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Busloads Of Union 'Astroturf' Headed To Phoenix To Support Illegal Aliens

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The union leadership in California are ramping up their support of illegal aliens in the United States by sending busloads of "astroturf" to Phoenix, Arizona. They plan to stand with illegal aliens against Arizona's implementation of SB1070 which begins Thursday July 29, 2010. And yes, the unions involved include the SEIU.

While Americans have held rallies in Arizona - at their own travel and organizing expenses (this is known as grassroots), the union leadership is spending member's dues to bus all of these people in (which is known as "astroturf"). The sad thing is that many union members will eventually lose their jobs to these same illegal aliens if the union leadership has its way. Union leaders hope to have an amnesty passed so that they can force these illegal aliens to pay union dues.

In the end of course the union leaders will make out, damn the American union worker!

Michelle Malkin is reporting that some union members are pissed at how their union dues are being used. One received an email from leadership describing how he could get a free bus ride to Phoenix.

LA Times

More than 550 people plan to ride on 11 buses to Arizona to stage a protest and launch a partnership with Arizona groups to boost voter registration. During the one-day trip, sponsored by the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, participants will meet with Phoenix Police Chief Jack Harris, march to the state Capitol and hold a vigil. The participants represent 32 unions.

Yes, astroturf. However, leave it to the Los Angeles Times to do the work of the pro-illegal alien groups in this country by finding one older black gentleman to try and tie this to the civil right's movement. Obviously this man is believing what he is told and being tricked, because SB1070 does not say "you are guilty because of how you look".

Rob Robbins, 71, a home care worker in Long Beach, said he grew up black in segregated Alabama in the 1940s and '50s and sees parallels between the racism of that time and now.

"Anytime I see signs of that coming alive in our country, it rises my indignation," he said. "SB 1070 basically says you are guilty because of how you look. That, to me, is not American."

I'd like to ask Robbins to point out where it says that in the law.

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Posted by Digger on July 28, 2010 01:14 AM (Permalink)

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Now's the time to have all ice agents gather their buses and round them up. Enforce the laws on the books. Its amazing how our pos leaders want to sue a state for enforcing the federal laws on the books. What's next obama??

Posted by: a md activist on July 28, 2010 08:42 AM

I hope they card and arrest every illegal that shows up. This ridiculous mess has gone on long enough.

Posted by: DougBob on July 28, 2010 11:22 AM

Eleven bus loads? 550 people in need of food, lodging, maybe a souvenir or two and lots and lots of gas for those buses. Should be great for the Arizona economy. The negative PR the union will generate will likely galvanize even more Americans against the SEIU and into the pro-Arizona camp. Not to mention the unions will now have less money on hand for the benefit of their members and even less to influence elections with.

AZ..."send more buses, please"

Posted by: Edward on July 28, 2010 01:01 PM

Judge just placed a injunction on the Law Digger. Not looking good for the home team. This can turn very ugly quickly

Posted by: BloodSpite on July 28, 2010 02:08 PM

I see that BS, I'm trying to figure out what it all means. How have you been my friend?

Posted by: Digger on July 28, 2010 02:23 PM

yeahhhhh, it's BUYcott Arizona time once again :-)

Not that the restaurants seem to be hurting, even in 100 degree nights they are jammed - even before all this!

Posted by: forensicnurse on July 29, 2010 04:19 AM

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