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Arnold Schwarzenegger Vetoes Illegal Alien Drivers License Bill

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Thank God! A ridiculous bill was before the California Governor that would have granted illegal aliens drivers licenses. If you've not seen this before, our leaders here in California actually put forth a bill to give a government approved form of identification to people in this country illegally and having no papers. In this time of terrorists running around blowing stuff up.

Arnold did not sign the bill and noted his reason the he wants a bill that would issue the ID, but include a little mark on it that shows the person is here illegally! What the hell?

While I applaud my Governors action in vetoing the bill, the fact that he would give an ID to a person that is known to be here illegally is asinine. Even with a little mark on it, you still have that individual in front of you declaring they broke into our country! Throw them out!

Sacramento Bee

"One of the most important duties of the governor of a state is to protect its citizens," Schwarzenegger said. "This bill does not adequately address the security concerns that my Department of Homeland Security and I have, and I cannot support it."

The measure, AB 2895 by Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez, was originally introduced as SB 1160 in the Senate by Sen. Gil Cedillo, D-Los Angeles.

Cedillo, who earlier accused the governor of reneging on a promise to sign a driver's license bill, said he was "disappointed, but I'm not discouraged."

"I disagree with the governor, but I'm prepared to engage him in dialogue on the question of security," he said. "The fact of the matter is 2 million immigrants in California will still be driving tomorrow without a license, and we would have preferred that they were tested, licensed and insured. So this issue doesn't go away."

Note that Mr. Cedillo says "immigrants", trying to evoke some sort of sympathy from those not paying attention that it's for lawbreaking illegal aliens, not those here with visa's, green cards and those who took the proper steps to be here legally.

No one is against an immigrant, here legally, getting a license.

Mike Spence, president of the conservative California Republican Assembly, also praised Schwarzenegger's decision.


Spence said his group will begin collecting the necessary 600,000 signatures of registered voters to place another initiative on the 2006 primary ballot. The measure would prohibit the state from issuing driver's licenses to illegal immigrants and from giving other benefits, including money for college.

Where do I sign up? I'll be first in line!

The article goes on and of course the illegal alien Mexican supporters come out slamming Governor Schwarzenegger, saying his backed off his earlier statements. Once again note that they use the word "immigrant" not specifying it's about illegal aliens, not legal immigrants.

Ann Marie Tallman, president and general counsel of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, said her group was "profoundly disappointed" in the governor's decision.

"The governor's veto is even more regrettable given his public statements that immigrants should be allowed to obtain a driver's license," she said in a statement, adding that the measure "would have ensured that a significant, reliable and hard-working segment of our state's work force be able to safely drive to and from work."

"Immigrants are a critical component of and significant contributor to our state's economy," she said. "It is baffling that the governor would deny them the ability to fully participate in making our state's economy even stronger."

I don't understand how these groups get any support at all. They must be getting support from a lot of the illegals in the state and elsewhere.

Visit my recent entry on Mexicos response to the veto by Arnold.
"More On Drivers Licenses For Ilegal Aliens, Mexico's Response"

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Posted by Digger on September 23, 2004 10:38 AM (Permalink)

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How much did this foolish Bill cost the State of California? Is it that hot in California that people have lost it? I'm a native of AZ and have always been 'aware' of the 'game' when it comes to the illegal - once again let me stress ILLEGAL - immigrants. I don't understand how a issue/bill was allowed to get so far. The claim that it would bring in money and make them carry the responsibility is a joke. I have a great deal of respect for any immigrant who is able to enter this country legally and obtain the right to become a citizen by showing they can be self supportive. But I have no sympathy or 'feeling' for someone who sneaks in - especially if/when they just happen to be expecting a child. This type of bill would just be used to dispute deportation. I will make sure that I never use the services/products supplied by those who supported this Bill.

Posted by: mmd1972 on September 23, 2004 04:01 PM

I support the governor's veto of this dangerous bill. Even before the terrors of 9/11, we in California were aware that we were being inundated by a tidal wave of illegal foreigners, breaking our laws and sneaking into this country simply because they refused to wait their turn and become LEGAL immigrants.

