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Getting Started Blogging - Notes From My Radio Interview Today

As I mentioned today on the radio show Last Americans Standing, blogging isn't hard if you know where to go to get started. Below are some reference links on the places I mentioned today. So I'm live blogging my interview ... [ More ]

By Digger on August 03, 2008 | Comments (2) |

How To Spot A Mexican Truck [Picture Tutorial]

How can you spot a Mexican truck? With the recent "pilot program" put into action by President Bush, greedy businesses and starving and corrupt unions, you should know how to spot these trucks so that you can stay away ... [ More ]

By Digger on September 07, 2007 | Comments (5) |

Implementing Gravatar, MonsterID And VisiGlyphs Avatars

I've added some silly components to the website. For the comments area. I added Gravatar last week. Gravatars are little avatars that appear next to your comments. The thing is that each user has to sign up with Gravatar and ... [ More ]

By Digger on January 22, 2007 | Comments (3) |

Trackbacks With Blogger And Haloscan Tutorial

I've had a few people ask me what trackbacks are and how to do them with a Blogger website. I've put together a little tutorial image that shows what a trackback is and how to make one with your... [ More ]

By Digger on January 04, 2005 | Comments (12) |

How I Made The Photoshop In My Last Post

A lot of people asked me if I actually went to the Taj Mahal in India for that picture I had in my last entry. Ok, so a lot of people haven't asked me that, I just wanted an excuse... [ More ]

By Digger on August 12, 2004 | Comments (3) |

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