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French Hostages Released, I Wait For Reports Of A Payoff

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Via Globe and Mail
Baghdad — A Paris newspaper editor said there had been positive movement in the effort to free two captive French journalists Thursday, while a separate militant group said it had killed three Turkish captives.

The kidnappers in Iraq have handed over the pair to an Iraqi Sunni opposition group, Jean de Belot, managing editor of Le Figaro newspaper, said on France-Info radio.


Using France's formidable diplomatic clout in the region, President Jacques Chirac has made good on a pledge to spare no effort to save the lives of the journalists.

In Amman, Foreign Minister Michel Barnier discussed the situation with Jordanian officials Thursday, pursuing a furious round of diplomacy that has taken him to Egypt and Qatar. Media reports in France said a top hostage specialist, Gen. Philippe Rondot, and a team of secret agents were on the ground in Iraq developing contacts with the captors.

I'm with Rusty of My Pet Jawa on this one. Where was the muslim outrage over the killing of 12 Nepali hostages shot and hacked to death the other day? Are the Nepalese not worthy of outrage when their country was not involved in Iraq nor in the coalition?

It's really quite obvious that the only reason muslim states stood up for the French hostages is the money and business that France does in that area of the world. If it's a poor country like Nepal though they don't deserve respect or standing up for.

I am happy some innocent journalists have been "released" (although that is questionable as they still seem to be in the hands of some militant group), but there are lots of other innocents that have been killed or viciously beheaded or are still in captivity. Where is the French outrage at the other countries not involved in the Iraq conflict that have had innocent people taken hostage?

Preston over at Six Meat Buffet is reiterating his stance that the only reason the Muslim countries cooperated is that France is our enemy and working with the terrorists behind our backs.

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Hamas came out and said it the other day, "Don't piss off France. We want to isolate the US and Israel." Amen to your post.

Posted by: RS on September 2, 2004 07:05 PM

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