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Arpaio Not Allowed To Read To Sixth Graders At Saguaro Elementary School

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio
As he does every year, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, was prepared to read some books to school children to promote literacy in the "read across America" program. His appearance this Friday at Saguaro Elementary School to read to sixth grade students was abruptly canceled because the school administrators dubbed him "too Controversial".

The appearance was not going to have anything to do with law enforcement or illegal immigration, but to simply tell kids that it is important to read and learn. This is what happens when you allow highly partisan and anti-American administrators in charge of the school system,

This just in from the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

(Phoenix, AZ) The 6th grade class at a Central Phoenix school recently requested that their teacher ask the Sheriff to read to them this week as part of “Read Across America” week. When the teacher contacted the Sheriff, Arpaio was delighted to accept the invitation. The Sheriff reads to students every year as part of various literacy programs.

Slated to be in the Saguaro Elementary School, 414 West Rockwood Drive, classroom this Friday, Arpaio’s appearance was abruptly cancelled, apparently at the Assistant Superintendent level because “Arpaio was too controversial” and parents of Hispanic students would likely complain.

Arpaio doesn’t blame the teacher but rather the administrators of the school and says that politics has no place in a sixth grade classroom.

“To disrespect the chief law enforcement authority of the county in this way is a bad example to students and the community overall,” Arpaio says. “The program I was to participate in was about literacy - the importance of reading – and had nothing whatsoever to do with law enforcement or my efforts to fight illegal immigration.”

Arpaio was one of a number of prominent names invited to read this week to the school age children.

According to the teacher who first extended the invite and then had to un-invite the Sheriff, this is the only time in the past several years of the program that anyone was refused to participate by school administrators.

And just who are these "holier than thou" superintendents?

The superintendent of the Washington Elementary School District in the Phoenix area, Susie Cook, seems to be the one who made the decision despite the school children inviting Arpaio to read.

Susie Cook can be reached at: 602-347-2602 if you'd like to voice your opinion to her of the outright censorship of an elected official to promote literacy to sixth grade students.

Chris Maza is the president of the governing board of the school district. You can reach him via phone at: 602-347-2726 or via email at: chris.maza@wesdschools.org

According to these people it's "Read Across America: if you're a bleeding heart liberal" week.

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She's as stupid as she is ugly.

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