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93 Percent Of Muslims Support Kidnapping Of Foreigners

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A recent Television Poll on Al Jazeera finds that 93% of Muslims approve of the kidnapping of foreigners.

Washington Times

Al Jazeera, the most widely watched Arabic television channel, conducted a telephone poll during its top debating program, the Other Direction. In it, 93 percent of viewers said they approved of kidnapping foreigners in Iraq — even though by then, one of the two American hostages had been decapitated.

In Baghdad, law professor Adnan al-Jabbari described the beheadings in a telephone interview as "a distortion of Islam."

"There should be organized demonstrations against these acts," she said. "But there has also been violence against those who speak out, and that's why many people are afraid."

Laborer Mohammad Jassem, however, defended the right of Iraqis to kill and terrify Americans and those who work with them.

"Who told them to come here and sell our fortunes?" he asked. "I would not only kill an American, I would slaughter him and drink his blood. We'll never forget what the Americans have done to us. ... "Every honorable Iraqi approves of killing Americans and beheading them. They should get out of our country."


The Algerian newspaper Echourouk el-Youm took a tough line, saying, "For Arabs to focus their debate on crying over foreigners' abductions rather than rallying around the Iraqi resistance is a strong indication that the American policy to uproot the resistance is working."

Ahh the religion of peace. How we love thee.

Now I'm sure there are plenty of good Muslims out there, but there seem to be tons of militant Muslims who just want to go on massive killing sprees.

My only advice is that someone needs to reign in these hate filled mongers or eventually saying "I'm a good Muslim" isn't going to work anymore. All Muslims will be viewed as "bad" or "militant" by all other religions, countries and peoples.

There's still time to clean up your religion and save its face if you act now, but as time goes on you are losing major support all across the world.

Rusty, owner of a pet jawa has some comments as well.

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