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I Got A Parking Ticket And Missed A Court Date

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I found out yesterday that I got a parking ticket. "Big deal" you say. Well I also missed a court date for the parking ticket. "You lazy bastard!" you say. That's probably the same thing I would say to someone to. Here's the story though.

I got a call from my mother-in-law that I had received some court papers with a bill attached for $300 dollars and saying that I had Failed to appear. The thing is the parking ticket and court is in New York and I haven't been to New York or had a vehicle in New York since 1997!

I tried to call them today long distance with the phone number she gave me on the papers and I got a nice slow automated female voice explaining that I can use the automated system and to press 1 for the automated system, press 2 for English or 3 for Spanish.

So I pressed 2. Then I got the same slow repeat of what she just said. So I pressed 1. She went on in her really slow voice press 1 for moving violations, 2 for parking violations. I pressed 2. It then transferred me to another phone, after it rang for a minute another automated women (this one much more youthful and speedier) instructed me to press 1 for something, 2 for parking violations. I pressed 2. She then baffled me by asking for my license plate number and year of the car.

I don't have a car there, so what the hell was I supposed to put? I punched the star key a couple times and then listened hoping if I stayed on the line someone would pickup. Not a chance!

She then instructed me to push 0 for an operator. Whoohoo!! I would finally get to explain my case and the situation. I pressed 0 joyfully and waited. There was a boop and then a phone ringing. I waited in anticipation. Finally it answered! And it was the slow annoying lady I had first gotten when I called. The horror!

I fiddled with the numbers to get back to the nice, sexy youthful automated teller lady and travelled through numerous number pushes to arrive at the selection of if this is an emergency press 2 for the district manager. I decided to go to the top with this bogus charge and pressed 2. I am greeted by a deep foreign sounding male voice that said his name, which was unintelligible and notified that he was not available and then was hung up on.

Man this type of shit pisses me of. I'm going to have my mother-in-law send me the actual papers and then write up a letter to them, making sure I keep a copy of it and follow up on this story. If this crap doesn't get resolved I am going to the newspapers with this, that seems like the only way to get things resolved these days.

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Posted by Digger on July 19, 2004 02:43 PM (Permalink)

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Man now I can insult you easy :P

Well... can't think of anything bad to say yet but you just watch it mister!

Posted by: Tommy on July 19, 2004 06:16 PM

Anyway I actually read your post and I have a really good insulting thing to say about your parking ticket...

You're such a horrible driver, you get tickets from across the country. Pretty good eh?

FU too bastard! :(

Posted by: Tommy on July 20, 2004 08:16 PM


Read your historical account about the Philippines and it's all bull, you are a typical uneducated American that thinks he has a monopoly of opinions that do not reflect the real historical truth about the country.
Firstly, America occupied the Philippines, as it was bought from Spain for 20,000,000 dollars, after the battle at Manila Bay between your Admiral George Dewey and the Spanish Admiral Patricio Montojo on May 1, 1898. News of the defeat was heralded all over America, and the "the rustling of geography books could be heard all over", as you, and your lot were so ignorant, you did not even know where the Philippines was, "you dumbass". Hey have you ever heard of the Hare-Hawes Cuttnng Bill
and susequently the Laurel-Langley Agreement? These two pacts were forced upon the Filipinos so as America could and did continuously "exploit the countries' vast natural resources and enter into any
and all types of business you desired to get into". Does your damm stupidity allow you to think why America should build the military bases,the largest and biggest outside of the U.S.., it certainly was
not built to protect the Philippines who, to begin with did not have any enemies, it was to protect the humongous exploitative business concerns America had in the country, and to make her the first line of defence in case of an American invation, since it was so large it literally contained every type of arsenal diplicative of what you had in the Mainland. In short, you idiot, the Philippines was a "pawn" to be first attacked in case of agression against your country. Its people like you, who now call for "cutting Ties"
with the Philippines that make a great country like America a shame to the world community.
And now you talk about corruption, think deeper you fool!

Posted by: Great Thinker on February 12, 2005 10:41 AM

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