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Illegals And Supporters Surround 4th Ave Jail In Phoenix [Update 2, Video]

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Illegal aliens and their supporters surrounded the 4th Ave jail in Phoenix today as they showed their disdain for law enforcement and the rule of law. Sheriff Joe Arpaio said earlier in a press conference that he had taken into custody 20 individuals for not obeying police directives.

With shouts of all kinds of hate they seemed to threaten to storm the jail. I'm not really sure why they are protesting a jail, they seem to be protesting Arpaio himself, but what they plan to accomplish by delivering themselves into the hands of law enforcement is beyond me.

Arpaio said in the press release that those who have broken the law outside the jail have helped police, "save on gas".

Update (3:55PM)
Just a word to remind everyone that these are not all illegal aliens and supporters from the Phoenix area. Many of these people were bussed in from out of town. Many from LA as I reported yesterday. Does this make them more likely to be violent since it is not their city they would destroy? Who knows?

Update 2 (5:25PM)
Some video coming in of the illegals today in Phoenix and a quick interview with Sheriff Arpaio. The reporter on the ground, Jodi Heisner of ABC 15, is quoted as saying "what were expected to be peaceful protests today, are definitely turning in another direction". Arpaio says "I'm not gonna let them hold my jail hostage".

ABC 15 on illegal alien protests

Many being arrested are all wearing the same yellow shirts and coming from California. In other words "astroturf".

Cops line the streets in Phoenix

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Set anti-personnel land mines all along the border, and set up a few machine gun bunkers to take care of the ones who don't step on a land mine. Within a few weeks, there won't be any people illegally crossing our southern border! I don't care if they are from mexico, honduras, guatemala, panama, el salvador, china, india, nepal, korea, switzerland, turkey, ireland, nova scotia, germany, libia, peru, mongolia, poland, austrailia, madagascar, pakistan, canada, or anywhere else in the world.
There are NOT ENOUGH JOBS for the people who are here LEGALLY, it's time to start deporting. And to the people who "don't want to break up families", no problem ... take the childern with you when you go! No problem.
P.S. the US Constitution provides rights and protections to US CITIZENS, not to just anyone who intentionally sneaks across our borders.

Posted by: Unemployed and fed up on July 29, 2010 05:00 PM

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