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Hayworth Vs McCain Primary Tomorrow - Vote JD Here's Why

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I'll put it quite blunt as to why you should vote for JD Hayworth tomorrow in the Republican primary in Arizona. John McCain is a liar. He voted for the bailout, he was the sponsor of the illegal alien amnesty bill with Ted Kennedy and he did the deal with Feingold for campaign finance reform that was a move to ensure incumbents had an unfair advantage in elections. His name is all over these bills. McCain-Kennedy. McCain-Feingold. McCain voted against the Bush Tax Cuts. McCain has supported anti-gun legislation. Mccain is a "global warming" guy. McCain called the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth “dishonest and dishonorable”. Now McCain is going around saying that he didn't stand for any of this. Thus he isn't speaking "mistruths" or "clarifying himself" he is outright lying to get re-elected. McCain's best friend in the senate and working partner is Lindsey Graham - does anything more need to be said? Well yes, yes there is one other thing...

Let us not forget that John McCain appointed Juan Hernandez as his "Hispanic Outreach Director" during his presidential campaign. Hernandez is the former Mexican Secretary For Immigration Affairs (he actually helped found the department during the Vicente Fox Administration to push illegal aliens here); a dual citizen of the US and Mexico; a man who once said that generation after generation of Mexicans that come to America should always think "Mexico First".

Who is Juan Hernandez?

Vote for JD Hayworth

Some have said that Hayworth is nothing but a smarmy, used car salesman type. I will not defend his methods. He surely doesn't come across as all warm and fuzzy, but look at McCain! 28 years in "public service" and nothing but the same thing over and over. The votes and sponsorship of bills that are anti-conservative on their face and then outright lies to voters come election time.

McCain is the poster child of what a RINO is

In the presidential election John McCain said to judge him by the company he keeps. Below is a video showing the company that John McCain keeps. Click through to that link to see more of "his company". It includes a who's who of everything that is wrong with long term politicians and congress. The video below shows his "bestest friends".

John McCain: The Company I Keep

McCain is also to have called those who opposed amnesty a "Party Of Assholes". He said he wouldn't want to lead this "Party of Assholes". You vote for McCain and that is who you are voting for.

In 2008 I posted an article called "The Eight Sins Of John McCain Against Conservatives"

Some don't feel Hayworth is up to the task. Well let me put it this way, you have a choice in this election. Someone who will stand against amnesty for illegal aliens and one who has already stood for it. A senate term is 6 years. I say that Hayworth should be given the chance. He certainly cannot be worse than McCain, but can be much better. If Hayworth sucks after 6 years, kick him to the curb. You'll do a lot better with Hayworth in there for 6 years - and you'll be sending America a gift since his votes affect those who live outside the state of Arizona.

It saddens me that I actually have to write about this as there are still those of you out there who are being fooled once again by John McCain and his continued lying.

John MCCain Is Pro Amnesty

He always has been and always will be. No matter what is coming out of his mouth at this time, his actions over the past decades speak volumes.

And the guy voted for the bailout! what more do you need to know?

Angry Right Wing Housewife has put together this creative video below that will give you chuckle. Check it out and then go vote Hayworth!

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Digger WRONG again.....you are a joke.

Posted by: Digger WRONG again on August 30, 2010 02:13 PM

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