kerry is a retarded liar peeing dog woman
    Would make a good comic strip.

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Posted by Digger on October 16, 2004 06:46 AM (Permalink)

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Those are too funny! I always trip over the things people search for and get my site. One day, I will have to do a post on them too. :)

Posted by: Rogue on October 16, 2004 08:35 AM

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