My parents were immigrants, and raised my two brothers and me to obey the law, learn to read and write proper English, and to respect authority. I also served as an American soldier in the Korean War.

How sad it makes me, to think of the thousands of immigrants who think it's "okay" to break our laws and infiltrate our borders. What they should be doing, of course, is stay in their home countries and campaign for better government. But the U.S. makes it too easy for them, by not patrolling our borders sufficiently. Thank God we've got Governor Schwarzenneger on our side.

Dan Navarro

Posted by: Dan Navarro on September 23, 2004 07:53 PM

i think arnold as a reformed immigrant should understand that illegal immigrants have it hard in the U.S. and should help them. even though i know there is illegal immmigrants who break the law, most of them come here for a better life.

Posted by: nancy on April 19, 2005 02:45 PM

I believe that this bill is great! I know that many people believe that immigrants do not pay taxes because they do not have a Social Security Card and might get paid cash or under the table. Let me tell you that if you think this you are totally wrong. Many immigrants get a fake Social Security Card with their name and go work for people who ask for it but do not bother to check it. So as you can see they get taxed from their check and never get any returns. Because ofcourse the Social Security does not belong to them. So as tax payers they should be allowed to get a Drivers Licens, just like everyone else. I am very well aware that they are here illegally but that does not change the fact that they work doing jobs that nobody else is willing to take, so think about that. I believe that certain massure should be taken to pass this bill and be safe about who is given a drivers license but remember that the terrorist from September 11, were not illegal immigrants they entered the country legally. So if there is someone out there that wants to hurt this country they will wether they are here legally or not. So do not make the excuse that drivers licnese are not given because of the safety of this country. And I would like to give an idea. Why don;t we go to every employer and check the employees papers and if they are not legal send them back to their country. I am not talking about visiting one or two employers but all in the U.S. and lets see who will do the work that these illegals were doing. I guarantee you that this country will fall apart because there is no hardworking people like the Mexicans, and trust me on this one. So if you see what I am saying, we need these people here so we need to get them a drivers license and get them to pay insurance like everyone else does. Therefore, I beleive that this bill is great. Think about the people that have been here since they were born but cannot get recidency because they parents did not do it for them and now the only way is for them to go back to a country where they were born but know nothing about it. That is a shame. So Arnold think about it and remember that you were an immigrant, and you still cannot even speak with the english language properly with out an accent. REMEMBER WHERE YOU CAM FROM!!! GIVE THEM A DRIVERLS LICENSE!!! YOU WILL SEE THE A GREAT CHANGE THIS WILL MAKE!!!

Posted by: Griselda on May 18, 2005 02:01 PM

give me a break,,, have you been to any of the militant La Raza sites, or are we speaking without knowing what we are talking about? There is a movement going on that is attempting to re take southern states of this country. If illegals can drive, the next logical step is voting. if non citizens vote in this country, kiss it goodbye, then you can converse about who should have a license and who shouldn't - wake up and do some research -- they are working you by getting on your emotional side so you won;t pay attention to the bigger picture.

Posted by: amerifrenchixican on July 20, 2006 07:52 PM

The great country of The United States has been build over immigrants shoulders, since the first illegal immigrants came to this country, this nation has grown and expanded like the manifest destiny said.

The nationals were displaced by the new members of this nation, and eventually became part of this nation too. with time many races of human beigns had worked hard to build a strong country, African american people were slave and bring to this country to work in cotton industries, chinese people were in the midle of the deserts demolishing mountains and building train's rails to move the greatest economy in the world to the south, the west and the north. During the second world war, who do you think bring the victory over japan to the United States of america? wasn't he a immigrant? rigth he migth be a legal immigrants. but, do you think he was the only one trying to get to the U.S. Japanese people left behind after the war became part of this nation and many of them were ilegals, war prisoners and people looking for asilum. after the war that put japan in the ashes and and bad economy. maybe not just during war but since the begining of the United States many people has come illegaly to the U.S, look in your family's history for people with foreign languajes and ask yourself. Dothey came here legaly? If the United States close the doors to immigrations, ilegal or illegaly what will happen to this country?

