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Scotland And Their Wacky Hamster Fur Coats

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Ahh, what would make a PETA supporter more happy then a hamster fur coat?

Apparently not one made of 100 hamsters as in this BBC article.

The garments, made from the pelts of 100 hamsters, are being sold at House of Bruar near Blair Atholl, Perthshire.


The coats cost £1,750 when they originally went on sale earlier this year.

Initially the coats were put on sale and the store yanked them after outrage from animal rights groups, but ever being the frugal businesspeople that they are they recently put their stock on sale at cut prices to clear out the remaining inventory.

Lynda Korimboccus, campaigns manager at Advocates for Animals, said House of Bruar was still encouraging people to buy a "horrendously-produced" product.

"It's not good enough. Really, they should just come off the shelves - it's as simple as that," she said.

"These have to be one of the most inhumane pieces of clothing you can get."

She said the organisation would be contacting the store to suggest that the coats are donated to the homeless.

A similar suggestion was made by anti-fur lobby group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta).

"In this day and age, the only people who have any excuse for wearing fur is those who have no other choice," said a spokesman.

I find it a little humorous that the animal rights groups are just against them selling the coats, but it's ok if a homeless person has one.

I better hide this post from the kids however.

This post dedicated to Angel
Dec. 2003 - Jun. 2004

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Posted by Digger on September 3, 2004 01:31 AM (Permalink)

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I am a 14 year old hamster lover and I think it is outrageous that people make and wear hamster fur coats. There is no excuse for it. It is murder and theft of the hamster. I can't believe people would rather think about money than the lives of 100 animals. Hamsters are small animals and must not be murdered in large quantities to make one coat!! It is wrong to farm the hamsters and other animals for their fur - belonging to them and them only!
An idea that I would like to see been taken into action is a petition for the ban of hamster fur coats and the protection of animals that are horribly farmed for fur. I believe that real fur coats should be illegal!!!!

Posted by: HamsterFan on February 23, 2006 05:37 PM

Hamsters are cool and I'm glad you like them HamsterFan. I agree that in this case it is horrible, since it takes so many to make one coat. I'm not against fur altogether though.

Posted by: Digger on February 23, 2006 08:00 PM

I think that it is hipocritical for a person to criticise the use of "cute and cuddly" animals for fur and meat but to condone through personal use the farming of conventional species such as cows and pigs for meat and leather. Of course, no endangered or threatened species should be killed for human consumption but everything else fair game. its healthy and natural to humanely kill animals for fur, meat and ivory. if you disagree thats perfectly fine, just dont object to the use of hamsters, badgers and minks whilst wearing horse-hide shoes and eating a ham sandwich.

Posted by: damian on June 5, 2006 09:22 AM

I don't understand this push for faux fur made from chemicals which destroy the earth as compared to anmal hides that were desighned by GOD to be reabsorbed by the earth.We have to eat and we have to keep warm,I am opposed to chemical companies that definately pollute our environment as opposed to a natural tanning process that has been used for tens of thousands of years with absolutely NO harm done to the planet.Perhaps even millions of years,I'm not super religious,who knows how long humans have been around but we do know that for that whole time we have used animals and their furs for food,clothing,construction and whatall else.
Animal rights,I don't beleive in unnecessairy cruelty,make it quick and quiet as possible,the same as when a vet puts a family pet to sleep .At the same time lets face facts,some people can't handle the task of killing even when its necessary.Our over flowing criminal population proves that.Leave the dirty work to those who were born with the stomach for it and the rest of you hide your heads in the clouds.You were not meant to see or experence this part of life so just stay out of it.

Posted by: patrick wilis on September 15, 2006 09:37 PM

You don't think fur is cruelty? Let's say someone took your kid and slaughtered him/her and made a "necessary" coat or a pair of boots from their hide. That's not cruel and horrific? If you think that animals are different and that they're feelings and suffering doesn't matter, have your head and your heart examined. I'm fed up with people who make bad excuses to torture and/or otherwise murder other earthlings so that they can wear fur, etc.

And if you think it's hypocritical that someone doesn't like fur but wears leather shoes, why don't you simply enlighten them, show them the sameness of the issue. We all need to change and help to change the world into a place where we are guided by the wisdom of our hearts.

Peace to everyone

Posted by: Mandy on November 4, 2008 05:46 PM

furs are unessary murders i love animals and eveyone should to

Posted by: sierra d. on May 15, 2009 01:44 PM

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