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Thousands Rally At Border Fence In Arizona For Border Security [Update, Video]

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With no incentive other than to demand that the borders be secured, thousands of patriotic Americans swarmed to a border fence in Hereford, AZ for a rally on August 15. Glenn Spencer of American Patrol is reporting that the number came close to 2,000 attendees for a rally that included Sheriff Joe Arpaio, State Senator Russell Pearce and JD Hayworth. This part of the border fence was 3 hours from Phoenix out in the middle of nowhere and people showing up there to rally is a testament to the passion, anger and disgust that the American people have with their government ignoring their security. The media, off course, downgraded the numbers into "hundreds".

Attendees put American flags on the 15 foot border fence with notes addressed to congressional leaders and president Obama to secure the border and appropriate more money for completion of the border fence.

The rally was put together by the United Border Coalition through United We Stand For Americans

(Update: Video added below)



Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio ... said immigration enforcement goes far beyond the nation's border and the Mexican Government should welcome U.S. border patrol or military forces to go after drug cartels south of the border.

"Don't just say border enforcement, that's a cop out," he said. "Let's say lock them up in the interior."

"My government should protect me so I can feel safe on my own property ... That's my right as an American. I should feel safe on my own property." - Betsy Bailey
There's a good roundup of information at the Sierra Vista Herald

Saying he is tired of Mexico leaders putting the onus on the United States for that nation’s problems, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, defended Arizona’s Senate Bill 1070, which he said has been emasculated by a federal judge.

Mexico’s president and other leaders of that nation always point to the United States as the culprit, Arpaio said.

They tell us, “if you don’t have (drug) users, we would not have the problems,” the sheriff noted.

And the accusations continue blaming the United States for the entrance of weapons into Mexico, when they come from a number of other nations as well, he said.

What it comes down to is America is Mexico’s scapegoat, the sheriff said.

Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce spoke out...
... the issue continues and without action it will become worse, Pearce said.

“Folks, I don’t hate anybody. But enough is enough is enough,” the senator declared.

If the border issue is not addressed by the federal government, as well as state governments along the international boundary, the United States could be on its last legs as a country because it’s “going to destroy the republic,” Pearce said.

Of course there were "counter-protesters" and the AP relished in their attendance. A whole three people turned their back while Arpaio was speaking - they were escorted off the private ranch. AP made sure to get their voices into their piece though giving them three paragraphs explaining that those for enforcing immigration laws are "scapegoating" illegals, that a fence won't work and that we need even more guest worker programs (we have a ton already). This is their "solution" to end illegal immigration - wide open borders and allowing millions more to come here (who they then claim will voluntarily simply go home after their "temporary work" is done). Yeah, umm that's how we do it now and it obviously doesn't work.

Betsy Bayley, 55, a stay-at-home grandmother in Hereford, said drug smuggling has left her feeling less safe in her home in recent years.

"My government should protect me so I can feel safe on my own property," said Bayley, with red, white and blue beads strung around her neck as she found a small patch of shade against the steel border fence. "That's my right as an American. I should feel safe on my own property."

JD Hayworth blasted McCain's flip flopping on amnesty. He called on voters to "don't be fooled again". JD Hayworth for Senate


All photos courtesy: Jill Arizona

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It was a great day! Great speakers, great company. We will continue to educate the public about what's really going on. Just about a 1/2 mile to the East of the rally the fence stops, there is only 'car' barrers. Then on the other side of San Pedro River the fence starts again.

Posted by: Valerie Roller on August 17, 2010 01:14 AM

This is going to sound pretty sick, but I sometimes wish I were in an area where there are excessive illegal alien problems so I could attend these rally's. The people in my city still think there's not much of a problem and we never have any rally's. I'm not saying we have no problems as we have escalating issues each day. The problem is we have been invaded by liberals who want them here.

Posted by: Spaz on August 17, 2010 01:27 AM


Posted by: ARTIE O. on August 17, 2010 08:28 PM


another "non-happening" in the U.S.A.

Posted by: forensicnurse on August 25, 2010 02:53 AM

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