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Getting Started Blogging - Notes From My Radio Interview Today

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As I mentioned today on the radio show Last Americans Standing, blogging isn't hard if you know where to go to get started. Below are some reference links on the places I mentioned today.

So I'm live blogging my interview and adding things below as we go along. (ok so some of it was pre-prepared a few minutes before broadcast)

(Update: There's a full archive of the show now at Republic Broadcasting Network it's August 3, 2008 hour one and two)

Starting a blog.
You can use these simple solutions.
Blogger is free.
Wordpress - costs a little monthly, but is easy to setup with a few clicks and has many themes and web layouts.

Register a domain name.
It's cheap but worth it. Pick something short, memorable and to the point.
Go Daddy - to register a domain name, very cheap somewhere around $9 a year. They have hosting as well, so you might want to check that out. I have heard some bad stories in the past about downtime, but they may have cleared that up since it was several years ago.

Get a free email address for your website
I'd highly suggest you create an email address solely just for your website use.
Gmail is my recommended choice since it's easy to use and can be accessed via the web no matter where you are or if you change your ISP in the future. use something like websitename@gmail.com

Allow people to receive excerpts of your posts via email.
Feedblitz - This service is free and takes your RSS feed (automatically generated by your blogging software as you post stuff) and emails it to subscribers.

See where your visitors are coming from.
From physical location to what websites they came from and what they are reading.
Site Meter - Simple and easy, the blogging standard.
Google Analytics - More complex and powerful, but confusing if you don't know what you're looking for.

Grammar and spelling
I recommend using Firefox as a browser (it's free) because it has a built in spell-check for forms. You can also install Google Toolbar which has some nice functionality for spelling.

Jake recommends:
Technorati Tags
Scribefire for Firefox

Update - callers

Renee from American Truckers at War called in. Great Name! Come up with a name that is relevant to your topic.


Georgia from Tennessee called in and discussed how her site We The People of America is covering her local 287(g) implementation and how they are trying to force the issue! Georgia mentioned YouTube and how she is using it for video of local events. Great idea and YouTube is actually very easy to use. Visit their YouTube page WTPOA


I recalled the Congressman Nunes affair and how breaking a story in blogging works. If you'd like to read this story on how a Congressman was forced to sign a bill to pardon Agents Ramos and Compean due to public outrage, you can read it here: "How Bloggers And American Citizens Are Changing America".


Culturist John called in from Culturism and pointed out that blogging doesn't need to be boring, it can be fun! I also point out that there are many bloggers that only post once a week, but are so well thought out and respected that everyone links to them week after week. Good to hear from John!!


Maggie called in from Pennsylvania and pointed out there is a need to have people report on good congressmen in your area opposed to amnesty. Great idea. All of you out there get to it! 12 million illegals? The MSM has been reporting 12 million for as long as I can remember. What's the real number?


Allan One Old Vet called in and warned against fabricating stories. Check your facts! Your credibility is at stake. You ruin it once and you're done.


Rhonda from Texas points out not to be intimidated by the machine and the Internet. Being over 40 she finds using it and commenting on blogs as no harder than using Microsoft Word. Don't be scared! Speak out.


Wendy in Pennsylvania, a contributor to PA Pundits, mentions Windows Live Writer and that it's easy to use. I have never used it, but Wendy says it is very easy and does Technorati tags etc automatically.

Got a question? Comment below!

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Good job on William Gheen's radio show today. I got a lot out of it and really feel inspired to get going on an immigration blog.

Keep up the good work. :-)

Posted by: fedupinwaukegan on August 3, 2008 04:58 PM

Let me know if you start one, I'd like to take a look.

Posted by: Digger on August 3, 2008 09:31 PM

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