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Roy Jones Jr. Vs. Glen Johnson. I Was Stunned And Filled With Glee!

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In my last boxing entry "Motormouth" Gets His I covered how much I hate Roy Jones Jr. and his arrogance. Well tonight I got another good yell and scream that made my kids jump and say "Daddy, you're too excited!" as once again the knockout came.

Glen Johnson, a relative unknown, came out like a bull on speed in the first round pinning Jones on the ropes and pummeling him repeatedly with no response from Jones. The next few rounds Johnson stayed on him keep close and not letting Jones plan his quick, accurate shots. Jones, always the arrogant asshole, between rounds would look out at someone in the audience and give them a nod or little smirk.

Jones looked well off his game, other than a couple of quick flurries during the fight that made me worry, he just allowed himself to get smothered with punches. Then it came in the ninth round, the moment of my shouting with glee as Johnson stepped forward and just clobbered Jones with a right hook from hell. Jones fell backwards, his head striking the canvas twice hard and then not moving. He was completely out. Later it would be discovered that he had a concussion. I yelled once for the punch and once again for the count of ten and then looking at the TV without him moving and his eyes closed I started to worry.


While I might hate his arrogance, his disrespect for other fighters and his rapping and attitude I still respect him as a human and watched in hopes that he was ok. While I had the glee of watching him loose I had the compassion and worry that the man himself was ok.

I am still happy that he lost, but I wish him well and hope that he recovers to provide me with more happiness in the future. At an old 35 (35 is old in boxing) it might just be time for him to retire. His heart didn't seem to be in the fight and he didn't look like the old Roy Jones Jr. of just a few fights ago. Having lost his last two fights to devastating punches that knocked him out past the count of ten it might be time to hang up the gloves.

His last excuse for the Tarver fight was that he was "caught by a lucky punch", but this fight he was dominated for most rounds and the punch was nowhere near lucky as Roy flinched, turned away and closed his eyes just before it landed. Unlike the Tarver fight, where you could clearly tell he never saw the left hook coming in behind his upheld right arm, this punch he clearly saw.

I send my best wishes that he recovers, but I will hold onto this glee at least through the rest of tonight.

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Posted by Digger on September 25, 2004 09:31 PM (Permalink)

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You heartless bastard! Stop trying to fit into a suit of compassion, you mean wearer of disdain! I hope that guy develops down syndrome and so do you! Admit it! Down with Roy Jones Jr. and all that pities his pathetic boxing skills! And down with boxing gloves and cushioned boxing mats!

Anyway... pretty brutal sport eh?

Posted by: Tom on September 25, 2004 11:09 PM

I started to like Roy Jones Jr. for a while because I like people with confidence but you have to be able to back up that confidence. Don't get me wrong he used to back it up but now he is getting older and these younger guys have confidence too and they backed up these past two fights. A few months ago I was watching a sports show and Roy was asked who he would like to fight next. (At this time he was still champion.) He said anybody. The reporter then asked,"What abut Tyson or Lewis"? Roy said that he would definitely fight them and that he would win. I may be mistaken but I believe that he said he would knock them out. Now if he can't beat these two guys,(no disrespect to them) he definitely can't beat Tyson or Lewis even at their worst. They would kill him. Tyson with his hard quick punches and Lewis with his long powerful arms, Roy would have no chance. But I do feel bad about him laying there like that.

Posted by: Stephen (Memphis,TN) on September 27, 2004 05:48 PM

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