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More Than 33% Of The US Population Are Immigrants?

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In doing some research for an article on E-Verify, I stumbled upon on an interesting fact stated on their website.

Companies can access E-Verify online and compare an employee's Form I-9 information with over 455 million records in the Social Security Administration database, and more than 80 million records in Department of Homeland Security immigration databases.

If this is true, that there are more than 80 million records in the DHS immigration database - and I'm assuming these are legal immigrants - and that there are probably more than 20 million illegal aliens in this country then there is something seriously wrong with this country. And don't give me that line that there are only 10-12 million illegal aliens in this country, that stat has been going around for nearly a decade. The supporters of illegal aliens would like us to believe that there has been no increase in the population of illegal aliens in this country, they want to keep us blinded to the shocking truth. So I'll use 20 million, which is probably conservative (the number is probably closer to 30 million, since estimates are that a million plus illegal aliens make it across our border every year).

Why is this such a problem? Because we take a look at another stat: the current population of the United States.

US Census Bureau stats as of July 2009 estimates that the population of the United States - which doesn't differentiate between citizens, immigrants and illegal aliens - is 307,006,550.

If we take the 80 million in the DHS database, add the 20 million illegal alien number and we are sitting at 100 million legal and illegal aliens in this country. That is nearly 1/3 of our entire population - and we continue to allow more in. Even with the 80 million number alone and not counting illegal aliens the number still sits at nearly 26% of our population. America is quickly becoming a nation not made up of natural born citizens.

You've heard the line before, that America is a nation of immigrants, but I don't think those stating that tired old line that they use to push amnesty for illegal aliens truly know how close to the truth they are. They use the line referring to the past and how prior waves of immigrants came here, assimilated and made this country great. The problem is I think the majority of Americans would agree that having that many immigrants as a proportion of our population, does not bode well for a nation.

The real issue here is that the immigrants we are admitting into this country are allowed in not on what is good for the United States of America, it is done by businesses who want to undercut wages, lottery winners who have no skill but win the golden ticket and a ton of low skilled workers who compete against that poorest of our citizens for work. Our system has been hijacked by the bleeding hearts.

There are plenty of legal immigrants that are a value to our system, there are also many more, I suspect, who are not. We have allowed our system to become so broken over time that if the numbers stated above are true than a third of our country is not even made up of citizens. It also begs the question of how many of that third are loyal to the United States and how many are simply here for the opportunity, but could care less if the country fell into a big gaping hole. How many of them hold an allegiance to this country, since none of them have taken any kind of Oath of Allegiance?

If you want to take these numbers even further, take the anchor babies of illegal aliens and add them to the 100 million... how many of the people in this country are actually native born Americans? The true numbers are probably even more shocking than the 33%. At the rate we are heading more than half this country will be made up of immigrants. Those with no vote, known allegiance or stake in our nation. How long after that before our country is thrown on the dustbin of the historical pile of failed nations? No nation in history, other than slave nations, have held a population where the foreign outweigh the citizens - and most of them no longer exist for a reason.

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Good job; well done, good logic and facts. You saved me a lot of time doing research on my own and putting the peices together to build a persuasive argument. Thanks. There are a lot of people like me who appreciate the work done by people like you.

Although this is 2 years old before I found it by chance, still the basic facts have not significantly changed -- sadly.

From one patriot to another: well done and thanks.

Posted by: jdcsusaww on March 22, 2013 11:06 AM

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