Look in the streets and ask yourself, if the men sweeping of the street, if the cashier at your favorite restaurant, or the waytress with great legs is here ligaly or illegaly? We the illegal immigrants are here not just to work, not just to drink and have fun, or to think about destroy the city and the higgest skyscraper, we are here to help our familys, we are here because of the own United States politics against, or in our countries. We are here because we had no choice maybe you wont understand because you had always the necesary to live, even when you don't have luxurious things at you apartment. you may never had know wat's like wake up every morning and had to go get a vessel to go bring water from a place at half a mile from were you live, had to look for just a cup of cofee in the morning because there's nothing else to eat. and then had to work as hard as you can to get 68 cents per hour at you work place, and at the end of the day you have to think about bills, food at least for a good food a day, and eventually you get stole your wallet while ridding the bus home. Imposibble? no thats the reality of someone rigth now while you try to read this pretty bad english. We are human beigns. we do deserve education, work and oportunities like every human beign. of course you may never understand because for you we are not human beigns. thats why this post may not be read by someone like you and if it does, it wont change the way you think. I'm really sorry about the time I had took from you to read this post and I hope you never need to go overseas to look for a dream, a oportunity to live, and that you may never heard your sons asking you for food or shoes and you don't have the money to help them.

I really sorry not to be a United States citizen, because of my immigration status and people like you I migth never now how to bring a better oportunity to my daugther. It doesn't matter if I you don't care at least not all the immigrants are here to destroy we are here to build and rise your country.

I pay taxes everytime I get a bus, I pay taxes everytime i get gas for my car, I pay taxes everytime i go to the doctor, I pay taxes everytime I get six of coronas, I never get a refund for the taxes I have paid, If I get hurt no one is going to pay me insurance because I don't exist, I'm not a human before your eyes. but I do believe in jesus just like everyone else, I have dreams just like you, I fall in love, I'm loved, I will never compete against someone who works as hard as I do. If theres is a heaven and needs a VISA to get in, I migth croos the border illegaly just because I want to be someone. there are a few truths in the world and one of thats truth is this, when your sons are hungry you do wathever it take to bring them food and happines. and thats why we are here for.

Posted by: S.I on September 11, 2006 01:40 AM


I appreciate the time you took to write your thoughts and yes I read them all. Don't be ashamed of having bad English, I appreciate the fact that you took the time to learn to read, write and speak it. You should be proud of that accomplishment.

Not all of us in this country are super rich. Many of us are just struggling by and barely able to clothe and feed our kids as well. While the wage dollar amounts are greater here, so is the cost of all goods. Just comparing dollar amounts without factoring in the cost of living here doesn't work. We make more, but our bread costs more as does everything else.

The main complaint most of us against illegal immigration have isn't that we don't think you are humans, believe me. The main reasons are many including: seeing our own legal residents and citizens education system declining, congestion, health care declining and costs rising to the point where many here don't have it, public services costing everyone more through higher taxes, seeing what our parents and grandparents struggled for to give us a better life evaporating, a general dislike of our laws being broken and not being enforced.

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of our people here didn't oppress anyone, they worked jobs day to day to build a better country for their children. Now it is being eroded by others coming here illegally, running from their own countries rather than working to fix them.

You said:

we are here because of the own United States politics against, or in our countries.

This is always repeated over and over and for us citizens of America we find it absolutely insulting. How long has Mexico been around? Japan was bombed and burned into destruction and since 1945 rebuilt itself into a powerful worldwide economy. Ask yourself why Mexico hasn't done the same over the past 60 years?

You can continue to blame America or you can realize that people in your country will continue to suffer until your people stand up and fight the oppression and corruption brought on them by their corrupt politicians. Why do you think they want to force you to take the dangerous trek to the United States? It's not for your benefit, it is for their benefit because someone who normally would remain and get fed up with their corruption has been forced out. Someone who may start to question and demand a change to the corruption.

This continued blaming of America, a country that gives over $30 million dollars in official foreign aid a year, a country that in 1994 engineered a $50 billion multilateral bailout through the IMF of Mexico, a country that through it's private citizens and non-profit organizations sends untold millions and donates tons of food and supplies and provides humanitarian aid is somehow the reason that Mexico remains a third world country and the reason for your plight is simply absurd.

Where has all that money gone? It has gone into the pockets of your corrupt officials in your home country. Why did that happen? Because nobody stood up to them.

Now the citizens of Mexico sneak into our country and demand drivers licenses, education for their kids, food stamps, social services, health care and tons of other things and we're supposed to be happy and accepting about it?

Who paid for the street your bus runs on? Who pays for the electricity on the streets and the gas in the bus? Who pays the street sweeper? The taxpayers of America that's who. Services run by the government always run at a loss and the amount you pay in taxes is nowhere near enough to pay for all of these services.

We are supposed to sit back and be happy that we are paying for our kids education through our taxes, but yours as well? While the added amount of kids from the influx of illegal immigration are forcing class sizes to massive proportions.

In California in particular, where I lived just a year ago, my child's third grade class had 45 kids in it, a good portion not even speaking English. An average class is supposed to have maybe 20-25 kids at the most. Why is this? You're telling me that I should be happy that my child was ignored by the teacher because they had to take time to spend it on "the other kids" who didn't speak English and just crossed the border illegally?

I have nothing against immigration, but when half the country of Mexico is trying to flood into our country, that is not immigration that is an invasion.

I do see your plight. I understand your situation, but you fail to see our situation. You feel that we should pay and sacrifice even more than we already do. The job of a government is to protect its borders and provide law enforcement and basic services to its citizens not be a charity to every country and its citizens because they have allowed themselves to be oppressed and forced out of their own country.

Posted by: Digger on September 11, 2006 06:05 AM

I have posted an entry on S.I and my comments above and expounded on them further at "Digger Responds To An Illegal Alien Human Being". Head there if you are interested in reading something more in-depth on opposition to illegal immigration and not just the drivers license issue.

Posted by: Digger on September 11, 2006 06:43 AM

I cannot belive how so many people can be so ignorant!! Many immagrants that come into this country come to better themselves in life and not for anything else. They come and do the jobs that many lazy people do not want to do. I am proud to have parents that immagrated here from Mexico and they came here to better themselves since they were small. Now they are citizens and have better jobs than people that are born here because that is what they came here to the United States in the first place. Many people say that immagrants come here to take the Americans jobs but I do not belive that is true because if it were then there would not be any jobs for them to do. Immagrants do the jobs that the Americans do not want to do because they think they are to good to do them. I am a proud person who supports immagrants because if it were not for them some of use would not eat and because I belive that everyone has a chance to better themselves in life without hurting anyone. Also there are people who do not want Mexican immagrants to be here in their country but yet they tend to visit Mexico and no one throughs them out or discriminats them.

Posted by: Laura Vidrio on September 17, 2006 06:44 PM

if these immigrants wanna "better themselves", as you say, then gosh darnit they should do it LEGALLY! why should we afford them any or all the rights of a legal immigrant when they dont even bother to follow our rules? im fine with immigration as our country was built on it, but illegal immigration is something i just cant stand. ffs if you take a little bit of time and effort to properly enter the country that can offer you such opportunity, then theres no problem!

Posted by: Jeremy on October 10, 2006 02:13 PM

On issue regarding issuance of driver's license to the illegal immigrant, well the question is, "Is illegal today be legalized tomorrow?". My answer is, it depends on how you look on the issue. If legalization will depend on the law, then i can say that it can also be dynamic. For what is law today can be abolished & chnaged for a better one as new justification arises. Our life evolves from things unknown to known. The more we are expose to our day to day life, the more we learn things that we don't know, and the more we become more humane. And for aslong as a man has an good heart, may it be illegal or undocumeted, he or she can soon have a license. At this momemt, I would rather support the hard working illegal immigrant wants to survive there family, than giving a chance to the bad ones who are here legally.

Posted by: elmer hofilena on January 19, 2009 04:40 PM

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Posted by: Alina on October 9, 2009 01:41 AM

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